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X Media Lab (conference) Switzerland 2013

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3 days conferences, workshops and coaching

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X Media Lab (conference) Switzerland 2013

  1. 1. PRESENTING PARTNER INDUSTRY PARTNERS MEDIA PARTNER HOSTING PARTNERSASSOCIATE PARTNER 5, avenue du Temple, CH-1020 Renens, Switzerland www.xmedialab.com info@xmedialab.com @xmedialab PRO-DAY PUBLIC CONFERENCE General Admission Friday 27 September 2013 WEEKEND MASTERCLASSES General Admission Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 September 2013 THE LAB By Application Only Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 September 2013 10.00 - 18.00 followed by a Networking Reception 16 world-class keynote presentations - update yourself in a day! A weekend of intense hands-on instructional masterclasses - learn skills you can apply to your projects, your company and your career immediately. SAVE THE DATE SEPTEMBER 2013 GIRL GEEK DINNERS definitely does compute Ticino{ } (Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne) 27. 28. 29. Nominate Your Transmedia/Digital Culture Project for the Lab Today! A weekend of one-on-one mentoring from the world’s leading transmedia and digital culture gurus - work on your own project ideas! Z hdk Zurich University of the Arts Bachelor of Arts in Design Cast/Audiovisual Media This is Switzerland’s must-attend digital, cultural and creative industries event of 2013
  2. 2. X Media Lab is the internationally acclaimed creative industries event. XML creates a meeting place uniquely designed to assist people and companies to realize unique new forms of transmedia and interactive cultural content, through masterclasses, concept development, business matching, and direct access to a world-class network of creative professionals. Join us in Lausanne and meet and make friends with international transmedia and digital culture powerbrokers! WHAT IS TRANSMEDIA? Transmedia is “the vanguard process of conveying messages, themes or storylines to a mass audience through the artful and well-planned use of multiple media platforms and brand extension that creates intense audience loyalty and long-term engagement, enriches the value of creative content and generates multiple revenue streams.” (Jeff Gomez, 2013) The platforms used by transmedia projects can include: tv, film, books, comics, alternate reality games, video games, real-life events and performances, websites, apps, augmented reality, social media, location based services, computer game mechanics, music, toys and more. Transmedia techniques are used in fields as diverse as television, film, marketing, advertising and public relations, corporate and brand narratives, and in education, activism and geo-political implementations. Put simply – transmedia is the hottest topic in the digital culture, screen, media and entertainment industries right now – and you need to be across it. 16 of the world’s leading transmedia and digital culture experts converge in Lausanne for X Media Lab Switzerland “Transmedia”. REGISTER TODAY! TICKETS ON SALE NOW!
  3. 3. JEFF GOMEZ Transmedia producer for Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Halo, Men in Black III, Hotwheels, Transformers (New York) STEPHEN DINEHART Award winning narrative designer for computer games: Company of Heroes, Lord of the Rings, Batman, the Marvel Universe (Kansas City) ERIC HUANG Development Director, Made in Me; Pioneering digital publisher for Penguin Books, Mind Candy (Moshi Monsters) (London) NICOLAS HENCHOZ Director EPFL+ECAL Lab; Bilan’s “Top 300 Most Influential People in Switzerland”; Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres de la République française (Lausanne) MARTINA MARA Media psychologist; researcher in human-robot interactions and the future of television at Ars Electronica, FutureLab (Linz) KATIE SALEN Award winning game designer and author of Rules of Play – the No. 1 game design textbook; Founder of Institute of Play (New York) BJARKE MYRTHU CEO & Founder of Storyplanet (investors include Joichi Ito, CEO at MIT Medialab, investor in Twitter, Last FM, Flickr and Movable Type (Copenhagen) MATTEO STANZANI Transmedia designer for Disney, Ferrari, Ferrero; Member of the 2013 Digital Emmy Awards Jury (New York) INGRID KOPP Director of Digital Initiatives at Tribeca Film Institute (New York) ALEX MCDOWELL Transmedia’s Renaissance Man: Narrative Designer for Minority Report; Fight Club; Man of Steel; MIT Media Lab; Assoc. Prof., USC – School of Cinematic Arts (Hollywood) LUCY MCRAE Body Architect; Fast Company’s ’50 people shaping the future’; TED Fellow; Time Magazine’s Fashion Invention Award (Amsterdam) ERINROSE SULLIVAN Digital Marketing Strategist; Former Director, Global Insights & Strategy for Electronic Arts (Lausanne) SIMON STAFFANS Award winning content and format developer for MediaCity Finland; Avid blogger and author of One Year in Transmedia (Vaasa) ALEX ALEXANDER Winner of MIPTV Content360 Award 2013 (Sydney) KARINE HALPERN French transmedia pioneer; Founder of Transmedia Alliance Europe (Paris) ANDRE DEAK Award winning ‘post-journalist’ and web documentary producer Co-founder of House of Digital Culture; ESPM Lab researcher (Sao Paolo) INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE SPEAKERS & MENTORS
