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Results Social Selling Q2 - Europe - external v2

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Results Social Selling Q2 - Europe - external v2

  1. 1. Europe | Achievements Social Selling Q2 Sage Europe SSI** increase: Dramatical increase of +6points in 4 months Team Satisfaction* 8/10 9 Social Selling Days Dec March How many prospects has LinkedIn helped you be in contact this month? 14 MQLs from the Social Selling Days Monthly Survey 12% of Social Sellers said they secured 1 qualified lead for an ERP/ HR solution in the quarter 5% detected 2 qualified leads 160 14 Sage Social Selling Days are a full day Training & workshop with set target accross Sage Sales & Marketing teams. We had 580 participants to the global training. Results: 124 Connections accepted *in our LinkedIn network Qualified leadsworkshop Participants *Survey Voxcom **SSI: Social Selling Index: LinkedIn official Index to measure social selling adoption out of 100. Opportunities Q2