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Chasing the moving target: the role of emotions in strategic packaging decisions

  1. Chasing the moving target: The role of emotions in strategic packaging decisions Presentation based mostly on work in progress: 1.Snellman, K., Bor, S, & O’Shea G. (202x) The role of opportunity confidence and perceived rightness in sustainable business growth. Selected participant at ’ Academy of Management Perspectives’ (AMP) proposal development workshop, 8.6.-10.6.2021. Target Journal: AMP. 2.Snellman, K., Bor, S. & O’Shea, G. (202x). The complexity of committing to a particular opportunity in food packaging: a process perspective” Target Journal: TFSC or Journal of Cleaner Production. Pack to the future 15.2.2022. Researcher Kirsi Snellman LUT University, School of Business & Management
  2. ”There are four table legs in package development: usability, saleability, environmental friendliness and production effectiveness. If you focus on one, then you will loose something else, and loose the balance. Package development always causes dissatisfaction for someone. Yet, there is a need to find a decent combination, which is adequate and profitable, because we don’t exist just to do good.” - Anonymous manager The challenge: As sustainability is a moving target, the table legs need constant adjustment! Packaging dilemma
  3. Satisfaction Enhanced recyclability of packages Capacity to create change for the better Feeling of success Ability to avoid making a bad decision Teamwork leads to big positive changes Joy Brainstorming solutions with actors in the chain The solution works and becomes public Client approves the new product Long-term joy relates to positive future outlook Positive Emotions Negative Emotions Frustration Clear definition of sustainability is lacking Confusion related to SUP (e.g.producer responsibility) Suppliers are not interested in improvements The laws dictate how the transition can be done Dissatisfaction Package design never pleases everyone Material efficiency vs. recyclability Decreasing the amount of plastic vs. food waste Irritation Past decisions turns out to be wrong Others misunderstand the battle of price vs. planet Worry The new material causes problems in the supply chain How to innovate if we don’t know how (no rules yet)? Whether and how emotions are related to solving packaging dilemmas/making strategic packaging decisions? Responsibility as feeling Opportunity to improve packaging solutions Compass that shows the right direction Willingness to be a trailblazer Righteousness as feeling Sustainability more important than costs Moral duty to decrease using plastic Tool for prioritizing packaging features Ethicality as a feeling
  4. Opportunity confidence Packaging dilemma Cognition Organizational norms/perceptions of right/wrong EU-regulation laws, (What can be done) Doubt Consumers’ perceptions (What can be sold) Positive Emotion Negative Emotion 2. Co-creating solutions 3. Making a decision 1. Facing a packaging dilemma ? Emotion
  5. Contribution Traditionally managers are assumed to evaluate risks at a cognitive level, based largely on the feasibility and desirability of packaging opportunities and associated consequences. We add feeling to the list of tools that can help managers to embrace the risk, evaluate alternatives and make more responsible strategic packaging decisions. Through its capacity to signal meaning and trigger and support responsible change in companies, feeling has an impact on commitment. It influences how the manager sails towards the right direction during sustainable transition, and overcomes uncertainties and risks when chasing a moving target.
  6. Thank you for your attention. Additional reading : Snellman, K., & Hakala, H. (2020). Emotion as an ethical compass in strategic sustainability decisions. In Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. Edward Elgar Publishing. Kautonen, T., Schillebeeckx, S. J., Gartner, J., Hakala, H., Salmela-Aro, K., & Snellman, K. (2020). The dark side of sustainability orientation for SME performance. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 14, e00198.

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