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Green Industry Park - Klaus von Zahn

Stadt Freiburg, Umweltamt
Local Renewables 2018

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Green Industry Park - Klaus von Zahn

  1. 1. GREEN INDUSTRY PARK FREIBURG Green Industry Park – Climate protection plan for an industrial park Dr. Klaus von Zahn, Local Renewables Conference 2018, City of Freiburg 25th of October 2018
  2. 2. CO2-Reduction targets and interim results Climate protection targets 1992* Energy Mobility - 50 % 2014 2030 - 30,0 % per Pers. (7,9 t p. P.) 2050 climateneutral * base value 1992: 2 Mio. t CO2
  3. 3. Green Industry Park Freiburg 333Wagner /badenova AG & Co. KG The Industriegebiet Nord industrial park is the city’s oldest and largest industrial and commercial area:  300 hectares,  300 companies (industrial and commercial),  15,000 employees,  3 Fraunhofer Institutes and 1 Max-Planck-Institute,  Faculty of Engineering of the University of Freiburg,  Freiburg Trade Fair Centre and local air field.
  4. 4. outline of the Green Industry Park Freiburg 4
  5. 5. Green Industry Park Freiburg 55Damian Wagner /badenova AG & Co. KG
  6. 6. Four expert partners:  Energy savings plans for businesses and for the district development of district-specific solutions, practical consulting for companies (ECOfit)  Consulting & incentive programmes generic support for strategically saving energy and optimising mass flow  Innovative solutions development of a sustainable energy system, new concepts and pilot projects for companies  Networking, communications & marketing advocacy, communication and marking of the Green Industry Park Freiburg brand Green Industry Park Freiburg 6
  7. 7. The Industry Park North accounts for one tenth of Freiburg’s CO2 emissions Power sources as a share of CO2 emissions in IP North Power is an important policy field 7 GIP: 10% CO2 emissions in FR 1.7 million metric tons per year 14% 6% 10% 70% Erdgas Heizöl Kraftstoff Strom natural gas oil fuel electricity
  8. 8. The power load profile has a clear peak in summer Key issue for GIP: refrigeration 8 Kilowatt Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 5,000 2,000
  9. 9. Approximately 17% of power consumed in IP North could be provided by solar power 9999 Today: 2% share of power provided by photovoltaics in IP Nord PV potential: 17% of power consumption
  10. 10. Objective: Identification of relevant topics and policies in cooperation with companies Ideas and policy workshops 10
  11. 11. Company representatives and experts develop implementation measures:  Mobility  Lighting  Waste heat and own energy generation  Refrigeration and air conditioning  Energy management Our strength: Connecting implementation partners from science, business and the community! Key issues from the workshops, each with around 20 companies 11
  12. 12. Green Industry Park: Top 20 policies 12 Mobility Energy management Energy efficiency Renewable energies Public Relations Nr Measure 1 Optimization of the Job-Ticket / Regiokarte subsidies 2 Adding “company car sharing” to the vehicle fleet 3 Leasing models for commuter cycles 4 Intermodal “mobility hubs” 5 Integration of a cycle hire system 6 Improvement of cycling infrastructure in IP North 7 Effective energy management systems for SMEs 8 Energy monitoring and benchmarks within the GIP 9 Creation of a waste heat inventory 10 Waste/heat exchange: Platform for producers and consumers 11 “Quick energy efficiency check” 12 ECOfit 2014/2015 13 Optimization of lighting 14 “Energy efficient refrigeration initiative” / “refrigeration action group” 15 Refrigeration monitoring pilot project 16 Expansion of co-generation heating network 17 Utilisation of shallow geothermal energy 18 Expansion of solar energy 19 GIP networking, communication, marketing 20 GIP climate protection manager
  13. 13.  Workshops since 2015 • Energy auditing and management • Refrigeration and air conditioning • Waste heat • Lighting • Solar Power / PV • Energy efficient buildings • Efficiency in the energy management • Mobility  Climate protection manager July 2017: For the implementation of the 20 high-priority- policies Prospective development of the Green Industry Park 13
  14. 14. Green City Freiburg Seite 14 Umweltschutzamt Urbanistic Master Plan New soccer stadium
  15. 15. Green City Freiburg Seite 15 Umweltschutzamt New Project in the Green Industry Park: Soccer stadium - Target: carbon free energy
  16. 16. Green City Freiburg Seite 16 Umweltschutzamt „Waste heat utilisation for the district“ Energy concept for the new stadium (SC Freiburg) Big potential for the future
  17. 17. Green City Freiburg Seite 17 Umweltschutzamt Roßgässlebach  4.000 -6.000 m³/h groundwater 10 – 12ᵒ C groundwater extraction max. 400 m³/h 50ᵒ C max. 25ᵒ C max. 80 GWh/a heat transfer station heat conduction 35ᵒ C … Quelle: FWTMQuelle: FWTM
  18. 18. Green City Freiburg Seite 18 Umweltschutzamt Heat transfer station and pipeline construction Waste heat utilisation for the district
  19. 19. Green City Freiburg Seite 19 Umweltschutzamt Pfizer – Tri-Generation plant Development of an efficient heat and power and cooling network  High efficiency  Low cost Supported by the city:  Acquisation of further customers Current Boiler House
  20. 20. 20 Thank you for your attention!