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Succeed in 2016 with LinkedIn: Rethink Marketing

  1. @LinkedInMktg Succeed in 2016 with LinkedIn Keith Richey Director, Global Marketing January 6, 2016
  2. How to Engage with Us  Got a question? Submit it in the Webex Q&A box  Recorded? Of course!  Feedback? Survey will be available at the end of the Webinar  Follow us:  Twitter: @LinkedInMktg  LinkedIn
  3. @LinkedInMktg What success looks like now Our team’s approach Buyer evolution
  4. @LinkedInMktg 10Pieces of content are consumed before a purchasing decision is made 90%Before customers reach out directly It’s a challenging world Source: Forrester, “Accelerating Revenue in a Changed Economy” Source: Zero Moment of Truth Study, Google
  5. @LinkedInMktg Relevant content is the answer.
  6. @LinkedInMktg 41% of online ads reach the wrong audience* 60-70% Content goes unread** *Defining Online Ad Success: How benchmarks are shifting as advertisers take aim,” Nielsen **Inciting a B-to-B Content Revolution,” Sirius Decision ***B2B campaign form conversion rates range from 1-5%, Sirius Decisions Benchmark Survey. The challenge remains Reach the right people and convert high quality prospects
  7. @LinkedInMktg Reach only the right people Deliver highly relevant content in the right channel Acquire new customers Imagine if the funnel worked like it should
  8. @LinkedInMktg Display Sponsored Updates Sponsored InMail Full-funnel analytics & reporting products that impact every stage of your funnel and get results The only full-funnel professional platform
  9. @LinkedInMktg Peers 1MM+ posts/wk in Groups 130k/wk Member Posts News 2MM+ Publishers LinkedIn Pulse Brands 7MM+ Company Pages Company Updates 18MM+ Slideshares Elevate Education 270k+ Lynda videos Professional Publishing Platform Thought Leaders 500+ Influencers
  10. @LinkedInMktg 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 32M 400M+ Professionals join daily
  11. @LinkedInMktg Connections Company Industry Size Skills GenderEducation Geo Groups Standardized job titles SeniorityFunction Occupation Powered by rich first-party data
  12. @LinkedInMktg Who would you like to reach? Available Targeting Facets Company Name, Industry, Size Job Title, Function, Seniority Member Skills Schools, Degree, Field of Study Groups Gender & Age
  13. @LinkedInMktg What success looks like now Our team’s approach Buyer evolution
  14. @LinkedInMktg Build thought leadership Generate leads Generate awareness Success with three objectives
  15. • Target professionals who live in target cities along key routes • Identify members who belong to LinkedIn groups related to business travel in Asia “We knew we needed to advertise where business people – and especially the business travelers – are going to be. They’re on LinkedIn.” Dennis Owen, VP Marketing Americas, Cathay Pacific Airways Generate product awareness
  16. @LinkedInMktg LinkedIn Onsite Display Reach a professional audience in a premium context Target LinkedIn members with accuracy based on the professional member profile, including audience segments unique to LinkedIn. Reach your audience in the high-quality context of the LinkedIn desktop experience Deploy a variety of formats from IAB standard ads to highly engaging native formats
  17. @LinkedInMktg “LinkedIn’s ability to target our campaign helped us find the quality leads we needed for the sales funnel. We’re starting conversations with the right people, which means increased conversions down the line.” Andrew Hahn Senior Manager of Online Marketing, MarketShare Sharing content to raise awareness Average clickthrough rates of 0.10% - double MarketShare’s expectations Campaign acquires leads in new verticals High-quality leads are engaged and move further down the sales funnel
  18. @LinkedInMktg Build thought leadership Generate leads Generate awareness
  19. @LinkedInMktg After exposure to Adobe’s Sponsored Updates, marketing decision makers were: • 50% more likely to agree that “Adobe is shaping the future of digital marketing” • 79% more likely to agree that “Adobe can help me optimize my media spend” “With the ability to target specific audiences with relevant and contextual content, Sponsored Updates allowed us to reach the right audience on the right channel.” Maria Poveromo, Senior Director, PR, AR, and Social Media, Adobe Build thought leadership
  20. @LinkedInMktg Deliver rich content in the LinkedIn feed across all devices LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  21. @LinkedInMktg Address your audience directly, ask them questions Strong Visuals: Attention grabbing images such as recognized leaders, interesting infographics Type of content: Snack-able content, Lists, valuable industry insights Be Concise: Keep your intro to 140 characters Anatomy of an effective Sponsored Update
