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Flipped Classroom Workshop

Slides for my workshop at the national conference for Prepa Tec 2014 in Guadalajara.

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Flipped Classroom Workshop

  1. 1. Flipped Classroom
  2. 2. Flipped Classroom Who, What, When, Where and Why Ken Bauer, Spring 2014
  3. 3. Flipped Classroom Who, What, When, Where and Why Oh yeah, and how? Ken Bauer, May 2014
  4. 4. How I got here • My classes have always been “dynamic” and not so planned ahead. I use markers not power point. • Eric Raymond “An Itch to Scratch” • David Garza’s talk Spring 2012 • I believe a managers job is to provide the tools and space for employees to do their job as well as protect them from distractions. • If that is true, shouldn’t we do the same in managing our students? • Tried it, tried it again, trying again. • Read and read more, listening to podcasts, following others
  5. 5. Schedule (probably not) • Who is and should be Flipping? • What is Flipping? • When should I start Flipping? • Where can I go for help on Flipping? • Why do I want to Flip my course? • How to Flip • Student reaction and preparation for Flipping • Tools, Mastery and more • You will NOT “get it” in 3 hours, this is a long journey but one worth taking
  6. 6. WHO: Tec21 Teachers • Un profesor que inspire a los alumnos, sea innovador, esté vinculado con la práctica de su profesión y se encuentre a la vanguardia en su disciplina, es el tipo de docente que busca el modelo educativo Tec 21
  7. 7. Homework Review • Videos, comments and discussions • Chapter 3 from the book • Podcast, did anyone listen to one? • Tec21 Flipped Learning Video
  8. 8. WHAT is Flipping • Discuss, gather and share. • Penguin video and other videos.
  9. 9. Activity • Experience what a student sees in class
  10. 10. How Ken sees it • Assign activity/hw assignment. • Receive the “deliverable” with the solution. • But how did they get there, what did they learn on the journey to the solution? • That is what I am way more interested in, the process of learning.
  11. 11. WHEN should I start? This is up to you and how you want to approach any change to your teaching methods. ACTIVITY: Find resources for your particular area/class. Did anyone find the same resources?
  12. 12. WHERE do I go for help? I can't do this by myself. And you shouldn't DISCUSSION: How do you share what you are working on with other colleagues?
  13. 13. Why do I want to Flip? Chapter 3 of “FlipYour Classroom, Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day”, Bergmann and Sams, 2012 ACTIVITY: Gather quotes from the internet. Where are we looking for this? What are good sources?
  14. 14. How to Flip • Videos, do we need them? If so, how to use them? • What else should be happening “outside” • So now that we moved all that outside, what do we do inside? • Evaluation and what is the purpose and goals?
  15. 15. Student Reaction • HackSchool video with Logan LaPlante • What is the student role here? • Are they ready for this? • Mature enough? • Motivated enough? • How does a student watch a video (or read)? • What is the role of administration here?
  16. 16. Tools and Software • How to make videos, I recommend Camtasia from TechSmith. Or use Screencast-o-matic • Where to put the videos? • Engage your students with tools, there are so many…. • Engage with other educators in this community • Ted-Ed • Create a video using Camtasia, flip it in ed.ted.com
  17. 17. Moving Up Stag e 1 – Basic Flip with little preparation. Stag e 2 – I have videos and active students. Stag e 3 – Mastery and more to come.
  18. 18. Mastery • Can we switch to a completely student driven timeline? • How does this play a role in Tec21 • • Ken did it this past semester. Results are mixed but good considering how much I learned.
  19. 19. What now? • Get involved • FB Group http://bit.ly/flipmexico (Flip Mexico) and http://bit.ly/tecflip (Tec Internal) • Share your experiences (good and bad) • kenbauer@itesm.mx • http://personal.gda.itesm.mx/kenbauer/ • http://kenbauer.me • http://www.facebook.com/kenbauer • Twitter: @ken_bauer • Google+: http://plus.google.com/+KenBauer