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How to Sell Well : The importance of story-telling in your life

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How to Sell Well : The importance of story-telling in your life

  1. 1. How to sell better?
  2. 2. Why do people buy a product or service?
  3. 3. Because they have a need for it? Right?
  4. 4. Not quite!
  5. 5. There is a certain mystery to making people sign on the dotted lines or making them take out their wallet
  6. 6. But to say that people buy a product or service because they need it, is to overlook everything that you have done to reach that point
  7. 7. This presentation is in two parts 1 thing you need to do to sell well 1 Thing you need to do to reach to your ideal customer
  8. 8. But first, a little background…….
  9. 9. 16 years ago, in 2001, I joined merchant navy My first ship Circa 2001 My last ship Circa 2007
  10. 10. I had money, in 2007, but I was lost
  11. 11. I started Marine Solutionz, in 2007, but I was still lost
  12. 12. Did MBA Became a VC Made a few exits I Then……..
  13. 13. I wasn’t lost, but my story was not quite done yet
  14. 14. In 2013, I moved back from Amsterdam and started Plash Digital Media
  15. 15. We help people and brands attain more with same
  16. 16. by understanding consumer behavior with use of creativity and technology
  17. 17. We help brands reach the right audience frugally
  18. 18. Reach 200 million, Ad Spend : 20K INR
  19. 19. Reach 40 million, Ad Spend : 40K INR
  20. 20. Helped launch Ford Mustang in India Reach 10 million, Views :2.5 million Ad Spent : 10L INR URL
  21. 21. We help professional achieve more with same
  22. 22. We are launching an AI Powered CRM and personal assistant that helps you do what matters to you the most
  23. 23. and, we have earned coverage in following publications
  24. 24. +36 other international dailies
  25. 25. Our Clients
  26. 26. But it wasn’t easy, ever !
  27. 27. Plash V1.0 : Downloads 500K, Revenue 50K, spend: 60L
  28. 28. Plash V2.0 (TruNext) :Revenue 20 L,Spend: another 60L
  29. 29. We’ve learnt a lot through our journey. This presentation shares a few of those learnings
  30. 30. 1 thing you need to do to sell well
  31. 31. 1. Every communication in this world is a sell
  32. 32. You need to sell to your parents why working in startup is cool
  33. 33. You need to sell to your parents why 25 is not the right age to marry
  34. 34. You need to sell to your wife/ girlfriend why you will hangout with your friends today
  35. 35. Heck, you need to sell it to yourself that working in a startup is the best career move for you
  36. 36. and I am selling it to you, right now, why every communication is a sell
  37. 37. 2. People won’t buy your products or services everyday, but they will buy your stories every day
  38. 38. People buy Apple’s “Think different” campaign even today, every day, for last 33 years
  39. 39. Humans have been telling stories for over 1000 years
  40. 40. Great stories can move mountains
  41. 41. Stories provide context. They convey messages, purpose and emotions as well.
  42. 42. People are interested in the story behind the brand name, than the product itself.
  43. 43. And therefore, Good brands and great stories never talk about products
  44. 44. Red bull never talks about it’s drinks It talks about energy, adrenaline and pushing life to the limits
  45. 45. Nike never talks about it’s shoes It talks about celebrating authentic athletic performance
  46. 46. Features, as a sell, about product ends up as bullet points
  47. 47. We don’t live our lives in bullet points
  48. 48. 1. I was in merchant navy 2. I started marine solutionz 3. I did MBA and started working in a VC fund 4. I then started Plash 5. Plash is 35 people working for it now and it’s clients include flipkart, Cisco, SAP,
  49. 49. We live our stories in Images and Stories We live our lives in stories and images
  50. 50. Take-aways?
  51. 51. 1. Every communication in this world is a sell 2. People buy Stories, not product
  52. 52. Practice the art of story-telling everyday, every moment.
  53. 53. From Bedtime to the Boardroom, storytelling matters in business and life in general.
  54. 54. 1 Thing you need to do to reach to your ideal customer
  55. 55. Growth of mobile phones has reduced our lives to consuming every thing in a feed format
  56. 56. Email Feed
  57. 57. Facebook Feed
  58. 58. Twitter Feed
  59. 59. Linkedin Feed
  60. 60. If you want influence people, you need to be at #1 in the feed ( of any consumer)
  61. 61. This is the biggest contest you will ever enter into in your life time
  62. 62. How do you do that?
  63. 63. Right Story Right Personas Right Platform Right Time
  64. 64. With lot of experimentations
  65. 65. Difficult?
  66. 66. Lets simplify it
  67. 67. 1. Set your out-reach objective
  68. 68. Increase Market Share Or Increase Brand Awareness. Or Secure testimonials from Beta Users.
  69. 69. 2. Define Ideal Personas Read more
  70. 70. 3. Define the interests of your personas
  71. 71. Interests of your personas Out-reach objective Ideal Personas Medium / Platform to reach out to your ideal personas Tells you about the
  72. 72. 4. Find out the right platform to target your users
  73. 73. They would go to :
  74. 74. Place to get their work done Emails, Slack, Whatsapp and other productivity tools
  75. 75. Place to enhance their knowledge Tech Blogs, Slideshare, Medium, Kindle, Google Searches, Quora
  76. 76. Places to keep themselves abreast of development Product Hunt, Siftery, Google Searches, Github, Product review websites, Tech blogs
  77. 77. Places where they would go to contribute to community Guest Blog posting, Quora, Twitter, Linkedin Groups, Slack Groups, Meetups
  78. 78. Places where they can find more about their specific interests: Behance for Design, AdAge for Marketing, Hubspot community for Sales.
  79. 79. 5. Prioritize and Find out right tools to reach out to them
  80. 80. Where do you spend your maximum time in a day?
  81. 81. Forgot about Email?
  82. 82. Email Drip Campaign are the most cost effective and least expensive way to reach out to users
  83. 83. Inorganic marketing campaigns are the least cost effective but fastest way to reach out to users
  84. 84. Prioritize : Cost Vs Time
  85. 85. Find out tools that will help you
  86. 86. I will soon make a list of all such tools Emails : Anymailfinder, Alore Twitter : Muckrack All social media : Hootsuite
  87. 87. 6. Create specific content
  88. 88. Emails : Subject lines matter
  89. 89. Facebook : Images and Headlines matter
  90. 90. 7. Figure out the right time and day
  91. 91. Emails : Saturday, Sunday early morning
  92. 92. Facebook : Saturday, Sunday late evening
  93. 93. 8. Set out the right matrix that you need to monitor
  94. 94. 9. Rinse and Repeat
  95. 95. Take-aways?
  96. 96. Right Story Right Personas Right Platform Right Time
  97. 97. Last but not the least
  98. 98. Practice a lot There is no shortcut to excellence
  99. 99. vikas@plash.in