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Yet another quiz II

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Yet another quiz II

  1. 1. Yet Another Quiz II By @8eardcules and @G0dfatherG0pal
  2. 2. • QM is God • QM is Daddy • QM is Godfather
  3. 3. Put funda.
  4. 4. ID X,Y • In 1967, the Y needed an identity for their new-state of art running shoes. Since the industry leaders Adidas already had the track spike, “Azteca Gold”, they decided to name it X. This move kicked off a rivalry between Y and Adidas. Y would go on however to become a world famous leader in shoes.
  5. 5. • Y =Nike • X =Azteca Gold
  6. 6. Put funda • In 2014, an Ethiopian aircraft was travelling to Rome. However, it was hijacked and entered Swiss airspace. Curiously, it was escorted by the Italian and France fighter planes and not the Swiss fleet. A Swiss airforce spokesman said about this, “Switzerland cannot intervene because _____________________. It's a question of budget and staffing”
  7. 7. • The Swiss Air Force has weekends off
  8. 8. Put Funda • Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating that will repel most water-based and some oil-based liquids. Ultra-Ever Dry uses proprietary omniphobic technology to coat an object and create a surface chemistry and texture with patterns of geometric shapes that have “peaks” or “high points”. • This is from a company’s official page. Their product was adopted by Hamburg and San Fransico among many cities to combat a ever present public nuisance.
  9. 9. • Public Pee
  10. 10. Put funda • Umchina is a Korean word. Its Hindi equivalent is the phrase X. It refers to a person who is perfect in every sense. Traditionally, it is the yardstick used by family elders here on many occasions. • X’s achievements can never be surpassed. • Give me X
  11. 11. • Sharma ji ka beta
  12. 12. Put funda • They appeared on the internet in early 2005 in the “Something Awful” forums . Initially centred on Vin Diesel, the forum members quickly changed so as to get to the current version. It quickly became a worldwide sensation. In India we have our own versions , the most popular of which involve an Indian filmstar replacing the original. What am I talking about? • The tweets in the next slide should give you the most famous personality that the Indian ones are based on.
  13. 13. • Chuck Norris facts, Rajnikanth facts
  14. 14. Id X • X is a cult classic sci-fi movie from 1985. Its script was rejected over 40 times. The writers were rejected by many studios as 1980s was the time of raunchy teen comedies and their script was not raunchy enough. On the other hand, when they approached Disney, they rejected it because of the subplot which showed attraction between family members, even if done unknowingly was too bold. Finally,Universal Studios took a gamble and X was made. Give me X
  15. 15. • Back to the Future
  16. 16. Funda • Xmeter is an instrument which can detect atmospheric nuclear detonations and can measure nuclear yield. X sounds very similar to a word used to describe detonating explosives. However, it comes from Hindi and is an intoxicant. The reason for calling it X is that the scientists working on it believed that only a person on drugs would believe that the instrument would work. X?
  17. 17. • Bhang
  18. 18. Funda • In 1997, Saddam Hussein commissioned X. He called it an act of gratitude and thanksgiving to God from his side. The declaration he gave was that, all his life, he faced many dangers and God protected him. He should have lost a lot of blood, in his own words, but he didn’t. Hence, he decided to commission X which also was some sort of vow from his side. The completed item was kept in a mosque which he built. What did he do?
  19. 19. • Donated blood in which a Quran was written
  20. 20. Put Funda • The match between FC Bayern and Koln was telecast on Iranian tv. However, quite strangely, they kept cutting to the fans at regular intervals,especially just after fouls were made. Funda?
  21. 21. Female referee
  22. 22. Id • Many people, initially were unfamiliar with Microsoft’s graphic interface and the mouse. To help them, Microsoft built something in 1990 into Microsoft 3.0 which would help them learn it. In particular, it was supposed to teach them clicking and dragging and hence, mouse operations. An unforeseen effect of this was a huge decrease in productivity. What am I talking about?
  23. 23. • Solitaire
  24. 24. Id X • There is a theory about the children’s story X. X, initially appeared in France in 1740. During that time, women had little or no rights. Arranged marriages were common . Girls were married off around the ages of fourteen or fifteen, often to men decades older. A girl who failed her role as a satisfactory wife risked being imprisoned in a mental asylum. In this context, the monster in the story represents the fear of young girls for their future marriage prospects. • In short, X can be taken as a fable to prepare brides for their role.
