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Final app 101

  1. Hate Crimes • Hazing • Public Humiliation • ConversionTherapy • Physical Assault • Sexual Assault • Murder
  2. Transgender Transgender- the formal diagnosis used by psychologists and physicians to describe people who experience significant dysphoria (discontent) with the sex and gender they were assigned at birth. Evidence suggests that people who identify with a gender different from the one they were assigned at birth may do so not just due to psychological or behavioral causes, but also biological ones related to their genetics, the makeup of their brains, or prenatal exposure to hormones
  3. Brandon Teena BrandonTeena was a transgender male in Nebraska who was beaten, sexually assaulted and murdered by the people in his life that he considered his friends after they learned that he was born female. One of his killers got the death penalty, while the other is serving life. Neither punishment will bring back a life that was cut short.
  4. Gwen Araujo Gwen Araujo, a California teenager who was born male, but like Brandon, felt as if she was born into the wrong body. She was assaulted and murdered by four of her friends after learning who she was before she became “Gwen”. Two of her assailants were convicted of second degree murder, while two were charged with voluntary manslaughter. The charge was reduced because their attorney provided a “trans-panic “ defense.
  5. Leelah Alcorn At the hands of her own parents, Leelah was subjected to conversion therapy, the “pray the gay away” method. She was isolated for weeks at a time, removed from her public school, all social media and her friends. At the age of 17, Leelah (born Josh) committed suicide because of the hate she felt directed toward her from her own family. Because of Leelah’s life and ultimate death, a petition receiving over 120,000 signatures made it’s way to President Obama’s desk and Leelah’s law was signed and passed in early April 2015 making Conversion therapy illegal in the United States
  6. Gay Sexually attracted to someone of the same sex.This term is usually used when referring to men.
  7. Matt Shepard Matt Shepard was a student in a Wyoming university who was beaten and left to die by two men that posed as gay in order to earn his trust. One of the defendants claimed he had never intended to kill Matt, only to rob him. The conditions changed when Shepard made an advance toward him
  8. Lesbian Sexual attraction to someone of the same sex.This term applies to women only.
  9. Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson Britney Crosby and Crystal Jackson were murdered in GalvestonTexas by Britney’s father because he didn’t approve of his daughters choice in a partner.The circumstances are too brutal to list here.
  10. Bisexuality The condition of being sexually attracted to both sexes. When a crime is said to have a hate crime based on a homosexual status, it is usually not taken into account if a person is bisexual.They are listed as heterosexual or homosexual.
  11. Political Crimes • Denied Equal Marriage Rights • Denied Health Benefits • Denied Family Benefits • Denied Adoptions • Denied Employment based on sexual preference and identiy • Denied access to public facilities based on gender identity.
  12. • There are still 15 states that do not recognize same sex marriages. • There have recently been bills introduced that will not allow homosexual adoptions. • Thanks to some recent laws that have been introduced in states like Indiana, Arkansas and Louisiana, businesses have been given the rights to deny services to customers based solely on their orientation or gender. After severe backlash, these statutes were revised for fear of lost revenue, but no other reasoning. Some of the Facts
  13. Gender Discrimination A person who is transgender faces adversity daily. When you have to go to the restroom shouldn’t be one of these times. If you were born a male and feel female, going to the restroom carries with it accusations of being perverse. When you’re a women that feels like a man as well. Going into a restroom that doesn’t apply to your birth assigned gender runs the risk of being assaulted.
  14. Discrimination Continued Tristan Broussard was dismissed from his job as a loan manager in a south Louisiana loan company because he refused to dress and act as a female when dealing with clients. Broussard had explained to his employer at the time of his hiring that he was a transgender male.
  15. The following slide shows the hate crime statistics in the United states. While crimes against LGBT people are not the top listed, they make up nearly 20% of the documented hate crimes in the country. Remember, that these are crimes in which charges have been brought forward specifying that the offense had to do with hate over sexual orientation or gender.That doesn’t include every crime committed against the LGBT community that these special charges were not specified.
  16. The Stats
  17. Older generation teaches their children something isn’t “normal” Children watch the actions of friends and neighbors toward certain groups A child accepts this as “right” Child grows into an adult holding onto the life lessons taught by older generations The child, now an adult passes on what they were taught to the next generation.
  18. There’s no real way to explain how hard it is to watch people you care for, your own community to fall victim to people who don’t understand or don’t want to. There are thousands of crimes committed under various different guises but none so painful as that of blind hate. It is time for the hate to end.