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Ongoing Portfolio

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Ongoing Portfolio

  2. 2. CONTENTS-• (Freelance) Startup Companies • Tronix Productions • Till Infinity Records • Jst Bst Clothing• Upcoming and Executed Events/ Organizations: • WCK + JSTBST B.uy S.ell T.rade EVENT (PART 1)(Jan 26.2013) • Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy • Golden State Warriors Fundraiser • Economics Senior Project • California Students for Independent Multi-Media and Film• The Fremont- Blogspot [Click on embedded hyperlinks]
  3. 3. START-UPS
  4. 4. TRONIX PRODUCTIONS Head of Research and Business Development - Created Cost Effective and decreased total time of production in creating the Production Model for all future Films. -Example: “Spoils of War” and our Behind the Scene Footage :
  6. 6. TILL INFINITY RECORDS• Co-CEO –Executive Producer, Recording Artist , Business Developer, Artist Management, Networker, Event Planner, and Internet Marketer. (Click on logos)
  7. 7. JST BSTCo-CEO –Business Planner and Modeler, Internet Marketing Optimization Researcher, Networker, Event Planner, Digital Media Strategist, Sponsored Artist.
  8. 8. Executed Events/ Organizations
  9. 9. WCK x JSTBST B.uy S.ell T.rade EVENT (PART 1) (Jan 26.2013)Jst Bst Clothing/ T ill Infinity Records created astrategic business alliance with West CoastKicks‘ creator, Sanny Bisqueera, to host ourhometown –Fairfield- CA first-everShoe Exchange. Jst Bst Clothing target marketsthe (Nike Dunk, Air Force 1s, and the Air/TeamJordan) sneaker community which are nicelygrouped within theWest Coast Kicks (+)5,500 active facebook private group page. The event is atThe Original Pepper Bellys Comedy Club onJan.26th,2013. Expected 200(+) attendees .Purpose : buy, sell, and trade shoes; sell Jst Bstclothing, and to highlight Northern Californiaurban art, emerging music, and fashion scene .So far there are 140(+) attending. For moredetails go to : WCK X JST BSTRole: Event Planner, Entertainment Coordinator,and Promoter
  10. 10. SACRAMENTO ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMYCMO-Mentee: Q&A researched Smartphone customers three most common problems to prepare a detailed product specification to collaboratively write and conducted research for Industry, Market, and Swot Analysis; Competitive Landscape, created the system of marketing and internet metrics to measure ROI; project managed commercial, Pitched Power Talks’ Business Plan to Sacramento Angels. +
  11. 11. Golden State Warriors Fund Raiser▪ Event planning with the A.P.O Executive Committee for theGolden State Warriors, produced commercial for Morris LeagueLLC with Steven Jemera Sound Audio Engineer at PrideAnimation Studio.▪Goal: Gained pre-game floor level access to pitch the commercialto TNT for the cost of only $12 by perusing the
  12. 12. ECONOMICS SENIOR PROJECT: Applicable skillfor a business analyst or marketing analystSenior Seminar Project Economics 145 (Applied Economic Theory to an Urban Development Policy for Data Analysis). Question:Does inclusionary zoning policy contribute to the current increases in foreclosure origination in California?
  13. 13. California Students for Independent Multi-Media and FilmCreated Multi-MediaProduction Organization,CSUSPurpose: Connect Multi-media majors to BusinessMajors to inform themboth of marketing,business intelligence,Accounting, and internetoptimization techniquesfor creating a start-up. (Brochure)
  14. 14. BLOGSPOT
  15. 15. THE FREMONT:BLOGSPOT Facebook group page blog: provides the creative industries (videographers , music production) internet marketing optimization methods, business modeling advice, market research databases independent business owners /freelancers can utilize for their own project while generating a collaborative reputation for Tronix Productions multi-media services.