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Free and Low Cost Technology Tools for Legal Aid

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In this webinar we examine the true cost of free looking beyond upfront costs and into implementation and support costs. From there we look at some of the existing free tools and how they stack up to some of the more expensive alternatives.

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Free and Low Cost Technology Tools for Legal Aid

  1. 1. Free and Low Cost Technology Tools for Legal Aid July 11, 2018
  2. 2. Otherwise I’m speaking to a black hole! Ask Questions! Use the Raise Hand Button Enter questions into Chat With Presenter box Make the slideshow or demo bigger LOGISTICS
  3. 3. Can you hear us now? Because you should! If not, please dial in. Dial 1-866-740-1260 Access Code 6994236 LOGISTICS
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  5. 5. Free and Low Cost Technology Tools for Legal Aid July 11, 2018
  6. 6. Joshua Peskay IDEALWARE EXPERT TRAINER Vice President of Technology Strategy RoundTable Technology joshua@roundtabletechnology.com INTRODUCTION
  7. 7. Ken Montenegro Technology Director, Advancing Justice Los Angeles National Vice President of the National Lawyers Guild INTRODUCTION
  8. 8. Idealware: Your Nonprofit Technology Resource INTRODUCTIONS
  9. 9. Can be found on the course page! What We’ll Cover The True Cost of Free Infrastructure Productivity and Data Management Program Support Communications Adding Up Costs More Resources INTRODUCTIONS
  10. 10. The True Cost of Free 1
  11. 11. You Don’t Have a Lot to Spend Why wouldn’t you get a powerful solution that’s free? TRUE COST OF FREE
  12. 12. “Free” Is Not Always FREE! Like a “free puppy,” you’ll need to spend money over time to keep your technology healthy. TRUE COST OF FREE
  13. 13. You Need to Consider the Whole Cost TRUE COST OF FREE
  14. 14. Let’s Walk Through the Tools! • Infrastructure • Project Management • Productivity and Data Management • Program Support • Communications TRUE COST OF FREE
  15. 15. Infrastructure 2
  16. 16. Infrastructure Is a Key Priority • Does your computer start up quickly? • Can you access the internet and your files reliably? • Do you have the software you need? INFRASTRUCTURE Don’t forgetmaintenance!http://bit.ly/2jQ Don’t forgetmaintenance!http://bit.ly/2jQ
  17. 17. Resources for Infrastructure • TechSoup • InterConnection.org • Good360 • Cristina.org • Apple Certified Refurbished • Dell Outlet • Amazon Refurbished PCs INFRASTRUCTURE
  18. 18. Common Productivity Apps • Email • Calendaring • Word processing • Spreadsheets • Presentations • More INFRASTRUCTURE
  19. 19. Box.org INFRASTRUCTURE Quickly store and share files with people inside or outside of your organization.
  20. 20. Crashplan—Cloud Backup For $10 a month you can get unlimited automated backup for you and your whole team. Crashplan also offers a free option for backups on local drives. INFRASTRUCTURE
  21. 21. Amazon Glacier— Cloud Backup Amazon Glacier is one of the cheapest Cloud backup options, but only if you rarely recover files from “deep freeze.” INFRASTRUCTURE
  22. 22. Avast—Security INFRASTRUCTURE Update software and schedule comprehensive checks for viruses and malware. Avira, AVG, and Panda are also solid options.
  23. 23. 3 Productivity and Data Management
  24. 24. Toggl—Time Tracking Keep track of how you and staffers are spending time. PRODUCTIVITY AND DATA MANAGEMENT
  25. 25. Todoist—To-Do List Management Keep yourself on schedule with a smart to-do list. PRODUCTIVITY AND DATA MANAGEMENT
  26. 26. Doodle—Meeting Scheduling Poll your team to find a meeting time. For one-on-one meetings, allow people to choose a time with youcanbook.me. PRODUCTIVITY AND DATA MANAGEMENT
  27. 27. IFTTT: If This Then That Set up automated tasks based on triggers. Use existing “recipes” or create your own. Image credit: Macstories.net
  28. 28. Google Voice—VOIP Make calls through your computer and integrate many different phone numbers. PRODUCTIVITY AND DATA MANAGEMENT
