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  2. OBJECTIVE • The student will have the opportunity to explore the contemporary issues so as to develop an individual style and enhance his/her skills in the area of leadership, communication, decision making, motivation and conflict management. • The aim of the project report is to produce a piece of study that advances knowledge in the subjects area of commerce and business management.
  3. MARKING SCHEME (a) External: Project Viva (50 Marks), where viva would be on written report and would be undertaken by an external examiner. (b) Internal: Conduct & Submission of Report (50 Marks), it involves conduct of study & submission of phase wiser reports, presentations & viva at the Institute.
  4. SYNOPSIS The project proposal (Synopsis) should be of approximately 1500 words and must be submitted in writing to your respective guide.
  5. Plagiarism Check Report • A Plagiarism check certificate has to be attached in the report • Allowed limits- Less than 20%
  6. To be Completed by Date Activity Marks Allotted 16 th March, 2023 Briefing and Allocation of Topics & Project Guide to each Student - 17th April, 2023 Mid-term Review: Submission of Work Done till Date 10 28th April, 2023 Submission of Draft Report to the Respective Guides. 10 1st May 2023 Submission of Final Report (One Spiral Bind Copy) to the Respective Guide - 06th May, 2023 Viva & Power Point Presentation (Along with Spiral Bind Copy) to the Internal Supervisor 25 16th May, 2023 Submission of 2 Copies Final Hard Bound Report and CD to the Respective Guides 5 As notified by the GGSIP University Viva before the External Examiner 50 Total Marks 100
  7. CONTENTS OF REPORT S. No. Topic Page No. 1 Title Page - 2 Certificate (s) - 3 Acknowledgements - 4 Plagarism Check Certificate 5 Executive Summary - 6 List of Tables - 7 List of Figures - 8 List of Symbols - 9 List of Abbreviations - 10 Chapters 11 12 13 14 15 References/Bibliography 16 Appendices
  8. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • Executive Summary is a brief or condensed summary of the work performed. It should be about 3-4 pages in length. • It should comprise problem definition, methodology adopted, findings, conclusion, limitations and direction for future development, if any.
  9. FINDINGS & SUGGESTION 1. Findings/ Results of the Study: The main findings of the study with the proper references and discussion can be written in paragraph form. 2. Suggestions: Suggestions should be based on the findings only.
  10. SUMMARY & CONCLUSIONS Summary: Summary of the research work done. Conclusion: A concluding paragraph of approximately half page should be written. Limitations: The limitations could be mentioned in terms of data insufficiency, time & expertise constraints etc.
  11. REFERENCES/BIBLIOGRAPHY Examples : 1. Carney, D. L., & Cochran, J. I., (1985), “The 5ESS Switching System: Architectural Overview”, AT&T Technical Journal, vol. 64, no. 6, July-August, pp. 1339-1356. 2. Stevens, A., (1992), C++ Database Development, MIS Press, New York, p. 34. 3. In Encyclopedia Britannica. from, accessed on (date) and (time). 4. Give full link of the webpage, (example is not accepted).
  12. APPENDICES • The appendices are to be attached at the end of the report and to be numbered as Appendix-A, Appendix-B etc. right justified at the top of the page. Below the word Appendix write in parenthesis “Refer Para No__”. The para number should be the number in the body of text where the reference of appendix is given. • An appendix may have annexure (s). The annexures, if any, are to be attached immediately after the said appendix. The annexures are to be numbered as Annexure-I, Annexure-II etc.
  13. TEXT & PAGE SPECIFICATIONS Page Size: Good quality white A4 size executive bond paper . Chapter Numbering: The chapters are to be numbered as Chapter-1, Chapter-2. The heading/title of the chapter is to appear below the chapter number in uppercase.
  14. Page Specifications: (i) Left Margin : 1.25 inch (ii) Right Margin : 1.25 inch (iii) Top Margin : 1 inch (iv) Bottom Margin : 1 inch Page Numbers: All text pages starting from Body of the Project Report should be numbered at the bottom center of the pages.
  15. Font Size: 12, Times New Roman, Double Spacing, Single Side Writing. Paragraphs Heading Font Size: 12, Times New Roman. Page/Title Font Size: 14 Numbering of Table & Figure • Table No-1: Number of Employees in Organisation ABC • Figure No-1: Sales Figures of RO Water Purifier
  16. BINDING & COLOR CODE OF THE REPORT Hard Bound Report Background of the cover page - GREEN Letters in GOLDEN
  17. Nurturing Excellence