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Furniture Selection and Arrangement

Follow our guide while selecting and arranging furniture for your new home.

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Furniture Selection and Arrangement

  1. 1. Expert’s Tips On Furniture Selection and Arrangement
  2. 2. Shifting to a new house ? Worried about how to select Furniture ? Worried about how to set new Furniture to new home? This presentation is going to help you above issues. Start reading…
  3. 3.  Choose only quality furniture; it would be expensive but it will last long.  Think about your room space.  Take measurements of your doorways before purchase furniture.  Choose furniture that are stain-resistant and durable. Living Room: How to Select?
  4. 4. Master Bedroom : How to Select?  Take necessary and appropriate measurements first.  Choose right shapes and sizes furniture based on measurement.  Consider matched color & material to choose right one.
  5. 5.  Take your teenager with you while selecting furniture.  Choose right color for your teenaged Girls or Boys.  Pick functional and comfortable furniture. Teenagers’ Bedroom : How to Select?
  6. 6.  Select furniture that are well-designed, entertaining and long lasting.  Think about a Themed bedroom like Barbie, Fairyland or superhero theme. Children’s Bedroom : How to Select?
  7. 7.  Choose comfortable, spacious and simple furniture.  A single or double bed, select with feature needs.  Consider Dressers and Chests of drawers for storage space.  Don’t consider cheap furniture for guest room. Guest Room : How to Select?
  8. 8.  Before picking kitchen furniture map out your kitchen.  Choose functional and durable furniture.  Make a decision between fixed and free standing kitchen.  Keep eye on furniture style. Style and decor of the kitchen help to create a comfortable atmosphere. Kitchen : How to Select?
  9. 9. After choosing furniture, It’s time to arrange them properly.
  10. 10.  Choose a center point of the room and arrange furniture around it.  Leave enough space for people to walk around.  Make sure that there is enough space between the furniture and the walls.  Organize the items one by one, starting with the larger items. Living Room : How to Arrange?
  11. 11.  Sketch out a basic layout to avoid straining yourself moving heavy objects.  Put bed’s headboard in front of window.  Put other furniture such as Nightstands, side table, cozy chair etc. Put only necessary furniture. Master Bedroom : How to Arrange?
  12. 12.  Ask your teen to know how they want to arrange their bedroom.  Do the furniture arrangement with your teen.  Create storage areas throughout the rooms.  Use an armoire as an entertainment center. Teen Bedroom : How to Arrange?
  13. 13.  Decide first where the bed should go.  Be sure that the child's bed is not close to the windows.  Leave room to move because kids should be able to move freely. Children’s Bedroom : How to Arrange?
  14. 14.  Avoid overcrowding the room with too many items.  Always reserve some closet space for the possibility of guests.  You can put a bedside table. Guest Bedroom : How to Arrange?
  15. 15.  Create stations while arranging kitchen furniture.  Keep necessary tools box/cabinet within easy reach to save time.  Be sure that you set up the furniture according to your task.  Things that are used rarely, place those things into the kitchen corner. Kitchen : How to Arrange?

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Follow our guide while selecting and arranging furniture for your new home.


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