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LinkedIn Yearbook 2015

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See what some of your favorite personalities in media and entertainment wish they knew at 22.

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LinkedIn Yearbook 2015

  1. See what some of your favorite personalities in media and entertainment wish they knew at 22.
  3. “ALANIS MORISSETTE It’s OK to admit I am lonely.   Yes, even lonely with all those people around me —  maybe especially so, because of how many people were around me.” READ HER POST
  4. ARIANNA HUFFINGTON “There are no rollover minutes in life. We don’t get to keep all that time we “save.” It’s actually a very costly way to live. READ HER POST
  5. “ Joan LUNDEN I wish I could have told my 22-year- old self that you can’t be everything to everyone at every time. Life ebbs and flows and challenges sometimes bring you inspired opportunities. You don't need to let go of the ambitious dreams of your youth, but sometimes you just need to put them in your back pocket on your way to achieving them. READ HER POST
  6. “We all deserve a second chance. Next time you have the opportunity to give somebody their second chance, don’t think twice. RICHARD BRANSON READ HIS POST
  7. “We create with each thought, word, image, action and intention. Be aware and create in a state of consciousness!"  Petra NEMCOVA
  8. “Put a shirt on. Listen to the guy next to you, he will be governor someday :-) Steel yourself for the journey to come. It will be like the rapids you just made it through. You must always adjust, looking ahead. Be aware of those around you; see if you can help them. And when you hit a quiet spot, please, please look at how far you've come… That will motivate you for what will come next.   You will love more than you can ever imagine if you keep yourself open to every possibility. When you meet a woman named Cristina, beg her to consider your hand.   You will know you are trying to be your best self when you meet failure often… Trust me if you are not failing you are not pushing yourself enough. CHRIS CUOMO
  9. “You are not your job. You are the sum of your thoughts, your intentions and most importantly, your actions. SUZE ORMAN READ HER POST
  10. “Remain innocent and child like, continue to be kind and love others, for these virtues will always keep you on the right path. REV RUN
  11. “If I could talk to my 22-year-old self, I would tell her to take a daily note of what she saw, who she met, what she noticed, what she celebrated, and what she wished she could do over.” BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD READ HER POST
  12. “ SUZE ORMAN MAYNARD WEBB The only way to get where you need to go [is] to actually go for it — to show up, and knock on the door, and then run through it. READ HIS POST