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Piciacchia, Luciano EN 2015rev2

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Piciacchia, Luciano EN 2015rev2

  1. 1. Page 1 of 5 Luciano Piciacchia, Eng, P.Eng, PhD Senior Executive 20 years of successful and demonstrated experience providing fiscal, strategic and operations leadership Professional summary Dr. Piciacchia has proven himselfas an effective, strategic business leader.With 30 years of engineering and business managementexperience Dr.Piciacchia has developed his own vision for a holistic approach to customer relationship management.This beliefand approach to clientinteraction along with his commitmentto operational excellence and motivational style have been the formula for rapid success and growth in his currentposition. Dr. Piciacchia has a strong commitmentto project managementand a solid performance in budgetcontrol, invoicing and administration;he further instills these values onto staffthroughouthis organization as being essential to operational suc cess and necessaryto the establishmentof a high performance operational culture. From a technical standpoint Dr.Piciacchia is an experienced mining engineer with a solid geotechnical and environmental background. Even in his currentposition he has chosen to maintain his technical proficiency through active participation in key projects and with major clients,typically as a projectsponsor.In this role Dr. Piciacchia ensures thatcontinuous and effective client engagementis maintained and thata clear understanding ofthe client’s critical success factors are ever presentwithin the project team. Internally this role allows him to mentor the next generation of engineers within his organization from a technical,business and cultural standpoint. Professional Qualifications Quebec Order of Engineers Association ofProfessional Engineers ofOntario Association ofprofessional Engineers ofAlberta Association ofProfessional Engineers,Geologists and Geophysicists ofthe NorthwestTerritories and Nunavut; Professional Engineers and Geoscientists ofNewfoundland and Labrador; Education McGill University, PhD Rock mechanics,Montreal,Quebec, 1988 McGill University, MEng Geo Sciences,Montreal, Quebec,1984 McGill University, BEng Mining Engineering,Montreal, Quebec,1981 Languages French, English,Italian Core skills  Strategy, Vision & Mission Planning  Profitability & Cost analysis  Billing & Cash Management  Contract negotiations and Strategic alliances  Strong inspirational leadership  Mergers and Acquisitions  Finance, budgeting & cost management  Policy and procedure development  Human resource management  Team building & performance improvement  Operational excellence  Driven personality
  2. 2. Luciano Piciacchia,Eng,P.Eng, PhD Continued... Page 2 of 5 EmploymentHistory 2006- present Vice President, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure In 2006 Dr. Piciacchia willinglytook on this daunting task of taking over a failing operation. Based on a vision and strategic understanding ofthe Quebec market, an initial shortterm growth plan was established and implemented.Significantemphasis was given to forging strategic partnerships which resulted in a key acquisition;required to meetthe growth plan. Acknowledging the stresses thatare typically associated with significantdouble digit growth particular attention was given to integration ofacquisitions and employee retention. Today this operation is one of the mostprofitable operations within AMEC and boasts one of the lowestvoluntary turnover statistics with its 150 staff and $25M in revenue. In his current position Dr. Piciacchia’s primarymandate is to grow the current operations while maintaining full accountabilityfor the operational P&L. Through intense collaboration with his core team he has developed a long term strategic plan which includes transformational change;evolving Amec from a geotechnical / environmental firm into a full service engineering player in its market. He has provided leadership and direction for his managementteam in the execution of the plan, with noted successes having inspired confidence which continues to drive the operation. He is further responsible for developing yearly budgets and providing quarterlyforecast updates to Amec management.In addition he has had to build and maintain a right sized administrative function to supportthe operations. 1987- 2006 various positions, Sr. Vice President, Trow Consulting (currently exp inc.) Dr. Piciacchia commenced his career with Trow Consulting’s Sudburyoperations as a geotechnical engineer specializing in mining related projects.He quicklygrew within the managementranks and in 1992 was offered the opportunity and challenge to cold-startan environmental /geomechanics practise in Montreal,within an existing Trow operation,which had been recently acquired. In 1994, circumstances allowed Dr.Piciacchia to found his own consultancypractise (Groupe SAE) which he ran as a sole proprietor between 1994 and 1998;thereafter SAE was acquired by Trow through a structured buy-out between 1998 and 2002. SAE was essentiallyrolled into Trow and the entity closed in 2003.Dr. Piciacchia remained as CEO of SAE from its’ inception to its closure in 2003.As CEO he remained responsible for the P&L of the Quebec operations,its growth and sustainability. Upon his departure in 2006 the Quebec operation was the mostdiverse within the Trow organization