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We Are Museums: The Social Movement

Slides from the workshop

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We Are Museums: The Social Movement

  1. 1. The Social MOVEMENT We are Museums 7-6-2016 Transforming museum users into collaborators Jonas Heide Smith, Head of Digital
  2. 2. "He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged." - Benjamin Franklin
  3. 3. SMK - National Gallery
 of Denmark Established late 1800s In central Copenhagen 260.000 works of art 
 spanning 700 years 170 employees 75% government funded 400.000 visitors/year
  4. 4. SMK Open 2016-2020 Radical openness
 All platforms
 No restrictions (almost) Users involved in all stages
  5. 5. What you need... Build a "we" Courage to lose control Internal understanding of the value of user contributions Revised performance indicators (?) A human face
  6. 6. What you (may) get... Actual contributions A constant feedback panel Attention / marketing General support in times of crisis A new status in the community
  7. 7. @spyingcph @remosteen @mmhenriksen @missmillemaria @hkristia @hvenegaard @remosteen @kattensspind
  8. 8. Traditional The museum decides what is done and how it's done. 
 Audience members are recipients. Demand-based The museum surveys users and adapts to expressed preferences.
 Audience members are empowered. By special invitation The museum conducts controlled co-creation experiments.
 Audience members become contributors. Integrated Audience involvement a natural part of museum practice. 
 Audience members become collaborators. The International Museum We-ness Scale TM Task: List 5 barriers and ways to overcome them
  9. 9. We-ness initiatives Barriers Fear of losing control Fear on inviting the wrong content Other stakeholders (partners, volunteers, staff, founders) may feel deprived of their role May exclude non-guests even further May scare traditional users Understanding how to contribute Solutions Formularing clear contract internally Start trusting the audience Communicating best practice and case histories Moderation strategy Scaffolding
  10. 10. Where to start? Task: List 5 concrete ideas for collaboration that will work in your institution Activities should be: - Relatively free (i.e. uncontrolled) - Easy to do - Done as collaborations (where possible) - Measurable - Communicated - Framed as experiments (possibly) - Exclusive experiences (without excluding anyone)
  11. 11. Collaboration initiatives Type here... Type here...
  12. 12. Creating a sense of "we" is an investment in legitimacy. It turns customers into friends who feel responsible for the fate of your institution. And it shows that you care not only for your collection but also for your community. Make friends, we all need them. We are (all) museums.
  13. 13. Jonas Heide Smith jhs@smk.dk @jonassmith