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Introducing Voya Financial

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Introducing Voya Financial

  1. 1. Introducing Voya Financial LinkedIn FinanceConnect May 15, 2015 Jim Cowsert VP, Advertising and Brand Strategy
  2. 2. Staged transition required phased communication Q4Q3Q2Q1 2014 January 6 Robust stakeholder communications begin May 1 Investment Management and Employee Benefits begin doing business as Voya Investment Management and Voya Financial, respectively September 1 Remaining business entities begin doing business as Voya Financial April 7 ING U.S., Inc. holding company name changes to Voya Financial, Inc.
  3. 3. Jan – Feb 2014 The year started with highly visible ING advertising Build association between ING and Orange Money™ and signal coming transition
  4. 4. Mar – Apr 2014 In March, initial Voya Financial transition messaging added Begin signaling coming transition to Voya Financial Adapted television spots: • Voiceover: “ING is becoming Voya, a new company dedicated to helping you reach and enjoy retirement. Learn more at ING.us.” • Graphic: Introduction of Voya Logo • Mnemonic: Auditory cue for Voya
  5. 5. Learning through social integration with NBC Universal media
  6. 6. Built follower acquisition in preparation for Voya® transition
  7. 7. May – Aug 2014 Two flights of transitional trade advertising followed Sept – Nov 2014 Sept - Nov May – Aug
  8. 8. Extended follower acquisition to LinkedIn
  9. 9. LinkedIn display and sponsored posts reached B2B target
  10. 10. Sept – Nov 2014 Introduce Voya™ to Consumers In the fall, Voya® emerged as a new kind of financial company
  11. 11. Employed broad media to build awareness Renew opportunities and tactics that have been proven to be successful and notable Social Generate buzz & increase fan base with the Voya launch Renew opportunities and tactics that have been proven to be successful and notable Search Enhance campaign performance by ensuring placement of Voya content in prime search results e been proven to be successful and notable Broadcast Build awareness and increase reach by targeting top sports and broadcast dayparts that have been proven to be successful and notable Mobile Bring brand awareness to consumers across mobile/tablet devices across endemic/highly relevant content e been proven to be successful and notable Digital Build awareness of Voya through multiple platforms & drive brand engagement
  12. 12. Created and amplified content aligned with media partnerships Facebook Copy: Some call it hoarding. We call it saving. NBC Today CBS This Morning ESPN
  13. 13. Developed Voya Born to Save™ integrated campaign
  14. 14. Drove brand message through ad units on social platforms Roadblock Follower Ad Sponsored Updates and Promoted Posts
  15. 15. Social media placements grew Voya® brand metrics LinkedIn Display moved key metrics against core target Exposed vs. Control Brand Awareness + 12 pts Helps Save for Retirement + 12 pts Provides Retirement Income + 22 pts Brand Consideration +18 pts Source: LinkedIn Brand Impact Study 2014, Age 45-64
  16. 16. Keys to maximizing impact of social content Build Base Pursue Partnerships Stay on Brand Test for Future