and boasted 135 staff and $15M in revenue. The growth was achieved organicallyas well as through acquisition,the mostsignificantofwhich was a civil design firm,in 2002. He was further responsible for the integration of this firm within the Trow organization,which necessarily included operational improvement and cultural integration. In the same year,he was named Sr. Vice Presidentand CAO at Trow Global. In his new role he maintained his operational responsibilities and took on leadership for HR, IT, Marketing and Communications as well as Engineering and Quality. This experience provided him with a well rounded and solid appreciation for the supportfunctions required to build and sustain a successful business. He was also an active participanton Trow’s board of directors as well as on the The Presidents’ Executive Management Committee. During his time on the board he actively participated in acquisitions,which included due diligence,offer evaluation and structure, integration planning and staffevaluations. Signature Achievements  Cold start to success :in 2 years  Revenue and Profit Growth  Mergers and Acquisitions :2  Employee development reviews:implementation  Board member activity  CAO responsibility Signature Achievements  Operational restructuring  Operational turnaround :9 months  Revenue and Profit Growth : double Digit  Mergers &Acquisitions :2  Acquisition Pipeline :7-8  Team Building and Development  Long-term strategic Plan : Transformational vision
  3. 3. Luciano Piciacchia,Eng,P.Eng, PhD Continued... Page 3 of 5 Luciano Piciacchia, Eng, P.Eng, PhD Technical Background Complementarytechnical skills Water management:including water quality, hydrology, pump stations,spillways,channel and erosion protection design and reservoirs.Projects have focused on mine affected drainage including acid mine drainage and the solid waste industry. Dam safety: including design, dam safetyinspections and DSRs Tailings management: Projects have focused on tailings management,deposition plans and mine closure. Rockmechanics: Particularly focused on crown pillar studies Geotechnical foundations: Foundations in relation to urban structures and transportation Environmental assessments anddecontamination Representative projects Mining rock mechanics Canmet Investigation of Crown Pillars Stability evaluation of various crown pillars across Quebec and Ontario including cities in Val-d'Or, Rouyn-Noranda,Timmins and Cobalt. The projectincluded extensive diamond drilling,In-Situ testing,numerical modeling and statistical analysis ofthe data obtained. ONR – Crown Pillar Ontario Northland Rail operates a rail line in northern Ontario, a portion of which runs through the town of Cobalt.Contract mining in the area historicallycame very close to surface with numerous mining operations directlybeneath ONR’s tracks. Our mandate was to determine which mining operations came so close to surface as to possiblyaffect track safety and then recommend remedial measures.The near surface slopes were firstidentified,those with sufficientlystable crown pillars were eliminated and a reinforced soil solution was developed for the remaining crown pillars. Mining Development ArcelorMittal Liberia Limited, North and South TMFs with a footprint of 1.24km wide by 2.4km long with an ultimate crest height of approximately 50m,WesternAfrica. Principal Tailings Engineer:Comprehensive,independent review of the Tailings ManagementFacilitydesign,construction methodology,and operation/maintenance philosophy.The conclusion ofthe review should evaluate/confirm the actual design ofthe TMF and identify areas for optimisation and improvement,while considering cost,schedule,and safetyfor the mine operations. Rio Tinto Fer et Titane (RTFT) Waste Rock and Water Management, collection and treatment of water,Tio Mine, Havre-St-Pierre, Quebec Basic engineering for dikes (phases 1 and 2),roads,platforms (UTE,pumping stations,contractor area),emergency spillways for spring meltwaters,clean water diversion ditches,UTE discharge and the northern intermediate basin.The construction ofthe infrastructure mentioned will allow to manage waste rock until the end of the life of the mine and make associated effluents compliantwith the current standards and the future certificate of authorization. Cliffs Natural Resources, Tailings and mine water at the Bloom Lake Mine, Fermont, Quebec Tailings ManagementPlanning Reviewer:Engineering services for tailings management. Work provided primarilyconsists of the following key aspects:  Long term tailings deposition planning based on the optimisation ofthe ultimate tailings storage area configuration  Short and medium-term tailings deposition allowing for seasonal conditions,water and snow management  Hydrological analysis and design ofwater managementstructures for environmental compliance and risk mitigation  Staging and methodologyof construction for associated infrastructure and forecasting available tailing volumes for operations and construction Raglan Preparation,and review of the short,medium and long term deposition plan,design,planning & optimization ofthe tailings area along with the implementation ofcover strategies.Dr.Piciacchia currentlysits on Xstrata Nickel (Raglan) experts committee which is looking atthe possible effects /solutions which maybe required as a resultof global warming on the presenttailings cover option which was originallydesigned to be permanentlyfrozen.