  22. @LinkedInMktg Getting started on Sponsored Updates is as Easy as 1-2-3 Company Page 1. Create a Company Page and/ or Showcase Page Campaign 1. Assign Company Page Admin who will post content 2. Designate your Campaign Manager(s) Content 1. Organize your Content 2. Outline an Editorial Calendar
  23. @LinkedInMktg Your company website is a great place to start leveraging content for Sponsored Updates SpecificsWhere to look What to look for Company Website Company Blog Relevant Content Engaging Images Cadence Company Resources Videos Whitepapers Other Destinations ‘About Us’ Section Promoting other Social Media Channels PR/NewsSection Company Announcements Industry news
  24. @LinkedInMktg With Direct Sponsored Content, reach your target audience directly in the feed without publishing on your Company Page Personalize Test Control
  25. @LinkedInMktg Test and optimize your reach to the right audience with the right message 66% higher CTR
  26. Sponsored Updates best practices 1. Include a visual 2. Keep it short & sweet 3. Snackable stats work wonders 4. Variety is the spice of life
  27. @LinkedInMktg Build thought leadership Generate leads Generate awareness
  28. @LinkedInMktg Generate leads • 4x lower cost per lead compared to search advertising • 3x lower cost per click compared to search advertising • 2.5x growth in Company Page followers “With Sponsored Updates, we get the right kind of leads who are not only interested in the relevant content we’ve created and in learning more about our product, but also fit our target audience profile perfectly.” Rick Schultz, Senior VP of Marketing, Alteryx
  29. @LinkedInMktg Get the attention of your highest-value audiences with personalized targeted messages on LinkedIn LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
  30. @LinkedInMktg Mobile design optimized for clicks: Persistent call to action button while user scrolls and easy to read formatting Real-time delivery eliminates waste: Sponsored InMail messages are only delivered when members are on LinkedIn Uncluttered professional context: With strict delivery frequency caps your message gets maximum mindshare Flexibility to personalize your content: Send a personalized message that will resonate most with your target audience Unique Product, Uncluttered Environment and Effective Results
  31. @LinkedInMktg Generate leads • Open rate of 48% using Sponsored InMail, with response rate 11x better than other social channels • Cost per lead 73% lower than other social channels • Clickthrough on Sponsored Updates 4x LinkedIn benchmarks “With open rates as high as 48 percent, LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail knocked the socks off our own email campaigns – and Sponsored Updates gave us the brand awareness we needed.” Brett Chester, Vice President of Online Marketing, Replicon
  32. @LinkedInMktg “In just one LinkedIn campaign, we nearly reached our annual membership goal.” Michael Voss, Director of Brand Management, International Coach Federation • 1,899 new members enrolled • Total revenue from new members: $465,000 – campaign ROI of 1,761% • 45% open rate for Sponsored InMail, 4.6% CTR • Sponsored Updates engagement 2X LinkedIn benchmarks Generate leads
  33. @LinkedInMktg Consider the context of your message and the member’s experience Your Campaign’s Impact Starts with the Preview Limit the subject & description lines to 3-8 words Include a clear call to action or benefit in the subject Content, context and call to action determines whether sender is company or an individual Inbox preview should be consistent with the message and landing page
  34. @LinkedInMktg On Average 30-40% of Opens Happen on Mobile Keep the message short and concise to avoid overwhelming the member with content (under 1200 characters) Include a clickable link in the message body helps to get a higher CTR on mobile Avoid using too much formatting and spacing. Plain text and up to 3 bullets works best Make sure your landing page is mobile responsive and build your form to only capture information you need
  35. @LinkedInMktg Sponsored InMail best practices 1. Use targeting on LinkedIn to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time 2. Create a compelling inbox preview to drive opens 3. Develop personalized content that helps, vs strictly sells 4. Optimize your content for mobile engagement 5. Create a simple landing page with clear conversion path