  25. 25. • Beauty and the Beast
  26. 26. Put Funda • Percussive maintenance is something we are all familiar with. Indeed, it is the first thing that most people try on failing machines. What am I talking about?
  27. 27. • Banging
  28. 28. Id • The concept goes back as far as 1920’s. In 1983,one of the first practical examples was made by Ueda Hiroshi and Mima Yujiro. A young street kid who was given the camera by them to take their picture ran off with it. It was then that they conceptualized the idea. It was dismissed as useless. A Canadian inventor Fromm patented a similar device in 2005. However, it only took off after 10 more years. What very popular invention am I talking about?
  29. 29. • Selfie stick
  30. 30. fitb.
  31. 31. T20 world cup 2011 finals
  32. 32. Put Funda • Jean-Paul Sartre in 1943 published a work called “Being and Nothingness” • Since this was before Sartre had achieved his fame and cult-figure status, the book, even though it was critically acclaimed was not much of a market success • What little success it did see came from the housewives of Paris who eagerly bought the book in large numbers. • Why?
  33. 33. The book weighed exactly one kilo.
  34. 34. This is a memorial stone commemorating what? The text reads: We may not hate women and drinking, have the death penalty or live in blistering heat. But we still would have put on a great show… Thanks for nothing! Aussie Aussie Aussie
  35. 35. The Australian bid to host the 2022 FIFA World cup
  36. 36. • Gerald Herbert Holtom was a British artist and designer. • He designed a logo which was then adopted by the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in 1958. • The design was a combination of the letters “N” and “D” of the flag semaphore alphabet, standing for Nuclear Disarmament. • The logo was never copyrighted and has now become a general-purpose symbol.
  37. 37. • One of the earlier cricket matches in the 1946 English County Championship was between Leicestershire and Yorkshire, played between 25 and 28 May. • Due to an error, it was inaccurately reported on BBC radio that Len Hutton who had scored over a hundred runs had fallen Ill, even though he was perfectly healthy • A similar error occurred during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s 3 day visit to India in 2014 Put funda.
  38. 38. • He read the score of 111 as ill • DD Anchor read XI as eleven
  39. 39. • In October 2017,researchers at Cornell University came out with a paper after having studied the impact of artifical light on migratory birds over seven specific days for seven years. • According to the paper, this light induced significant behavioural alterations in birds even in good visibility conditions due to the heavily photo-polluted environment, upto altitudes of 4 km. • It was also found that if this light was removed,these disruptions did not occur. • What exactly was the source of light used for his painstaking research ? Id
  40. 40. Tribute in Light
  41. 41. Put Funda
  42. 42. Batman Begins soundtrack
  43. 43. Id the inspiration
  44. 44. The Picture of Dorian Gray
  45. 45. Funda • A recent study has found that a large number of middle school children in the US cannot accurately identify X and Y. The names have historically been confusing. • They were originally named 2000 years ago based on the sun being present in certain constellations on the July and December solistices respectively. • However, due to the precession of the earth’s axis (one of the Milankovich cycles) The logic behind the naming no longer makes sense. • To resolve this issue, it has been suggested that they each be renamed according to their respective geographical locations. • ID X and Y
  46. 46. • Tropics of cancer and capricorn
  47. 47. Id X • Khwae is the Thai word for Branch or tributary and Noi is the word for Small. • Khwae Noi is the name for a river in the subcontinent. • The word Khwae is normally mispronounced as X by non-Thai speakers • X is the Thai word for water buffalo • Identify the river commonly called by the name X, very well known in the context of a certain railway
  48. 48. River Kwai
  49. 49. What did these two gentleman do that we are now recognizing the 100th anniversary of? This is The Rt Hn Edwin Samuel X. He was the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and the third practicing Jew to serve in the British cabinet. In August 1917, he was appointed to the post he is most well known for This is Frederic John Napier Thesiger, 1st Viscount Y. He was the third Baron of Y and served as Governor of Queensland and Governor of New South Wales before, in March 1916, being appointed to the post we know him for.
  50. 50. Montagu-Chelmsford Report
  51. 51. Put Funda • Salma Sultan is one of the Great Grandchildren of Sultan Shah Shuja of Afghanistan. • With her Father being a a scholar and a secretary in the ministry of defence and her sister being a four time MP of from Bhopal, she came from a successful family. • She was born and educated in india and Worked in Doordarshan for Thirty years. • What she is most well known for however, occurred in a five minute news bulletin on 31st October 1984 • What did she do?