  4. 4. SCHEDULE OF EVENTS No boring panels or Q&A sessions - just information rich keynote presentations from 16 of the world’s most acclaimed transmedia and digital culture visionaries. This one-day conference will give you a 360 degree overview of transmedia - it’s power, application, possibilities and future in our multipolar and ubiquitously connected world. You will learn tools and techniques from some of the world’s leading transmedia practitioners and entrepreneurs that you can apply to your projects and company, today! This is a high-intensity information download and relationship building event for people who want to succeed in the digital age. Your knowledge will not only be up to date, you will be out in front. X Media Lab Switzerland “Transmedia” Pro-Day Conference will be the most productive day you spend out of the office this year. A HIGHLIGHTS DAY CONFERENCE FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES EXECUTIVES AND ENTREPRENEURS! PRO-DAY PUBLIC CONFERENCE General Admission Friday 27 September 10.00 – 18.00 followed by a Networking Reception Screen Professionals: producers, writers, directors, editors, animators, commissioners, executives, distributors, investors, strategists, analysts – across the film, television and digital media industries. Interactive Media Professionals: developers, designers, producers, strategists, executives, investors, analysts, technology wizards, hackers – across the web, app, mobile, tablet, computer games and interactive industries. Cultural Professionals: artists, musicians, actors, dancers, performers, cultural agents, gallery and museum professionals, producers, artistic directors. Publishing Professionals: authors, agents, editors, publishers. Brand and Communications Professionals: advertising and marketing professionals, social media specialists, branded content creators, designers. R&D Professionals: researchers, developers, academics Entrepreneurs: across the creative and digital media industries. …anyone involved or interested in the future of media, transmedia and culture and creativity! WHO SHOULD ATTEND THE XML SWITZERLAND: “TRANSMEDIA” PRO-DAY CONFERENCE? REGISTER TODAY! TICKETS ON SALE NOW!
  5. 5. WHO SHOULD ATTEND THE XML SWITZERLAND: “TRANSMEDIA” MASTERCLASS WEEKEND? Advertisers Entrepreneurs Publishers Artists Animators Filmmakers Recent graduates Artistic Directors Founders TV Producers Social Media Strategists Technology Wizards Startups Games Designers Authors Hackers Students Branded Content Creators Musicans Performers Interaction Designers UI Designers Tablet Developers Writers Marketers Directors Cross Platform Producers Designers Mobile App Developers Narrative Architects Developers Creative Producers UX Designers Projects can have a cultural, entertainment, educational or informational objective. They can be: Purely conceptual propositions Proof of concept Early prototypes (eg. script, storyboard, demo, beta, or wireframe level) At all stages the focus of The Lab is on you and your idea! WHAT KIND OF PROJECTS IS XML SWITZERLAND: “TRANSMEDIA” LOOKING FOR? NOMINATE YOUR PROJECT DO YOU HAVE A GROUND-BREAKING TRANSMEDIA PROJECT THAT YOU WANT TO REALISE? Are you working on a film, television project, game, digital media idea, or communications strategy that you want to extend across media platforms? Nominate your team of 2 - 5 people with the ability to talk about the creative, digital and financial aspects of your project or idea. At least one of the team members must be Swiss or live in Switzerland. 16 projects will be selected to participate in the Lab, and will gain access to all the XML Switzerland “Transmedia” speakers and mentors in private one-on-one consultation sessions over the course of the Lab. Nomination is simple and it’s free! THE LAB By Application Only! Nominations are now open! FOR CREATIVE AND CULTURAL INDUSTRIES PRACTITIONERS! A weekend jam-packed with multi-track masterclass sessions and networking opportunities with delegates from all over Switzerland and all over the world. If the Pro-Day Conference was the feature film, then the Masterclass Weekend is the Directors - Extended Redux Version! This is your opportunity to spend quality time learning world’s best practice in a structured environment from the XML Switzerland: “Transmedia” International Speakers & Mentors. Each Masterclass is 90 minutes with 60 minutes instruction and 30 minutes Q&A. What you learn at a XML Masterclass today - you will be applying to your project, company and career tomorrow. Think of it as a mini MBA in transmedia! WEEKEND MASTERCLASSES General Admission REGISTER TODAY!
