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50th Anniversary Keynote for Korean Testing Laboratory

  1. Global Vision, Future Technologies, and Collective Intelligence for Global Collaboration Testing and Certification Forum for the 50th Anniversary of the Korean Testing Laboratory (KTL) Jerome C. Glenn, CEO The Millennium Project
  2. When this begins to happen, the speed of increasing AI’s intelligence will be far faster and produce more change than Moore’s Law by responding to feedback from sensor networks worldwide, will accelerate AI’s intelligence worldwide… moment by moment Artificial Intelligence … that can autonomously “write” and improve its code…
  3. Computational Science Computational biology Computational Chemistry Computational PhysicsAll accelerated with Moore’s Law AND autonomous AI programing worldwide
  4. What is possible… will change Moore’s Law + Artificial Intelligence acceleration + Computational science These three together will change what we think is possible.
  5. Old Way of Seeing Future Technologies Artificial Intelligence Robotic manufacturing Computational Science 3-D4-D Priting Nanotechnology Quantum computing Synthetic Biology Drones Artificial General Intelligence Tele-Everything & Tele-Everybody the SemanticWeb
  6. Future Way of Seeing Future Technologies - Integration/Synergies
  7. Future Technology Synergies Robotic manufacturing Drones Quantum computing Robotic manufacturing 3D,4D Printing Augmented Reality Tele-Presence, Holographics Nanotechnology Artificial General Intelligence Tele-Everything Tele-Everybody the SemanticWeb Increasing individual and collective intelligence Synthetic Biology Nanotechnology
  8. Future Technology Synergies Artificial Intelligence Robotic manufacturing Quantum computing Drones Future Technology Robotic manufacturing 3D,4D Printing Augmented Reality, Tele-Presence, Holographics
  9. Future Tech Emerges from Synergies Artificial Intelligence Build Environment Biology Technology
  10. If Then Nano- technology Synthetic Biology Artificial Intelligence Robotics 3-D Printing Augmented Reality Nano- technology xxx Synthetic Biology xxx Artificial Intelligence xxx Robotics xxx 3-D Printing xxx Augmented Reality xxx EmergingTechnologies Matrix
  11. Some near-term Future Technological Changes
  12. 2017 HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer…. has 30,000 nozzles spraying 350 million drops a second of thermoplastic or other powdered materials… Imagine a factory composed of 10,000 of these 3D Printers A 4-ounce metal chain link was printed in half an hour and then tested to withstand 10,000 lbs Since 3D will evolve so fast, then is it software that is tested before printing?
  13. Bio Printer: Industrial testing and medical testing. Prints body parts for medical experiments using compressed air to force biomaterial out layer by layer
  14. Synthetic Biology – mixing species DNA Microprobes to eat the plaque in your brain? Produce hydrogen instead of CO2 in plants?
  15. Maker Movement – Do It Yourself Hi-Tech Community Hubs How to integrate quality control and testing?
  16. Plastic waste of one process can be input to carbon nanotube production Industrial ecology
  17. Waste water --> Algae input to --> Pure Meat without Growing Animals August 5, 2013 a London chef cooked and served hamburgers without growing/killing a cow.
  18. Leather without Growing Animals
  19. Cloud Manufacturing and Intelligent Networks … Across national boundaries • Software integration in the cloud of all elements of value chain, testing, production, sales, feedback, and re-design • Keeps management of supply chain at the innovation edge • Integrates with the Internet of Things (IoT) on a dynamic basis • Using common digital manufacturing standards
  20. Smart Contact Lens – always in Virtual Reality connected to the word Hands-free manufacturing
  21. Brain-to-cloud robotic manufacturing tomorrow? Brain-to-Brain interface demonstrated
  22. How to prevent industrial spying and sabotage? The Internet of Things also means that every-one and everything is vulnerable to hacking
  23. Will our artificial Brains out think us? Artificial Intelligence 1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence 2. Artificial General Intelligence 3. Artificial Super Intelligence
  24. Future of Work? Humans Augmented by technology ….rather than replaced by it?
  25. If you can’t beat AI, why not join with it? …and evolve together?
  26. Without major socio-economic changes… unemployment will grow around the world Future Work/Tech 2050 Millennium Project survey of 300 Futures from over 30 counties We will change the nature of work, employment, and economics (Since ILO numbers are low, these could double)
  27. One-Person Businesses Find markets around the world for what you are interested in doing ….not non-existing jobs What might this look like in … 2020 2030 2040 2050?
  28. Will we create our own Avatars in the Digital World to be our Cyber-selves? Cyber-Clones? Finding unique exciting work for us while we sleep? Could testing programs have such Avatars connected to IoT to improve every moment ?
  29. Where is all this change going? What kind of future could emerge? What’s the future vision?
  30. Humans becoming cyborgs 2020 2025 2030 2050 Conscious-Technology Built environment becoming intelligent When the distinction between these two mega trends becomes blurred, we will have reached the Post-Information Age
  31. Consciousness Technology Technology Changes Consciousness and Consciousness Changes Technology
  32. Simplification/Generalization of History and an Alternative Future Age / Element Product Power Wealth Place War Time Agricultural Extraction Food/Res Religion Land Earth/Res Location Cyclical Industrial Machine Nation-State Capital Factory Resources Linear Information Info/serv Corporation Access Office Perception Flexible Conscious- Technology Linkage Individual Being Motion Identity Invented
  33. How to keep all this information together? …And anticipate future changes?
  34. Collective Intelligence Systems: Each Can Change the Other
  35. Menu Options for each Challenge
  36. Menu for each Challenge 1. Situation Chart: Current Situation; Desired Situation; and Policies 2. Report (detailed text) 3. News items (automatic news feeds – aggregated and searchable) 4. Scanning (annotated, rated information) 5. On-going Real-Time Delphi questionnaires to collect expert judgments 6. Comments 7. Discussion groups 8. Computer models (mathematical and rules-based), and conceptual models 9. Resources: websites, books, papers, videos 10. Updates – all edits 11. Digests – Recent scans, edits, discussions
  37. Collective Intelligence Systems for Korea Testing Laboratory KTL • Support KTL to become a global institute • Help keep track and anticipate change • Unite functions, foresight, strategy, and programs • Provide a common platform for a “Whole-of-KTL” response to future challenges • Identify new opportunities; strategic investments for KTL • Invite experts and creative people to participate in building a “brain” for the future of KTL
  38. Additional future methods and considerations • Testing via computation engineering – simulations (e.g., atomic bomb tests) and VR displays for testing with computational engineering simulation testing • AI replacing skilled human testers • Ultra sonic methods and imaging • Online real-time continuous testing (radiography, thermography, shearography) • Citizen science, intelligent urban environmental infrastructures. • Synergetic advantage may be the new Competitive Advantage (as integration advances accelerate) • Since 3D will go so fast, then is it software that is tested before printing? • Citizen science and testing? • One set of international ethics standards seems evolving with ISO
  39. For further information Jerome C. Glenn +1-202-686-5179 phone/fax Global Futures Intelligence System: 2015-16 State of the Future: Futures Research Methodology 3.0: