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Manufacturing - Industry 4.0 Journey with IBM

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Talk to any manufacturing executive and odds are they have heard of Industry 4.0. Originally coined in Germany through a technology project to computerise manufacturing, Industry 4.0 has now launched into a worldwide initiative to transform this sector. Japan and China have even coined their own ‘Industrial Value Chain Initiative’ and ‘Made in China 2025’ to emphasise their dedication to this strategy. And there is good reason for why Industry 4.0 projects are popping up at every manufacturing company. According the McKinsey Global Institute, operations and equipment optimisation in the factory setting can generate up to $3.7T of value in 2025.
IBM can help UK Manufacturers with this journey.

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Manufacturing - Industry 4.0 Journey with IBM

  1. 1. 12 © 2015 IBM CorporationIBM Confidential11 October 2016 Overview of how to climb the Industry 4.0 Ladder in manufacturing M2M data-based manufacturing and product differentiation Monetized Product-based Services Smarter, Flexible Business ModelsPersonalized Design/Manufacturing Service Transformation IoT Manufacturing Differentiated Manufacturing/ Products • Sensor based systems • Smart Connected Products • IoT Centric Sensors/ Controllers IoT Manufacturing • Quality Optimization • Predictive Maintenance • SCM/ Manufacturing Control Optimization Efficient Service • Remote Services • Workforce Optimization Personalized Design/ Manufacturing • Lot size 1 manufacturing New Services • Factory in a box services • Premium maintenance services • Data analytics as a service New Business Models • Consumption-based IoT solutions (e.g. Smarter Car, SmarterCare)
  2. 2. 15 © 2015 IBM CorporationIBM Confidential11 October 2016 Shop Floor Integration Solution: Maintenance, human-machine integration and data capture in a real time 1. Production & Integration Horizontal Integration- IOC Solution: Real-time collaboration across the entire complex supply-chains 4. Supply Chain Visibility DP036 Detection of security breaches in real-time and prevention of cyberattacks Solution: Preemptive detection of security breaches in real-time and prevention of cyber-attacks. 5. Security Reducing energy consumption in Manufacturing Solution: Use of Cloud, Big Data and Deep Machine Learning to forecast, manage and reduce energy costs. 6. Energy Management in Smart Factories 7. New Services & Business Models Solutions: Use of IoT and Industry 4.0 to provide new services and solutions to clients, address new markets . Selling new value with existing products. Developing new offerings Industry 4.0 Big Data & Analytics Cloud Security Collaboration across the design cycle and customer 2. Engineering & Software development Solution: Management of complex Development and Manufacturing Projects. 3. Intelligent Operations and Manufacturing Detection of failure patterns from disparate sources Solution: Detection of failure patterns on equipment from disparate sources With each section being able to be independently selected… Climbing the ladder requires 7 major Industry 4.0 capabilities