  36. @LinkedInMktg What success looks like now Our team’s approach Buyer evolution
  37. @LinkedInMktg Measurement for Success: • Quality Traffic • Engagement • MQLs • Pipeline Our success metrics
  38. @LinkedInMktg Content is core EVENTS CAMPAIGNS SOCIAL + ONLINE CONTENT
  39. @LinkedInMktg Not more content, more relevant content
  40. @LinkedInMktg Big Rock content fuels performance
  41. @LinkedInMktg Extend the mileage with ‘turkey slices’
  42. @LinkedInMktg Driving leads with content MQL Lead Capture No Yes RevenueSales SDR Sales Qualified? BIG ROCK (Gated) Nurture No Yes
  43. @LinkedInMktg LinkedIn Showcase Page as key content hub
  44. @LinkedInMktg  Customer engagement  Quality traffic  High quality leads – 30% of leads in any quarter Sponsored Updates drive results
  45. @LinkedInMktg Sponsored Updates + Onsite Display = more leads
  46. @LinkedInMktg Sponsored InMail outperforms traditional email 24.61% Open Rate 0.74% CTR 41.75% Open Rate 8.71% CTR Traditional Email Sponsored InMail
  47. @LinkedInMktg Measurement for Success: • Quality Traffic • Engagement • MQLs • Pipeline Success metrics
  48. @LinkedInMktg Measurement for Success: • Quality Traffic – 72% Manager+ • Engagement – 24X blog visitors YOY • MQLs – 68% of MQLs from content • Pipeline – 35% new biz from marketing Success metrics
  49. @LinkedInMktg Thank You!

Notas do Editor

  1. I’ll first share our perspective on the challenges presented by the evolving buyer behavior, then spend the bulk on 2 other topics: 1) the new keys to success with LinkedIn based on our new product set. And 2) I’ll share insights into how my marketing team is using LinkedIn
  2. We all know that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to influence purchase decisions. The buyers journey is non-linear and people are making it through 90% of it before they reach out directly. Today’s buyers have no shortage of online destinations they can visit to to find information about products, compare prices, get social recommendations and so on. Against this backdrop, content is playing a huge role in the buying process, making it easier for buyers to be self-sufficient, and that’s why they’re able to make it through most of this journey on their own. On average, people are consuming 10 of those pieces of content before making a purchase.
  3. So what’s the bottom line? To be successful, marketers need to get their brands and the right message and content in front of the right prospects at every stage of the purchase decision if you want to to be in a strong position to shape the outcome. Said another way, relevant content is the key.
  4. But, no big surprise, getting relevant content in front of prospects where and when they need is far easier said than done. Why is that?   First, marketers are challenged to cost-efficiently get their brands and content in front of their target audiences early in the buy process, a challenge underscored by this Nielsen stat that more than 40% of ads are not reaching the right audiences.   Next, even when we do get in front of our prospects -- and even with the big investment most marketing orgs are making in content marketing -- it seems we’re struggling to be relevant, and helpful, with 60-70% of content we’re creating going unread. In fact, this stat from Sirius Decisions uncovered that the most cited reason as to why B2B content goes unread is that it’s irrelevant to the target audience.   Finally, as we drive prospects lower in our funnels, even when we manage to reach the right audiences and drive them to our websites, 95 of 100 visitors are leaving without filling out a web form. So, in the best case, you’re getting a 5% conversions on your site visitors – the average is more like 2 – 3%   This is a pretty sobering snapshot which implies a lot of potential value slipping through our fingers... but it also presents some pretty big opportunities for upside if we can make progress in these areas.
  5. ....but it also presents some pretty big opportunities for upside if we can make progress in these areas.   What if you could be sure to reach only the right people and deliver highly relevant content to them in the channels where they’re engaging. By doing so, you’d be better able to drive them to your site or the right destination based on your campaign. Then, what if you could establish an ongoing connection with them and provide them the content they want at the exact right times to help them make their purchase decision?   What if you could eliminate all those leaks and realign the funnel, generating significantly more conversions and opportunities?
