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Introduction to kingdom education summer school programmes 2016

Kingdom Education (KE) offers academic summer programmes for students aged 14-16 and 16-18.

KE is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping bright high school students explore the opportunities they should be considering at top universities.

Our 2-week and 3-week programs are held mainly in July on the campuses of leading universities in both the US and the UK. In the US, we're based at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and at UC Berkeley. In the UK, we're based at four universities: Cambridge, London, Durham and St. Andrews. In August, we also have a smaller program for 14-16s, with both Berkeley and Calgary in Canada.

Key features of the KE programmes:
- Most are multi-center, so students see different sides of the country
- Each week, there is a different course: one week includes an introductory course to a choice of 5 broad academic subjects which students might wish to study in the future: creative arts; economics, business and entrepreneurship; engineering and technology; law, society and international relations; medical sciences and technology
- In the second week, the choice is between: critical thinking; introduction to ACT and SAT; English for academic purposes
Students taking the 3-week programs also take a challenging course in leadership training and development
- We include work on making a good application to a top university
- In the US, study visits include presentations and/or tours of leading universities including, as well as the host universities, Harvard, MIT, Brown, Columbia, Yale, Amherst College; Stanford, University of San Francisco, UC Davis (there are also visits to two Silicon Valley companies)
- In the UK, students may choose between visiting leading universities and going to top cultural attractions, such as the British Museum, the National Gallery, the National Gallery of Scotland..
- Also: seminars, student presentations, weekly tutorials, daily news reviews, the services of carefully chosen student mentors recruited from the universities visited

Full details are available on our comprehensive website: www.kgdm.org - together with dates and fees.

Contact: Jacqueline Yang
Email: jacqueline@kgdm.org

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Introduction to kingdom education summer school programmes 2016

