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Chapter 2 Law Enforcing Agencies & Their Role (FASS)


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Chapter 2 Law Enforcing Agencies & Their Role (FASS)

  1. 1. Law Enforcing Agencies (LEA) & their role (general & tourism sector)
  2. 2. Speaker Profile: Md. Shaifullar Rabbi Tourism Educator & Consultant Professional Experiences Coordinator & Lecturer- Dept. of Tourism & Hospitality Management, Daffodil Institute of IT(Affiliated National University) Assessor -Bangladesh Technical Education Board (Ticketing and Reservation) Guest Trainer - Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Youth Development GuestTrainer - ATABTourismTraining Institute GuestTrainer- HB AviationTraining Center Guest Trainer - Bangladesh Hotel Management TourismTraining Institute Former Manager sales - Mamun Air Service (IATA Travel Agency) Educational Qualifications MBA & BBA-Major in Tourism & Hospitality Management,University of Dhaka. Certified NTVQF Level -4/Assessor Part (Ticketing And Reservation) Completed Diploma Course in Travel Agency & Tour Operation Management Certified NTVQF Level 2 Course entitled Ticketing & Reservation Certified NTVQF Level 1 Course entitled Tour Guiding
  3. 3. Law Enforcing Agencies A law enforcement agency (LEA) is any government agency responsible for the enforcement of the laws. LEAs which have their ability to apply their powers restricted in some way are said to operate within a jurisdiction. LEAs will have some form of geographic restriction on their ability to apply their powers. The LEA might be able to apply its powers within a country.
  4. 4. Law enforcement agencies of Bangladesh • Airport Armed Police • Armed Police Battalion • Bangladesh Police • Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime • Cyber Security & Crime Division, CTTC, DMP • Detective Branch (Bangladesh) • Dhaka Metropolitan Police • Highway Police (Bangladesh) • Industrial Police (Bangladesh) • Police Bureau of Investigation • Railway Nirapatta Bahini • Railway Police (Bangladesh) • Rapid Action Battalion • River Police (Bangladesh) • Special Branch (Bangladesh) • Special Security and Protection Battalion • Tourist Police (Bangladesh)
  5. 5. The Roles and Responsibilities of Law Enforcing Agencies LEAs can be responsible for the enforcement of laws affecting the behavior of people or the general community. o Religious law enforcement: A LEA can be responsible for enforcing secular law or religious law. The significant majority of LEAs around the world are secular, their governing bodies separating religious matters from the governance of their subjects. Religious law enforcement agencies, for example Saudi Arabia’s Mutaween, exist where full separation of government and religious doctrine has not occurred, and are generally referred to as police agencies, typically religious police, because their primary responsibility is for social order within their jurisdiction and the relevant social order being highly codified as laws. o Internal affairs: Often, a LEA will have a specific internal unit to ensure that the LEA is complying with relevant laws. In some countries or divisions within countries, specialized or separate LEAs are established to ensure that other LEAs comply with laws.
  6. 6. o Police agencies: Many law enforcement agencies are police agencies that have a broad range powers and responsibilities. A police agency, however, also often has a range of responsibilities not specifically related to law enforcement. These responsibilities relate to social order and public safety. While this understanding of policing, being more encompassing than just law enforcement has grown with and is commonly understood by society, it is recognized formally by scholars and academics. A police agency's jurisdiction for social order and public safety will normally be the same as its jurisdiction for law enforcement. o Military law enforcement • Military organizations often have law enforcement units. These units within armed forces are generally referred to as military police.This may refer to: • a section of the military solely responsible for policing the armed forces • a separate section of the armed forces responsible for policing in the armed forces and in the ministry of defense • a section of the military solely responsible for policing the civilian population
  7. 7. Other responsibilities of LEAs are typically related to assisting subjects to avoid non compliance with a law, assisting subjects to remain safe and secure, and assisting subjects after a safety impacting event. For example: • Policing • Public incident mediation • Pre-empting anti social behavior • Dangerous event public logistics • Public safety • General search and rescue • Crowd control • Regulation • Services and facilities • Disaster victim identification • Education and awareness campaigns • Victim prevention and avoidance • Law compliance • Public safety
  8. 8. The role of the police The primary role of the police is to enforce the law. The first contact victims have with the police usually happens when they call for help or make a complaint. Complaints, or calls for service, usually result in an incident report. Police may interview victims and any witnesses to see if there is enough evidence to lay a charge. • Information about the investigation • Information about an escape from police custody • Communications • Arrest and Detention • Officer Health and Safety • Staffing
