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Negotiation Bootcamp Timeline

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Negotiation Bootcamp Timeline

  1. 1. Gregory A. Miezelis (1948-2011)Greg, whose grandfather came to the USA from Lithuania, was a native of Covina,California. He moved to France in the early 1970s and began working at the newlyfounded Ecole des Affaires de Paris (EAP) where he delivered intercultural negotiationtraining sessions to the schools corporate clients. He was a veritable pioneer both insubject and method since back then nobody else in France was teaching people how tonegotiate and action learning was unheard of. Leslie Shaw began working with Greg inthe mid 1980s and together they developed the Negotiation Bootcamp, which has sincebeen delivered to many thousands of clients from the four corners of the globe. Gregwas not only a charismatic and innovative trainer, but also a highly cultivated intellectualand an accomplished classical guitar player. He was laid to rest in Versailles on 16February 2011, but his spirit lives on in the Negotiation Bootcamp.
  2. 2. Negotiation Bootcamp Timeline1990 Proposal for Negotiation Bootcamp presented to senior management at Alcatel-Alsthom. Pilotsession delivered to a group of Alcatel-Alsthom Vice Presidents and CEOs.1990-1994 Negotiation Bootcamp rolled out to companies in the Alcatel-Alsthom group.“ This is a top quality and professional workshop that meets our objectives.” (Guy Metais, Director ofHuman Resources, ALCATEL CIT).“ This was an enjoyable experience on a personal level and a profitable one on a professional level. Theresult is extremely positive.” (Alain Piau, Corporate Purchasing Manager, CEGELEC).1995-2000 Negotiation Bootcamp delivered to corporate clients of EAP. By 2000 Negotiation Bootcampaccounts for 50% of EAP corporate education revenue.1997 First Negotiation Bootcamp at ISTM (now ESIEE Management).1999 First Negotiation Bootcamp for ESCP-EAP Masters program.2001 First Negotiation Bootcamp for ESCP-EAP Executive MBA.2007 First Negotiation Bootcamps for ISEG, ISG and ISM MBA programs. Mel Fearon joins theNegotiation Bootcamp team at ESCP Europe.2009 Negotiation Bootcamp Facebook Page. Constantin Bjerke joins the Negotiation Bootcamp team atESCP Europe.2011 Kieran Loughney joins the Negotiation Bootcamp team at ESCP Europe.2012 Total number of participants since 1990 exceeds 10,000.