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Understanding big ideas as basis for art curriculum

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Starting with an explanation of Understanding by Design, this presentation emphasizes that art develops understandings of facets of knowledge that are not touched upon in other subject areas

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Understanding big ideas as basis for art curriculum

  1. 1. Developing Big Ideas to Create Understanding. Based on Understanding by Design Wiggins & McTighe (2005)
  2. 2. Understanding by Design Wiggins & McTighe  Is sometimes called Backward Design 3. Plan Instruction to help them get there. 2. Determine Evidence of Understanding 1. Identify Desired Results
  3. 3. Lesson Planning Begins with the Big Idea • BIG Idea and Essential Questions 1. What is the understanding we want to share? • What kind of assessments determine student understanding? 2. How will we know if students are getting it? • What do we want students to do, say, apply, make, explain ? 3. How do we get students there?
  4. 4. The core of curriculum should be the Big Idea Activities Questions Assessment BIG IDEA
  5. 5. Big Ideas are about Broad Human Issues Examples of Big Ideas  Life cycles  Reverence for life  Aging  Power  Community  Family  Idealism  Spirituality  Uncertainty  Human diversity  Social norms Criteria for Essential Questions Questions Should:  Reflect conceptual priorities  Be distinct and substantial  Be broad and umbrella like  Not be repetitious  Be realistic, logical and in simple English
  6. 6. 6 Facets Frame the Assessments for Understanding Explanation Most subject areas cover these three. Understanding Application Interpretation Art thinking offers opportunities to grow in these areas. Empathy Perspective Self- Awareness
  7. 7. Identify Tasks which demonstrate these Assessments of Understanding in Art Curriculum  Explanation  Application  Interpretation  Perspective-Seeing from different view points  Empathy/Empatique(Fr)-Understanding thru art  Self-Knowledge- Building self awareness
  8. 8. Consider Assessments that demonstrate understanding Students will  Construct  Collaborate  Select  Modify  Create  Plan  Employ  Formulate  Design Students can envision positive change
  9. 9. And Finally Design TASKS! also referred to as activities!  Look at and Discuss Artwork  Meet an Artist  Find Beauty, Concepts  Share on-line Galleries  Make your own materials  Use free technologies  All the better to understand something bigger that the both of us!