research methodology monopoly perfect competitive market oligopoly managerial economics marginal rate of technical substitution isoproduct schudele isocost isocuant curve isoproduct isoquant likert scale scaling techniques data types schedule questionnaire interview secondary data primary data data collection extraneous variables exploratory research design hypothesis sampling designs research design dependent and independent variables descriptive and diagnostic research price discrimination dumping when price discrimination is possible degree of price discrimination condition of price discrimination short run equilibrium demand under monopoly equilibrium & price determination long run equilibrium price leadership cartel kinked demand curve price determination equilibrium between demand & supply price time element super normal profit monopolistic competition equilibrium price and output product differentiation duopoly importance of elasticity of demand factors determining elasticity of demand measurement of price elasticity degrees of elasticity price elasticity of demand revenue concepts the law of demand marginal revenue demand function types of demand. demand definition. determinants o decision making principle of the time perspective risk and uncertainty time value of money incremental principle contribution opportunity cost capital structure net operating approach net income approach traditional approach modigliani – miller model operating leverage combined leverage financial leverage qualities of good demand forecasting steps in demand forecasting objectives of demand forecasting methods of demand forecasting diseconomies of scale of production constant return to scale increasing return to scale law of constant marginal returns return to scale law of variable proportions law of increasing marginal returns diminishing returns to scale production function law of diminishing returns scope role and responsibilities basic economic problem cost of capital wacc cost of equity cost of debt  accounting rate of return payback period  discounted payback period net present value  profitability index internal rate of return
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