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Gifted Students - Challenges of Raising a Gifted Child Giftedness Workshop Part 4

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This covers all the topics that face raising a gifted child from the stressful to the stressed out !

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Gifted Students - Challenges of Raising a Gifted Child Giftedness Workshop Part 4

  1. 1. CHALLENGES OF RAISING A GIFTED CHILD www.drlakshmisharma.com Dr Lakshmi Sharma Workshop on Giftedness Part 4 NO LIMITS TO LEARNING! BELIEVE & YOU CAN ACHIEVE!
  2. 2. Challenges • Family & Friends • Schooling & Education • Bullying & Socialisation • Stereotype • Gender & Giftedness • Relating to Your Gifted Child • The Gifted Mind
  3. 3. I have just discovered my child is gifted ! Great news ……………………..!!!!
  4. 4. 4 months later !!! I need sleep! Why do the other mums shun me at school MMM Not such a gift after all …………………………………..
  5. 5. Problem ! •Most adults think this is what a gifted child is;
  6. 6. Family & friends • Compare children especially within family – other parents feel inadequate • Common response…Well you push her/him that’s why she/he knows so much • Or ….I don’t believe in giftedness all children are the same • Most gifted parents hide their children’s giftedness due to bad experiences • Stressful dealing with school/parents/teachers
  7. 7. Misconception ! Gifted does not mean EINSTEIN
  8. 8. Schooling & Education This is covered in workshop 5 Briefly though; Special programmes for gifted Grade Skipping Home Schooling High school Primary school
  9. 9. Bullying There are 2 causes of bullying: • Socialisation Difficulty:Highly gifted low social skills • Jealousy:Too clever & stand out Constant monitoring is essential If not dealt with child withdraws & acts dumb to hide the intelligence
  10. 10. Socialisation • Many gifted children have low social skills • Tend to make one close friend find it hard in groups • However gifted children in groups of gifted children socialise well • Need to find local groups for gifted kids • Gifted children need support and understanding • Monitor their friendship circle ensure they are not isolated • If at school report to teacher immediately any issues
  11. 11. Stereotypes Must be aware of this ! • Teachers & parents stereotype as little Einsteins • High expectations • Child highly pressurised • Child fears failure due to labelling • Gender stereotypes….
  12. 12. Gender & Giftedness • Girls hide giftedness (STEM) more than boys • Girls tend to dumb down to fit in with classmates • Boys better at STEM – society –complete rubbish! • Boys & girls equal • Boys owing to society – masculinity - hide giftedness in music & art • Be aware & deal head on
  13. 13. The Gifted Mind • Education – often Gifted children not challenged enough at school • Home is for study, school is for play • Encourage Strategic Games – high order thinking • Chess, Scrabble, crosswords • Encourage Geometric partial reasoning & creativity Origami, lego etc • Encourage creativity – pottery/ art classes • Encourage musical instrument & sport • Encourage Language
  14. 14. Just in case you were wondering ….? • No listening to Mozart does not raise your child’s IQ! • IQ game claims …… complete rubbish! • Give a kid a cardboard box & pens and their creativity flourishes
  15. 15. Relating to your gifted child Believe me we have all been there ! Do not feel guilty that you are not doing enough – you are !
  16. 16. Common Parental Woes • Short sleep time & high energy • Emotionally draining – gifted children highly sensitive • Constant explanation of the child’s questions –non stop • Child has constant need to expand knowledge thinking • Constant battle with school to get child’s needs met
  17. 17. Parents • Gifted Parents constantly feel lost and inadequate • Common Theme - How do we as parents keep this child fulfilled & happy. • We are doing everything and nothing’s working. • Conflicting advice from people • All gifted kids are different there isn’t one solution • Have faith & keep going – remember you are the expert on your child !
  18. 18. A gifted child must be challenged
  19. 19. Solutions !!! • Just have to employ tactics • Knowledge - questions – self learn – effective Answer their questions - what do you think? Enable that high order thinking Get them to write an essay on it Make them responsible for their educational issues – in the long run will save you so much time
  20. 20. Solutions cont’d • Sensitivity – talk it through – try & relate • Hyperactive gifted kids very common • Have calming games or creative activities at hand– origami for me is sensational, cards & even pen & paper • Many parents look to the tablet/ipad however this is a mistake & will pay for it later • Ipads & tablets – difficult to withdraw child from & have to deal with temper tantrums & bargaining • Also makes some kids more hyperactive & the added screen time difficult to calm child down.
  21. 21. Keys ideas that allow you time & kid expanding knowledge! • Learning Journal/Diary –Ask the child to write what they have learned that day then or draw a picture • Give them an article to read & get them to think about the issue. • Give your child a newspaper/article to read (whatever their interest is in ) – ask them to create a poster on it. • Most kids love cooking ….get the cooking books out and ask them to create their own recipe with specific ingredients- kids love this! Then get the child to write up the recipe – then collect all recipes and produce a book (online books quite cheap). Then cook together with the child. • Wordsearches and crosswords are fantastic kids love them ! • Books – what I found most appealing is getting a book that has a series – oh my goodness the kid cannot stop reading. My child sat for hours reading all of Roald Dahl’s and Harry Potter series. • Link book to activity ! My child loved Harry Potter & after reading the books then went and made spell books kept her occupied for ages !!!!! Thanks J.K. Rowling !!!!
  22. 22. Warning From my experience: • Gifted children’s literature doesn’t really exist • Reading age of 15 but child 9 – very difficult ! • Check literature – at 15 book subject focusses on teenage angst • Inappropriate reading for that young age Difficult to find high level vocab with innocent storyline!