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Confidentiality and Security - LTV-Solutions

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Confidentiality and Security - LTV-Solutions

  1. 1. Confidentiality and Security Not only has it become increasingly difficult for individuals and institutions to gain liquidity, exactly as and when they require it, but additional concerns regarding confidentiality and security are often major deterrents to proceeding. It is frequently important not to reveal that you are obtaining capital through a relinquishment of other assets. It is equally, if not more important to ensure that those assets are fully secure, both in the short & long term. Unfortunately prudence can be compromised by the desire for timely transactions that dovetail with, say, project funding or opportunistic purchases. Ambition may tempt you to relax the focus upon due diligence. There is, however, a solution to all of the above issues and concerns. Share Secured Loans are available in a manner that ensures both Confidentiality and Security are fully protected. Confidentiality We use a discrete FCA licensed brokerage in London to facilitate our Share Secured Loans. The borrower (of capital) transfers the shares to an account in their name at the licensed brokerage meaning that there is no public title transfer. At time of funding, the shares will be transferred as an ‘Off Book’ or ‘Ledger’ transfer, within the brokerage firm, which will therefore essentially be a private title transfer. It is the borrower’s responsibility alone to determine and make any required public or regulatory disclosures of the loan transaction (under a repo structure).
  2. 2. In this way, there is no necessity to allow competitors, creditors, other investors etc to become aware of how or at what time or manner, you are obtaining capital. Security Using an FCA licensed securities broker based in London to facilitate transactions also ensures a high level of security. At the point of funding, the cash and shares will simply be moved internally between accounts/sub accounts thus making the transaction a true Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) (T+0). Thus there is no element of risk to the ownership or control of your shares or cash as there is no clearing period. Once the funds are placed into your account at the brokerage, only you can provide instructions on the disbursement of the funds. Private Block Purchase This is an important facility designed for individuals or institutions that need to quickly liquidate a large stock position without causing a significant decrease in the stock price. The programme is simply a private (off-book) purchase of a large stock position that a shareholder is unable to liquidate quickly to the market using a traditional stock broker. Again, the transaction is conducted utilising DVP for the simultaneous exchange of cash for the shares. Upon purchase, the shares are slowly liquidated to the market in small portions in order to maximise the price paid for them. This avoids any pressure to liquidate the shares in volumes that might damage the share value. Large positions with current market values of US$1 million to over US$200 million can be purchase through this programme. Shares offered must be liquid and have satisfactory daily trading volume (approximately US$10,000 to US$50,000 per day).
  3. 3. Programme Speed Finally we are pleased to advise that the entire Share Secured Loan process is speedy and can often be completed within 5 -7 working days, from initial application through to successful capital transfer. Share Secured Loans are FAST, CONFIDENTIAL & SECURE If you interested in how you can obtain additional liquidity (for whatever purpose) please contact us for further information regarding Share Secured Loans; Ask us about available lending solutions against multiple asset classes in the majority of developed, emerging and frontier markets E: LTV-Solutions@gmx.com