  52. 52. • First to announce the assassination of Indra Gandhi
  53. 53. Give me Fulla ka Funda • Fulla dolls were created in the UAE and marketed as an alternative to Barbie dolls. • Fulla is also sold in China (where it attracts children of the Hui minority), Brazil, North Africa, Egypt, and Indonesia. • What makes Fulla dolls Different, and therefore very successful in their target Market?
  54. 54. "Jewish Barbie dolls, with their revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence to the perverted West. Let us beware of her dangers and be careful.“ – Saudi Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Saudi Arabia)
  55. 55. What is this cleverly packaged pill for?
  56. 56. Erectile Dysfunction
  57. 57. Id • The Following two slides show 11 Twitter accounts • These 11 are the only accounts that another account follows • Id the account that follows these
  58. 58. Id • The US govt. Originally had 16 people on the list. • The List grew to 2000+ in 2002 and by April 2005 had 70000 people • It was claimed that former US Senator Ed Kennedy was on the list, but the FBI said that someone else with a similar name had appeared, creating the confusion. • Such false positives are quite common and even inspired a Bollywood flick • What list are we talking about?
  59. 59. No fly list.
  60. 60. ID X • It was reported that X attended the Liebefeld Steinhölzli state school in Köniz near Bern under the name "Pak-un" or "Un-pak" from 1998 until 2000 as the son of an employee of the _____ ______ embassy in Bern. Authorities of Köniz confirmed that a student from _____ ______, registered as the son of a member of the embassy, attended the school from August 1998 until the autumn of 2000, but were unable to give details about his identity. Pak-un first attended a special class for foreign-language children and later attended the regular classes of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and part of the final 9th year, leaving the school abruptly in the autumn of 2000. He was described as a well-integrated and ambitious student who liked to play basketball
  61. 61. Kim Jong Un
  62. 62. Id X • According to Alan Cooper, the "Father of Visual Basic," the concept of X was based on a "tragic misunderstanding" of research conducted at Stanford University, showing that the same part of the brain in use while using a mouse or keyboard was also responsible for emotional reactions while interacting with other human beings and thus is the reason people yell at their computer monitors. Microsoft concluded that if humans reacted to computers the same way they react to other humans, it would be beneficial to include a human-like face in their software. As people already related to computers directly as they do with humans, the added human-like face emerged as an annoying interloper distracting the user from the primary conversation. • First introduced in Microsoft Office 97, it was codenamed TFC during development.
  63. 63. Clippit/ Microsoft office assistant • The program was widely reviled among users as intrusive and annoying, and was criticized even within Microsoft. Microsoft's internal codename TFC had a derogatory origin: Steven Sinofsky states that "C" stood for "clown", while allowing his readers to guess what "TF" might stand for.
  64. 64. fitb.
  65. 65. Put funda. • In 1998, the number of visitors to psychiatrists who specialized in PTSD for war veterans quadrupled in one week. • What caused the change?
  66. 66. • Saving Private Ryan
  67. 67. Id the show • The theme to this TV show has been performed by Bob Mould of Husker Du (1996-98), They might be giants(1999-2015) and Timbaland(2015-present) • The shift from a well respected elder white act to a young black act is almost analogus to what happened in the show itself
  68. 68. The Daily Show
  69. 69. On the following slide is a video of a live news broadcast on NBC in the US on November 24th 1963. Identify the gentleman.
  70. 70. Put funda • Preparing these is the first act required of a British prime minister, immediately after taking office. There are four of them, stored securely and they are destroyed as soon as a Prime Minister leaves office. It is said that Tony Blair “turned white” when he was told to prepare his • It is also rumored that among the signals for them to be used is BBC Radio 4 not broadcasting for 24 consecutive hours • What are they?
  71. 71. The Letters of Last Resort • Four are prepared and given to the commanders of the Nuclear Submarines carrying the Trident Missiles.
  72. 72. Id X • The Second Law of Thermodynamics deals with entropy ,which in simple terms is a measure of disorder. This law was explained using X. After X fell and shattered, It would be highly unlikely(not impossible) to put back X together, in a state of lower disorder. What is X ?
  73. 73. Humpty Dumpty
  74. 74. What does this depict??
  75. 75. Air Traffic after 9-11