  29. 29. FreeConferenceCall.com Free video conferencing or calls, call recording, screen sharing, and more. UberConference is also useful, especially for Google Apps users. PRODUCTIVITY AND DATA MANAGEMENT
  30. 30. Trello—Project Management Keep track of all the moving pieces of a project with visual organizational tools. KanbanFlow, Asana, and Gqueues are also useful choices. PRODUCTIVITY AND DATA MANAGEMENT
  31. 31. Slack Cloud-based messaging tool – great for coordinating with volunteers and external collaborators.
  32. 32. Salesforce A great tool for tech savvy organizations with complex needs. Available free to nonprofits for up to 10 users, but implementation can get very expensive. PRODUCTIVITY AND DATA MANAGEMENT
  33. 33. 4 Program Support
  34. 34. You Can Book Me
  35. 35. Flickr
  36. 36. Use infogr.amwith Tableau tocreate visuallyenticing graphsand charts withyour own data. Tableau and infogr.am—Data Visualization Tableau’s Service Corp connects nonprofits with expert volunteers who can help them get started on a visualization. Use infogr.am with Tableau to create visually enticing graphs and charts with your own data. PROGRAM SUPPORT
  37. 37. Google Translate—Website Translation PROGRAM SUPPORT
  38. 38. Owl—Document Management “Free” document management system…. But will require a lot of tech savvy to set up. PROGRAM SUPPORT
  39. 39. Dictation Software Easily turn speech into written text within a Google Doc. There are also many mobile apps for dictating on the go. PROGRAM SUPPORT
  40. 40. Brown Paper Tickets—Event Registration Inexpensive way to take event registrations—free for free events COMMUNICATIONS
  41. 41. Ticket Peak
  42. 42. 5 Communications and Fundraising
  43. 43. Google Analytics—Website Analytics Learn more about your communications strategies with free metrics and reports. COMMUNICATIONS
  44. 44. MailChimp—Broadcast Email Free broadcast email with up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month. COMMUNICATIONS
  45. 45. SurveyMonkey—Online Survey Free for small surveys and easy to set up. Google Forms is another easy option. COMMUNICATIONS
  46. 46. Google Grants—Online Advertising Thousands of dollars in free advertising. COMMUNICATIONS
  47. 47. Foundation Directory Online The Foundation Center offers a free online tool to help you find the right foundation to fund your next big project. PROGRAM SUPPORT
  48. 48. Razoo—Friend to Friend Fundraising Get your staff and passionate supporters to fundraise from friends and family. COMMUNICATIONS
  49. 49. Hootsuite—Social Media Management Focused on management, with some additional metrics to support strategy. COMMUNICATIONS
  50. 50. Fiverr—Find Freelancers and Volunteers There are many places to find talent to help your nonprofit including: Upwork, 99designs, Taproot+, and Catchafire. COMMUNICATIONS
  51. 51. GIMP—Photo Editing Edit or enhance your photos with GIMP, Paint.Net, Inkscape, Pixlr, and more. COMMUNICATIONS
  52. 52. Canva—Graphic Design A simplified graphic design tool perfect for amateurs. COMMUNICATIONS
  53. 53. 6 Adding Up Costs
  54. 54. Think About Tools as an Investment How much additional time would you have per year if everyone saved 10 minutes per day? ADDING UP COSTS
  55. 55. But Also Consider the Costs It will cost more than the price of the tool. Remember to think about time to test tools, make decisions, and to convince your organization. ADDING UP COSTS
  56. 56. Consider Ease of Set-Up and Use Remember that setting up a system and process for using it can be a considerable effort. ADDING UP COSTS
  57. 57. How Do You Help People Change? Don’t forget the time it will take to get the organization on board with a new tool. ADDING UP COSTS
  58. 58. Training Make sure you allot enough time and money to train on the tools and the processes. ADDING UP COSTS
  59. 59. 7 More Resources
  60. 60. TechSoup MORE RESOURCES
  61. 61. The Community Corps MORE RESOURCES
  63. 63. Idealware! MORE RESOURCES
  64. 64. Follow us Twitter: @idealware Facebook: /idealware Questions?
  65. 65. Get $20 Off the Next Idealware Course! Register at: http://bit.ly/TactTech18 Use discount code: MRAC18 Tactical Technology Planning for Nonprofits Five 90-minute Sessions Thursdays, starting Sept. 13