  6. <Short Version> This is what we’ve been hard at work solving in LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.   LinkedIn has products that impact every stage of your funnel. We’ve built an end-to-end, full-funnel set of solutions that can help you impact every stage of your funnel. Our platform puts us a unique position to help you   generate awareness and reach more of the right people engaging those audiences until they’re ready to connect with a Sales rep, by delivering the most appropriate content depending on where they are in their buy process   <Extended Version with some product detail> - At the top of the funnel, we have our LinkedIn Display Advertising solutions which will give you two powerful ways to make sure you’re reaching new audiences, that you’re on the radar and building brand with the right audiences: LinkedIn Onsite Display and LinkedIn Network Display.   -As prospects start their journey down your funnel, content marketing plays a huge role in driving prospects from one stage to the next. And, here LinkedIn Sponsored Updates lets you get your content directly in the LinkedIn feed, where you’re essentially capturing people’s attention when they’re most engaged – while reviewing information shared by their professional network.   - And, as you move firmly into the lower half of the funnel where direct response goals reign supreme, Sponsored InMail is a game changer in terms of taking email marketing effectiveness to the next level. You can think about Sponsored InMail as the most direct way to engage your prospects on LinkedIn by delivering targeted, personalized messages right into their LInkedIn inbox.   -Finally, as your other programs have now done their job to reach new prospects and then start driving them down the funnel, LinkedIn Lead Accelerator helps you get to the ultimate goal -- lead conversions, pipeline contribution, customer acquisition by giving you an entirely new way to nurture your prospects….
  7. <This slide highlights how LinkedIn has become a publishing platform, by showing the various Channels through which members engage content>   And, they’re engaging in a ton of content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has really become, at the core, the definitive professional publishing platform. A place where members are consuming professional content published on over 7M brand-managed company pages, content shared by over 500 LInkedIn Influencers and 1M publishers, as well as peer to peer sharing through posts to the LinkedIn Feed and Groups. And, with the recent acquisition of Lynda, members are now engaging with professional training content.
  8. Starting with reach, on LinkedIn you’re reaching the world’s professionals. More than ½ of the world’s professionals are on LinkedIn
  9. Very importantly, as you run LinkedIn programs, our rich data ensure that you’re able to focus your investment on exactly the professional audiences you’re looking to reach.
  10. I’ll first share our perspective on the challenges presented by the evolving buyer behavior, then spend the bulk on 2 other topics: 1) the new keys to success with LinkedIn based on our new product set. And 2) I’ll share insights into how my marketing team is using LinkedIn
  11. Marketing/training notes: Product: Network Display MyCase, an AppFolio company, is a web-based practice management software solution for lawyers. Built as a complete legal practice management software, MyCase offers features that seamlessly cover all the daily functions that a modern law firm requires, including contact and case management, calendaring, secure client communication, time tracking, and billing. Because MyCase offers legal practice management in the cloud, lawyers can work from anywhere at any time significantly increasing productivity. “When we first started working with LinkedIn, we were still building our brand,” explains Sarah Bottorff, director of marketing at MyCase. “We had just started out in a super competitive space and needed to quickly reach our target market. Because our software is cloud based, a strong online presence was important for us to reach the right audience and finding the right platforms was key to enabling that kind of precise targeting.” In addition to raising brand awareness, Borttoff also sought to drive targeted traffic to the MyCase website.
  12. Marketing/training notes: Product: Sponsored Updates As a global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions, Adobe’s tools and services allow customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, and measure and optimize it over time. Using LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates, Adobe shared relevant content in the LinkedIn feed targeted at marketing executives, significantly increasing their awareness for Adobe’s digital marketing solutions. Challenge Adobe wanted to further establish itself as a leader in digital marketing and raise awareness for its digital marketing solutions. To do this, Adobe needed a relevant channel to share thought leadership content and expertise with its target audience -- marketing decision makers.
