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Intranet Information Architecture

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Learn how information architecture can help you achieve the ultimate Intranet! This SlideShare goes over 3 common challenges organizations face with their Intranets that can be overcome with information architecture.

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Intranet Information Architecture

  1. 1. Intranet Information Architecture
  2. 2. Want a stronger Intranet?
  3. 3. Information architecture is the key to a powerful and effective Intranet.
  4. 4. What is information architecture?
  5. 5. It is the structuring and organizing of info and content in a way that makes it easy for your users to find.
  6. 6. Exactly how does it help?
  7. 7. Most challenges organizations face regarding their Intranet can be avoided,
  8. 8. if information architecture is made an integral part of their Intranet strategy.
  9. 9. You can even improve an Intranet that has already been built!
  10. 10. Keep reading to learn how to overcome 3 common Intranet challenges with information architecture.
  11. 11. And check out our most recent webinar on Intranet information architecture here.
  12. 12. Challenge # 1 A Generic and Ineffective Intranet
  13. 13. Too many Intranets are created without having a clear goal or purpose in mind.
  14. 14. But since your Intranet’s information architecture would be structured differently depending on its purpose,
  15. 15. this sets the Intranet up for failure from the beginning.
  16. 16. Establish the purpose of your Intranet,
  17. 17. whether it be for storage, social, or or even a combination of uses,
  18. 18. and then structure your Intranet according to that main purpose.
  19. 19. This helps form requirements for your information architecture,
  20. 20. so that it is structured properly based on the vision of your organization and will grow alongside the company.
  21. 21. Challenge # 2 Poor Navigation/ Hard to Find Content
  22. 22. Too often companies focus solely on how an Intranet looks,
  23. 23. and not enough on how it functions.
  24. 24. That usually means that the Intranet looks great,
  25. 25. but lacks proper organization, structure or navigation.
  26. 26. This makes content hard to find,
  27. 27. and costs organizations precious time, money, and productivity.
  28. 28. This can all be avoided by spending some time with your Intranet’s information architecture,
  29. 29. and planning out what content will be stored where,
  30. 30. tagging and labeling to give context to information that makes sense to users.
  31. 31. Organize menus and navigation in an intuitive way, so that users don't have to guess at where to find information.
  32. 32. Challenge # 3 Poor Adoption Rates
  33. 33. There are a number of things that can cause poor adoption rates.
  34. 34. But the cause we are interested in, is when an Intranet doesn't address user needs.
  35. 35. If your Intranet doesn't help solve big work problems,
  36. 36. users wont see it as a relevant tool and will stop engaging with it.
  37. 37. Information architecture allows you to organize the relationship between your Intranet and your users.
  38. 38. A digital discovery process gives you the ability to understand what your users need,
  39. 39. and then ensure that your company Intranet addresses those needs.
  40. 40. Solving adoption problems is all about understanding your audience.
  41. 41. So, want a stronger and more effective Intranet?
  42. 42. Emgage has experience conducting digital discovery services to help clients boost their Intranet Information Architecture.
  43. 43. Contact us today...
  44. 44. to learn how we can help you achieve the Intranet you’ve been waiting for.
  45. 45. Sign up for a free demo here!
  46. 46. www.emgage.com