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Basics of content marketing

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This presentation explains the basics of Content Marketing and was created by Joe Hines, Professor of Marketing. Joe also offers complete Content Marketing support for your SMB. Want to reach out to Joe? Use either option:
e: joe@acubedmarketing.com
c: 714-872-0561

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Basics of content marketing

  1. 1. Content Marketing: What Is It? Presented by Professor Joe Hines 714-872-0561 www.thrivebusinessdirectory.com
  2. 2. Your Brand:
  3. 3. Consumers have needs. Business owners have solutions. Content marketing bridges the gap. 1. Awareness. 2. Trustworthy. 2. Likeability.
  4. 4. Marketing Pyramid This is the traditional marketing pyramid. It’s still true today. These successive steps, from Awareness to Action move them from prospect to “Clo$ed Cu$tomer”.
  5. 5. Old School Advertising. Old school advertising offered no opportunity for a two-way exchange. and gradually became ineffective – tuned out. In essence it was “Let’s talk about me for a while!”. Sales by hypnosis doesn’t work too well anymore.
  6. 6. Content Marketing. The premise of content marketing is based on talking to prospective people about what’s interesting to THEM!
  7. 7. Old School New School
  8. 8. New School
  9. 9. What’s Happening Here? • Specific needs. • Specific target markets. • Developing content that speaks to real people.
  10. 10. What is a Buyer Persona And Why Does it Matter? Get the answer to this question. Link to http://soctk. com/3JH
  11. 11. What Do These Things Have in Common? Articles Email Newsletters Images Infographics Webinars Worksheets Tutorials Blog Posts Q&A Series Ebooks Animated Videos White Papers Podcasts
  12. 12. Topic Delivery Preventing Heart Disease vlogwebinar blog images white paperinfographics
  13. 13. Important Points A/B Testing Buyer Personas Your Strengths Variety Your Topic Learning Styles Media
  14. 14. So - Why Do Any of This? Create Awareness. Credibility, Expertise. Emotional connections. Explain or Teach. Build Trust.
  15. 15. And Most Importantly, “Catch More Fish”!
  16. 16. Content SEO Facilitates Direct Marketing Customer Search Traffic
  17. 17. Requirements for Success • Create content that provides solutions for specific needs. • Be consistent in your branding. • Publish with regularity. • Have a point-of-view. • Don’t “sell”.
  18. 18. Sales Funnels. Blog Posts, Social Media Posts, White Papers, Vblogs, E- newsletters, Webinars, Longer videos, E-books, Case Studies Personal Sales Contact Custom Proposals Long-term commitment to Content Marketing. Survey Monkey. CRM process via your website.
  19. 19. Planning Frontiers Stage in Buying Process Buyer Persona Sales Funnel Need Identification Physical Demographics Top of Funnel Exploration Media Habits Mid-Funnel Narrowing Social and Cultural Bottom-of-Funnel Purchase Learning Preferences Post-Purchase