  13. Down the funnel Great for sharing content, in the feed, where people are most engaged Across desktop, tablet and smartphone. Upper funnel and lower funnel objectives
  14. Once you find the content, let’s talk about what are some of the best practices so that you can capture your audience’s attention? Strong visuals: a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure you use the paperclip function to upload a new image so that you can put the most attention grabbing image that matches your content. We find that recognized leaders, colorful images work really well and drive CTR substantially Addressing your audience directly such as hey enterpreneurs or starting with a question is a great way to engage your audience right away and also customize your message to your audience. Being concise in your update is also very important – we see that especially for the introduction text, 140 characters or less works the best And finally the type of content really matters: two tips here: snackable content, lists, industry insights are always great way to engage your audience on LinkedIn. But also think about matching your content to your marketing objective. If you are looking to create brand awareness for instance you probably do not want to lead the audience to a whitepaper but maybe a lighter version of the research And don’t forget to use Direct Sponosred Content to test what works for your audience – best way to know how to appeal to your audience is to test and iterate
  15. Now that you’ve seen the effectiveness of Content Marketing, let me show you how easy it is to set up a Sponsored Update on LinkedIn. There are 3 steps to identifying and sponsoring content on LinkedIn. First, set up a company page if you haven’t already. You can also sponsor Sponsored Updates from a Showcase page, if you have one. After you’ve done that, assign a company page admin who will post content. This person will be responsible for crafting and editing your content. This role could be separate from your Campaign manager, who will manage and publish your Sponsored Updates campaigns. The third step is to organize your content. As Selin mentioned, it’s important to have content that resonates with the audience. Make sure to line up all the content you want to publish, and then ready an Editorial Calendar. This calendar would make up all the content you want to publish over the course of your campaign, whether that’s a couple weeks or a couple months.
  16. Now that Phil walked us through step by step how to set up Sponsored Updates or Direct Sponsored Content let’s talk about tips for success One of the biggest questions we get asked is – I don’t have enough content to get started and when we dive into our client’s website we actually see a lot of rich content that can kickstart their Sponsored Updates campaigns. A great place to start is your company page. Your PR team, insights/research teams are probably busy at work creating quality content that can be great nuggets to share with your target customer. We find that looking at your company blog, internal resources (e.g. research department), PR section of the website can be great places to find content your company is already produced – ready to take to a broader audience
  17. Marketing/training notes: Product: Sponsored Updates Alteryx, headquartered in Irvine, California, creates data blending and advanced analytics software that empowers data analysts to deliver deeper business insights in hours, not weeks. Founded in 2010, the company is focused on reaching departmental data analysts and analytics decision makers to educate them on how they can create consumer analytics that drive better business decisions – and do so using all of the relevant data, including Big Data and emerging sources of data such as social media and cloud applications. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates helped Alteryx generate quality leads, at a lower cost than search advertising. “LinkedIn is rapidly becoming one of our best sources of leads,” says Rick Schultz, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Alteryx. “With Sponsored Updates, we get the right kind of leads – primarily data analysts – who are not only interested in the relevant content we’ve created and in learning more about our product, but also fit our target audience profile perfectly.”
  18. As we now move firmly into the lower half of the funnel where direct response goals reign supreme, Sponsored InMail is a game changer in terms of taking email marketing effectiveness to the next level. Sponsored InMail is the most direct way to engage your prospects on LinkedIn. Our customers use Sponsored InMail to drive tangible DR metrics – leads, CPL, pipeline. And, they do that by getting the attention of the audiences they care about on by delivering targeted, personalized messages right into their LInkedIn inbox.
  19. During testing we saw upwards of 40% average open rates! Inbox one of the most per
  20. Keep it short: 308 words, the shorter the better while communicating core purpose of the message. Match the flow and context of the message, so they understand what’s in it for them. A member will see the “from”, subject line and desctiption in the hover over and inbox view. Make it count!
  21. Facilitator Notes: Targeting with InMail: Educate customers on value of our audience Targeting best practices Ideal target audience size
  22. I’ll first share our perspective on the challenges presented by the evolving buyer behavior, then spend the bulk on 2 other topics: 1) the new keys to success with LinkedIn based on our new product set. And 2) I’ll share insights into how my marketing team is using LinkedIn
  23. Our blog is the centerpiece Blog gets leveraged in these channels, and we use it to feed a lot of the content in our sponsored updates
  24. We aim to develop on ‘big rock’ per quarter, that will drive a lot of lead gen and can be carved up into smaller, snackable pieces to extend the shelf life. This was the dream of Jason Miller our content marketer who we hired last year, and it drove 40% of all leads in Q1, Q2 and Q3.
  25. I mentioned turkey slices on the previous slide, here’s how we carved up the Sophisticated Guide
  26. Showcase pages are extensions of the Company Page designed for spotlighting a brand, business unit, or initiative