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  1. 1. .
  2. 2. 2. Relational Database Stores Land Related Information 1. Hard copy Files Documents Digitized for RDBMS 3. GIS access Land related info from Relational Database, Linking info to Land Parcels 5. Hard Copy Documents and house plans can/should be scanned and Linked to Relevant Land Parcels 4. GIS stores geo- referenced Survey and Cadastral Data in Geodatabase 6. User can access diagonal information on one platform, STREAMLINING LAND ADMINISTRATION
  3. 3. Human Resources UseDisseminationMaintenance Land Related Data Organizing Procedures Ensures everyone has the info and instructions needed to do what they are supposed to be doing Analysis Technical Recourses Collection Personnel regarded as a significant asset because of skills and abilities. Systems and tools required to effectively produce or create a product or service. E.g.)information, people, tools, machines, capital and time
  4. 4. Owner Strauss Jacques Area 1000 square meters Value of Land N$ 130,000.00 Value of Improvement s N$ 2,000,000.00 Zoning Residential Tenure Free Hold Erf Number 45400
  5. 5. 1. Local Authority OTC 2. Public 3. Land Related Companies & NGO’s • Land use planning • Transportation planning and management • Waste management and disposal • Protected area designation, monitoring • Parks and open space • Infrastructure management • Emergency response • Public utilities • Stay informed about developments within Town Council related to land • Access to information • Possible access to web portal to map of Ongwediva property and related info(GIS can facilitate this) • Development / real estate • Banking • Title abstracting and insurance • Conservation & environmental protection • Community, land use, economic development
  6. 6. Land Value • Efficient Tax Collection • Up to date/ accurate Property Valuations Cadastre Identification of Land Parcels Linked to Their classes of Cadastral Data Land Use • Control of Land use • Spatial & Policy based planning Land Development • Regulation & implement ation • Constructio n planning & Permits Land Tenure • Secure Land rights • Mortgages • Credit From Financial Institutions Stimulation of an Efficient land market Effective land use administration Economic - Social - Environmental Sustainable Development