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What story is your portfolio telling? WordCamp London

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WordCamp London - 21 March 2015

Once a job is done, all too often it’s onto the next piece of work with just a few cursory screenshots added to your own portfolio as a reminder. You are throwing away a great opportunity. In this talk I will highlight the importance of having a good portfolio of work, both for credibility and as a tool to get more of the work you want in future.

Just using images misses out on the really juicy part, the hero’s journey behind the site. I will get you thinking about your portfolio from a marketing perspective to make sure that it’s telling the right story. I’ll provide easy tips and techniques for creating your portfolio content that you can use every time.

You really don’t need to be a great writer to be able to produce a great case study story.

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What story is your portfolio telling? WordCamp London

  1. 1. what story is your portfolio telling? Jane Falconer-White @janefalcwhite jane@humanmade.co.uk
  2. 2. i love a good story
  3. 3. it’s all about communication
  4. 4. don’t neglect your shop window
  5. 5. • magic coach and horses • beautiful ballgown • glass slipper • cinderella at ball • prince in love • created happy ending Fairy godmother services Project Cinderella but where is the story?
  6. 6. the really juicy bits
  7. 7. the hero’s journey story Joseph Campbell’s mono myth Image from www.decodingcreativity.com
  8. 8. what do you want to do more of?
  9. 9. get to know your hero
  10. 10. make a connection
  11. 11. writing the hero’s journey
  12. 12. the ordinary world and status quo Image : London Underground, BY-NC, Chris Cabot
  13. 13. the hero receives the call
  14. 14. youyour client the hero finds the mentor
  15. 15. the challenges
  16. 16. remote working tight timescales working together plugins custom development branding guidelines data migration third party integration data volume legal constraints select your challenges how do you want to shine?
  17. 17. mini stories the challenging obstacle the inspired solution repeat…
  18. 18. the hero overcomes the challenges Image Obstacle, BY, The US Army
  19. 19. triumph - return with the elixir
  20. 20. the ordinary world background - who are they and what do they do? the call what were their issues? the mentor how did they come to engage you? the challenges technical, environmental how were they overcome? sell products & services promote culture return with the elixir outcomes, future plans
  21. 21. client testimonials “they really were totally amazing!”
  22. 22. highlight with headings
  23. 23. give your story a great cover
  24. 24. change your own world
  25. 25. what do you want to sell more of? who are you selling to? tell the hero’s journey make it look beautiful get a testimonial
  26. 26. a hero can be anyone batman - the dark knight rises Photo credit - my own mini superheroes