  2. 2. Mission Statement Our mission is to provide ambitious young minds with the foundations for success in a global context. To this end, we offer life-changing experiences at centres of academic excellence across the English speaking world, together with guidance on applying to top universities and on pursuing top careers. Our philosophy is that success depends not just on the ability to memorise and prepare for examinations, but also on critical and independent thought, on commitment and passion, on creativity and imagination, on teamwork and debate.
  3. 3. A different kind of summer school • A summer programme designed for ambitious students who want a head start in preparing for university applications and for life as young adults. • For students seeking to experience real campus life at some of the most famous and prestigious universities in the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. • Introduction to university academic subjects that students may major in at university. • Professional preparation for university applications and interviews. • Tours and meetings with the admissions directors of the top universities in each country to help enable students to decide which universities they should apply to. • Strong cultural learning programme with study visits to the major historical and tourist sites of each country. • Gain overseas experience, exposure to local cultures and familiarity with international etiquette to help students shine on the “international stage.” • Approximately 300 students attended our Cambridge and UC Berkeley summer programmes last year. Target Participants • 14-16 and 16-18 year old students interested in attending an overseas university or gaining overseas experience. • High quality preparation for university, life, and beyond!
  4. 4. Our Key Goals An Amazing Experience Preparing you for University Preparing you for Life as Young Adults A Taste of University Life Closing the Culture Gap
  5. 5. A different kind of summer school Programmes in English-speaking countries for students aiming for top universities or top careers – at home or abroad. Programmes are 2 weeks or 3 weeks in duration. High school • 14 – 16 • 16 – 18 Two age groups UK USA Canada / USA Australia New Zealand Five countries
  6. 6. KE programme structure 3. Leadership 2. “Skills for Learning” 1. Specialist subject 5. Special features 4. University Preparation
  7. 7. 1st course: the specialist subject You’ll take an introduction to a choice of five which you might wish to select for further study, or just explore further: 1. Creative Arts 2. Economics, business and entrepreneurship 3. Engineering and technology 4. Law and international relations 5. Medical science and psychology
  8. 8. 2nd course: ‘Skills for Learning’ You will also choose one of these options (in part, depending on your level of English): TOEFL(USA) IELTS (UK) English for Academic Purposes ACT / SAT Preparation (USA Only) Critical Thinking
  9. 9. 3rd course: Leadership Training & Development For students taking a three-week programme in the UK or the USA Classes focus on the qualities needed in a leader, personality types, the differences between leadership and management… leadership vs management teamwork public speaking debate
  10. 10. University Preparation All our programmes include these special features: • Seminars on how to apply to university • Presentation and interview practice • Study visits to the top universities Interview Practice Drafting a personal statement Intro to education system
  11. 11. Special features • Formal dinner (with seminar on dining and etiquette) • Afternoon tea (UK) • Cultural events • Local sports • Photo tours • Group presentations • News reviews • Weekly tutorials
  12. 12. Study centres USAUK Canada Australia New Zealand
  13. 13. UK – Study centres Cambridge University St Catharine’s College (founded 1473) Durham University St. Chad’s College (founded 1904) St. Andrews University (founded 1413) King’s College, London (founded 1550 / 1828)
  14. 14. USA – Study centres West Coast 2 weeks West Coast 2 weeks East Coast 1 week West Coast + 2 weeks East Coast UC Berkeley near San Francisco Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst East Coast
  15. 15. UK – University visits • St. Andrews • Edinburgh • Aberdeen Scotland • York • Durham • Newcastle • Leeds Northern England • London School of Economics • University College London • Imperial College • City University • King’s College London • Cambridge • Warwick • Nottingham • Birmingham Central England
  16. 16. USA – University visits All programmes: • Harvard / MIT • Boston College • Columbia / NYU • Yale • Brown • Amherst College • UMass The East All programmes: • UC Berkeley • Stanford • University of San Francisco 2-week programmes also include: • UC Davis The West
  17. 17. UK – Study visits London • Buckingham Palace • Houses of Parliament • Big Ben • Piccadilly Circus • Tower Bridge • Greenwich Central England • Photo tour of Cambridge Northern England • Photo tour of Durham • York Scotland • Photo tour of St. Andrews • Edinburgh • National Gallery of Scotland • Scottish Parliament • The Scottish Highlands • Aberdeen You will visit major sites all over the UK to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of British history and culture.
  18. 18. USA – Study visits • New York City • Wall Street & NYSE • Boston • New England shoreline with Providence and New Haven The East • San Francisco city • Silicon Valley The West
  19. 19. Our people • Head office team • Welfare Officer • Centre Manager • Director of Studies • Teachers • Student mentors We have a dedicated team of staff that operate all year round to organize our summer programs, and we have an impressive team of managers that have over 10-15 year’s of experience in running summer school programs. Our teachers come from the best universities and have included several Rhodes, Gates, Fulbright, and Marshall scholars. We also recruit a large number of current undergraduate students from the universities that we are based to act as mentors to our students, giving our international students an opportunity to mix and interact with exceptional local students.
  20. 20. British Accreditation Council The British Accreditation Council (BAC) is the UK’s oldest national independent accrediting body. The BAC is recognised by the British Government for international students entering the United Kingdom on student visitor visas. The BAC is a leading mark of educational quality, which is used by students and parents as a guarantee of the highest standards. Kingdom Education was accredited by the BAC in 2013.
  21. 21. Canada & UC Berkeley • Vancouver • Canadian Rockies - Banff - Lake Louise - Kamloops Cultural visits • University of British Columbia • Simon Fraser • Calgary • Alberta • UC Berkeley and Stanford Universities visits
  22. 22. Australia – Centres • University of Queensland (UQ) • University of Sydney or University of New South Wales • Australian National University (ANU) • University of Melbourne 15-day study tours from Brisbane through Sydney and Canberra to Melbourne
  23. 23. Australia – University visits We visit 6 of the ‘Group of Eight’ leading universities: • University of Queensland (UQ) • University of Sydney • University of New South Wales (UNSW) • Australian National University (ANU) • University of Melbourne • Monash University And also: • QUT, Griffith, Bond, Newcastle, Macquarie, RMIT
  24. 24. New Zealand – Centres • University of Auckland • Victoria University of Wellington (short stay) • University of Canterbury (short stay) • University of Otago 15-day study tours from Auckland through Wellington and Christchurch to Dunedin
  25. 25. Dates and fees
  26. 26. www.kgdm.org
  27. 27. Questions? 1. Timetables – Available for download on our website 2. What’s included – Accommodation, tuition, breakfast, dinner, activities, airport transfers, travel insurance, and domestic taxes 3. What’s not included – Airfare and lunches are not included in the price. Students will be given a chance to head out into town for lunches, where they can purchase their own food, and also do a little shopping. 4. Flights – Airfare is not included in the price, but we can give you a list of recommended flights to book from your home country 5. Medical / Travel insurance – We have included medical insurance in the programme fees. In the USA, the policy does not cover personal possessions, and you may wish to take out additional insurance. In other countries, the policy does cover most personal possessions. But please note that none of the KE policies includes personal electronics, e.g. laptops, digital cameras, mobile phones. Please contact us for more information about insurance and the detailed benefits/coverages. 6. Language requirements – We accept native speakers of English and learners at intermediate level or above (min. equivalent levels of 5.5 [IELTS] or 90 [TOEFL iBT] or B2 [CEF]/FCE) 7. Accommodation – For our centres, KE uses the premises of universities, which are available to certain groups during their summer vacation periods. They vary quite a lot from city to city, country to country. But they have all been carefully inspected by our senior staff and all of them, in their different ways, are great centres for our programmes. Most of our accommodation is based in single or twin rooms, but in some cases, there are triples. If you’d like to share accommodation with a friend, please tell us on your application form.
  28. 28. Questions? 7. Laundry – At all centres, bed linen is supplied and laundered once a week. Bath towels are also provided. In the United States and Canada, students are generally responsible for making up their own beds; in other countries, this is generally done by the centre staff. Students are responsible for doing their own personal laundry, for which a small charge is usually made. Our staff will provide assistance. 8. Teachers – Our teachers come from the best universities and have included several Rhodes, Gates, Fulbright, and Marshall scholars. 9. Class size – Programme groups have 40-50 students, with each teaching class with a maximum of 15 students per class. 10. Nationality mix – We welcome students from all over the world. In the past, countries represented have included the USA, Switzerland, Croatia, Lebanon, Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. We’re planning to increase the range of nationalities still further. Many of our students come from international schools where there is a very wide range of nationalities represented. So, for example, even though they may travel from and return to Malaysia, they may not necessarily be Malaysian, but perhaps the children of people who happen to be working there. 11. How many years established – We were established in 2012, and welcomed over 300 students last season in 2015!