  4. 4. Luciano Piciacchia,Eng,P.Eng, PhD Continued... Page 4 of 5 Mines Aurizon – Mine Casa Berardi Closure plan coordination including operational and postclosure water treatment,geochemistryof proposed deposition plans and water management.This projecthas a particularity in that arsenic contamination has been absorbed into a peatlayer underlying the head pond and schemes for its restoration during the mine life needed to be considered. ArcelorMittal Mines Canada ArcelorMittal Mines Canada operates a 260-mile railwaybetween Fermontand Port-Cartier.The railway is in part protected by a series of1,300 structurallyplaced culverts, many of which have become critical over time and require rehabilitation. Priorities for the mostcritical culverts were set, establishing a 5-year work plan.Yearly plans and specifications are produced and field and contract supervision is provided.The projectrequired close coordination with AMMC’s rail operations. ArcelorMittal Mines Canada – Mont-Wright ArcelorMittal Mines Canada operates, under Amec Foster Wheeler’s direction,an 18.5M m3/yr. tailings facility at Fermont, Quebec. As part of the expansion project,there was a requirementfirstto increase the capacity of the tailings facilityto 24M m³/yr. and subsequentlyto establish a second facilityof an additional 24M m3/yr. As ProjectReviewer, ensured thatall aspects with respectto design criteria,site optimisation,dyke and dam design and water management,were considered and metwith the client’s needs for both the shortand long term perspectives. ArcelorMittal Mines Canada – Port-Cartier ArcelorMittal Mines Canada operates a 4.2M m3/yr. tailings facilityin Port-Cartier,Quebec. A portion of the footprint of the presentfacility was being considered for the construction ofa new pelletizing plantas part of an overall expansion project. Our mandate was to consider the displacementofthe presentfacility to permitconstruction,taking into consideration those areas alreadyfilled,operational considerations and the additional capacityrequired by the expansion objectives.As Project Reviewer, ensured thatall aspects with respectto design criteria,site optimisation,dyke and dam design and water management,were considered and metwith the client’s needs for both the shortand long term perspectives. ArcelorMittal Mines Canada – Fire Lake As part of its expansion initiative and in lightof new requirements,Amec Foster Wheeler conducted a prefeasibilityfor the former 6M m3/yr. tailings facilityso that it may now be expanded to 8M m3/yr. As Project Reviewer, I ensured that all aspects,with respectto design criteria,site optimisation,dyke and dam design and water management,were consideredand metwith the client’s needs for both the shortand long term perspectives. ArcelorMittal Mines Canada – Mont-Reed Amec Foster Wheeler had previouslylooked at various disposal options for tailings atthe Mont-Reed site.In the context of future expansion,three (3) sites were being considered to handle 8M m3/yr. of tailings from various sources.As Project Reviewer, I ensured thatall aspects with respectto design criteria,site optimisation,dyke and dam design and water management,were considered and metwith the client’s needs for both the shortand long term perspectives. Urban geotechnical investigations Earlier in his career Dr. Piciacchia worked on a wide range of geotechnical related projects comprising investigations and subsequentrecommendations for foundations including conventional footings,piled or caisson foundations and raft foundation.In addition,recommendations take into consideration earthquake design,reuse ofexcavated materials, and design ofparking areas where applicable. Such investigations were carried outfor institutional, lightand heavy industrial clients as well as governmentclients with respectto roadways,bridges and municipal services. Environmental assessments Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Evaluation of 12 sites in Eastern Canada including environmental assessment,evaluation of building components and feasibilitystudy for future expansion of facility. Neste Resin This projectcomprised several subprojects including a Phase IIevaluation of the facility which has been in operation for over 40 years. The Phase II included geophysics,“passive vapour” survey and conventional drilling and hydroge ological modeling program and assessmentofleachate quality. The project further included the developmentofan environmental management plan for contaminated soils and hazardous waste.In addition,handling procedures and an occupational Health and Safety plan was also developed.
  5. 5. Luciano Piciacchia,Eng,P.Eng, PhD Continued... Page 5 of 5 Environmental Remediation Ashland Chemicals Clean-up ofBrossard facility, including all process piping and reservoirs.Work was conducted in an explosive environment, relevant safety protocols had to be established and monitored throughoutthe clean-up. Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Evaluation of 12 sites in Eastern Canada including environmental assessment,evaluation of building components and feasibilitystudy for future expansion of facility. Neste Resin Plans and specifications for a number of decontamination projects including Phenol tank area,buried hazardous waste basin,Naphthalene waste removal.In addition we designed a new HDPE liner for the waste water overflow basin and for the primaryretention pond. The total of all site work was in excess of $10M. ArcelorMittal Mines Canada (AMMC) Evaluation of sources ofcontamination ofsurface water runoffby MES. Establishmentofa method for managing water runoff and recommendation ofa permanentsolution to the problem.