  6. 6. WHICH X MEDIA LAB SWITZERLAND: “TRANSMEDIA” EVENTS SHOULD YOU ATTEND? YOU’RE A TIME POOR EXECUTIVE AND YOU WANT TO BE FULLY UPDATED ON WORLD’S BEST PRACTICE Attend the Pro-Day Conference on Friday 27 September and update yourself in a day! YOU WANT LOADS OF NEW SKILLS, IDEAS AND INSPIRATION, AND A HIGHLY VALUABLE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK Attend the Pro-Day Conference and Masterclass Weekend on Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 September. YOU HAVE A TRANSMEDIA PROJECT (AND TEAM) THAT YOU WANT TO BE MENTORED Nominate your project for the Lab! YOU’RE A RECENT GRADUATE / STUDENT Register today for the Masterclass Weekend! NOMINATE YOUR PROJECT BUY TICKETS! WEEKEND MASTERCLASSES* 28 - 29 SEPTEMBER Industry Professional CHF 95 Students (places strictly limited) CHF 25 Industry Professional CHF 50 Students CHF 25 PRO-DAY PUBLIC CONFERENCE* 27 SEPTEMBER CONFERENCE* & WEEKEND MASTERCLASSES* 28 - 29 SEPTEMBER Industry Professional CHF 145 Students CHF 50 Registration to the Masterclass Weekend includes lunch and refreshments Registration to the Pro-Day Conference includes lunch, refreshments and networking reception * Note that the Pro-Day Conference and Weekend Masterclasses will be held in English and that translation will not be provided REGISTRATION VENUE: ECAL (Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne) 5, avenue du Temple, CH-1020 Renens, Switzerland TRAVELLING TO SWITZERLAND SAVE 15% ON YOUR FLIGHT With SWISS as our "Official Carrier" we can offer you discounts of up to 15% on your SWISS flights to and from Switzerland. Contact us for details: info@xmedialab.com
  7. 7. Adobe Systems France (FR) Alliance EPFL VPIV (CH) Amsterdam University of Applied Arts & Sciences (NL) Aperto Schweiz AG (CH) Basel Stadt (CH) BBC (UK) Bilan (CH) bitforge Ltd. (CH) BlueLion Incubator (CH) Brickflow (FRA) CERN (CH) Christoph Merian Stiftung (CH) Digitalarti (FRA) Double Negative Visual Effects (UK) EPFL (CH) ETH Zurich (CH) European Broadcasting Union (CH) FarFromHomePage (DE) FILAS (IT) Fonction Cinema (CH) Fondation du Festival De Jazz De Montreu (CH) Foundation Science et Cité (CH) Gbanga (CH) Headfun (CH Headstore CH) Herzog&deMeuron (CH) HUB Zurich (CH) Hyperweek (CH) i-net Innovation (CH) iart interactive (CH) IIP Create (NL) Interactive Things (CH) Interxion (CH) Istituto Europeo di Design (BR) iTaste (CH) Jugendinfo Winterthur (CH) Kaisersrot (CH) kamm(m)acher GmbH (CH) Kunstsmuseum Basel (CH) Lucerne University of Applied Arts and Sciences (CH) Lucerne University of Art & Design (CH) Manto (DK) Media Futurist (CH) Metaverse Makeovers (AU) Migros-Kulturprozent (CH) Miniclip (CH) mxlab (CH) Neue Galerie Luzern (CH) nocreator (CH) Nothing Interactive (CH) Optickle GmbH (CH) Presence Switzerland, FDFA (CH) Pro Helvetia (CH) Project Hub (BR) PXL (CH) REG Lab Denmark (DK) Relax In The Air (CH) Rubedo (UK) Saxonia Media (DE) School of Life (UK) Schweizer Trickfilmgruppe GSFA/STFG (CH) Space Synapse Systems (UK) Special Broadcasting Service (AUS) SRG SSR (CH) SUPSI - Laboratoria cultura visiva (CH) Susan O'Connor Writing Studio (USA) Swiss Animated Film Group (GSFA STFG) (CH) Swiss Biennial on Science, Technics and Aesthetics (CH) Swiss Federal Office of Culture (CH) Swiss Film Association (CH) Swiss Made Software (CH) Swiss Mobicamp (CH) Swiss Radio & Television (SRF) (CH) Tanzhaus Zürich (CH) Tatenträger GmbH (CH) Tegoro Solutions (CH) TERTSA GmbH (CH) The company P (SWE) The Futures Agency (CH) The Huffington Post (US) The Wire (CH) Tweaklab (CH) University of Basel (CH) University of Bath (UK) Video Game Play (CH) Visionarity (CH) wemakeit.ch GmbH (CH) YOLK GmbH (CH) Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe (ZKM) (DE) Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) (CH) “XML listens to the present to connect with the future from every corner of the world. I have never experienced anything like this!” Corvida Raven – Formerly TED Community Catalyst; Intel Advisor; Community Manager for Fast Company (New York) “Participating in X Media Lab has been a great experience. Talking to the mentors has made us rethink what we do, why we do it and how we do it. This has led to fundamental changes in what we try to achieve, how we work and how we communicate.” Reto Sen - CEO, Bitforge (Zurich) “such a great forum for entrepreneurs to connect and share ideas.” Amin Zoufonoun – Director; Corporate Development, Facebook (Silicon Valley) “We’ve learnt in one day what took us 1.5 years” Manuel Scheidegger - CEO Farfromhomepage (Basel/Berlin) 2012 X MEDIA LAB SWITZERLAND ATTENDEES INCLUDED WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT X MEDIA LAB