  9. 9. Police: Prime organization to maintain law and order inside the country – o 07 * Range : DIG, Divisional Range , SP in District and Thana (OC) in Upozila, Fari Locations o Metropolitan Police: DMP, CMP, KMP, RMP, SMP, BMP o Domain of Jurisdiction-Police • Anything and everything about law enforcement issues • Ensure security protection • Facilitate to get legal protection • Coordination with THM Entity
  10. 10. Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB): Para Military Force – • Physical Guarding at Border Out Posts (BOP) • Anti Smuggling Duty • Guarding the Immigration Point and Land Ports • Anti drugs drive • Cross border terrorism • Assist LEA to maintain law and Order situation • Coordination with THM Entity
  11. 11. Armed Police Battalions (APBN) • 11 Battalions (Dhaka, Mymensingh,Khulna, Bogra, Barisal,Chittagong, Khagrachari, Uttara) • More equipped and operationally capable • Looks after Airport outer security also • Coordination with THM Entity
  12. 12. Special Police Battalion (SPBN): Specially designed for special purpose- • Looks after the outer cordon security of VVIP • Two Battalions in Dhaka • Coordination with THM Entity
  13. 13. Industrial Police: Safeguarding country’s industrial sector – • Four Battalions- Dhaka, Gazipur, Narayanganj and Chattagram • Working to keep the industrial areas calm and safe • Special Focus on Garments sector • Coordination with THM Entity
  14. 14. Rapid Action Battalion (RAB): Total 14 Battalions- • Heterogeneous Force (Police, Army, Navy, BAF, BGB,ANS & VDP, Civilians) • Operation against heinous crimes • Prime organization to fight terrorism • Highly equipped and prompt operational capability • Coordination with THM Entity
  15. 15. Intelligence Organizations: 04 Entities- • Criminal Investigation Department(CID)- Investigate all serious and sensational cases • Special Branch(SB)- Security Clearance and all routine intelligence job • Detective Branch(DB)- Intelligence wing of DMP • Police Bureau of Investigation(PBI)- Newly raised unit • Other National Intelligence Organizations
  16. 16. Highway Range: Looks after the security of highway- • Highway police Comilla, Bogra, Gazipur and Madaripur Zone • Ensure safety of Passengers • Anti-Robbery Drive • Coordination with THM Entity
  17. 17. Railway Police: Looks after the security of railways communication and passengers • Railway Sayedpur • Railway Chittagang • Ensure safety of railway establishments • Ensure safety of passengers • Anti Robbery Drive • Coordination with THM Entity
  18. 18. Tourist Police: Looks after the wellbeing of tourists.Total 600 strength.HQ is Bonosree • Tourist Police Dhaka Zone – Dhaka and Kuakata • Tourist Police Chittagong Zone – Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar
  19. 19. River Police • Having two Thana in Gaibandha and Jamalpur. • Manning total 54 outposts all over the country along the river route, looking after the safety of passengers and river vassals.
  20. 20. Specialized Entity in Police Department • Immigration Police: Basically a group of officers from SB.Looking after the immigration procedure in coordination with Department of Immigration and Passport. • Counter Terrorism andTransnational Crime (CTTC):Working to fight terrorism • SpecialWeapon and Tactics (SWAT): Specialized in counter terrorism actions. • RAB AirWing:  Aero observation and Recce  Quick lunching of operation  Administrative support • Bomb Disposal Party:RAB and Police – Specialized in disposing of bombs. • Dog Squad : RAB and Police
  21. 21. Ansar VDP • Battalion Ansar • Embodied Ansar • Village Defense Party • Town Defense Party
  22. 22. Coast Guard • Zones- Dhaka, East,West and South • Anti Piracy & Anti Drug Operation • Fishery protection • Prevent illegal immigration • Disaster relief operations • Preservation of forest • Protect oil/gas fields • Assist Navy during war
  23. 23. Fire Service and Civil Defense • Primer organization for rescue mission • Leading organization for disaster management • Prime organization for Fire Fighting • 300+ fire stations with 9000 + Man power
  24. 24. Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) • Tri service organization- Army, Navy & BAF • Cadets from College & University • Para- Military voluntary reserve defense force • Established in 1923 at University of Dhaka • First Name was ‘Indian Territorial Force’ • Active participation in the liberation war 1971 • Training (303) & Foreign visit
  25. 25. Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BRCSC) • Warning prior to digester • Post digester / Catastrophe relief work • Rehabilitation program • First aid & Medical campaign • Free blood donation
  26. 26. Bangladesh Scout • Biggest Student organization • Members 14,74,460 • First aid , rescue and relief operation
  27. 27. Jail Police:Not very much relation with Tourism. Narcotics Department: Drugs and Crime Control Forest Guard:Protect the forest and environment Customs Department: Keep eyes on any unauthorized entry of any goods,especially arms, ammunition,explosives, narcotics etc. Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU): Working to stop money laundering, terrorist, and financing. Interpol & ExtraditionTreaty: Global policing Authority Private Security: Security Company Organizational / Personal employed security system
  28. 28. Armed Forces: For National and State Security • Army • Navy • Air Force Motto • National Security • Ambassador of Peace • Digester Management • In aid to civil power • Emergency Situation
  29. 29. Army
  30. 30. Navy
  31. 31. Air Force