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Money Lessons To be Followed At The Age of 22

how mutual funds are helping people build wealth.

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Money Lessons To be Followed At The Age of 22

  1. 1. Money Lessons To be Followed At The Age of 22
  2. 2. Know The Importance of Saving & Compounding Rs 1000 invested per month for 8 years would have become 1.7 lakh today ! (assuming Rate of Returns @ 14% p.a.) Disclaimer: Mutual Fund s and securities investments are subject to market risk and there can be no assurance or guarantee that the objectives of the Schemes will be achieved. Past performance may or may not be sustained in the future. Refer to the respective SID and statement of Additional Information before Investment. Source: Scripbox
  3. 3. Know To Save Taxes in Right Way Instead of Using Insurance policy which does not yield much- use ELSS schemes to save tax & grow your investments. Source: Scripbox
  4. 4. Know the Importance of Investing in Equity Keep on Investing in Equity regularly & as your investments completes a year it becomes tax free. Source: Scripbox
  5. 5. Know the Inflation Beating Asset Insurance or Fixed deposits may help u save money but it will never help you beat the inflation in Long Run. Equities have the potential to beat the inflation. Source: Scripbox
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