aahoa value of certification focus hospitalityeducators.com fred schwartz president fred schwartz cho program hospitality educators.com dr.john hogan certified hotel owners program hospitality teamwork tip of the we service and hospitality industry proven practices operational decisions to long term strategic plann the needs of all stakeholders in hospitality embrace specific formulas thrive (and not merely survive) a clear sense of direction dealing with financial issues nd purchasing options understand and use of the the p-a-r principle all attendees receive a 90 day membership in www.h identify the focus you\'re a con artist hospitality tip of the week™ : focus on values in sales view the customer as t zig ziglar .you\'re not a sales professional give yourself a character check differences between guest satisfaction and guest l using understandable tools proven value business unit build training programs prioritize searches for information aligned with the organization\'s business goals conduct a needs assessment planning forecasting effective sales management and expense budgeting : short and long-term personally be involved focus on  senior management involvement orientation john hogan training successful selection hotel common sense philosophy quarterly reviews choices management
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