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Guttler-CUE PD Preso

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Guttler-CUE PD Preso

  1. 1. Frank Guttler Producer by Trade, Educator by Accident Began - TV News, Independent Film and Visual FX Production Recently - Associate Director, American Film Institute Screen Education Center Now - Teacher Development Trainer, LA County Office of Education Faculty, School of Professional and Graduate Studies at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania
  2. 2. Free Apps & Resources for your Classroom Video Production Path Pre-Production ‘ Plan It’ Production ‘ Shoot It’ Post-Production ‘ Cut It’
  3. 3. Celtx is an all-in-one media pre-production management system. Free to download and distribute. Easy to use & collaborate Competes with apps costing hundreds $$ www.celtx.com Pre-Production ‘ Plan It’
  4. 4. Multi-format Script Writing
  5. 5. Storyboarding
  6. 6. Production Scheduling
  7. 7. MediaCollege.com is a free educational Knowledge-Base for all forms of electronic media production. Video tutorials, technique, equipment, references, resources for a community of DIY to Professional Producers. www.mediacollege.com Production ‘ Shoot It’
  8. 8. www.mediacollege.com Production ‘ Shoot It’
  9. 9. Splice is a free video editor for Apple iOS devices • Matches and exceeds iMovie capabilities • Intuitive UI & 'drop-and-drag' editing • Sound & visual effects, text and transitions • Multi-Track timeline editor Post-Production ‘ Cut It’
  10. 10. Post-Production ‘ Cut It’ Production ‘ Shoot It’ Pre-Production ‘ Plan It’ Message: Cost continues to fall as a barrier to video in the classroom!
  11. 11. That’s a Wrap! Thank You