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Breaking the Waves - Alastair Dunning

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Will we make progress? What stands in our way?

Alastair's plenary presentation at the Jisc/British Library Discovery Summit 2013
February 2013, London

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Breaking the Waves - Alastair Dunning

  1. 1. Breaking the Waves Alastair Dunning (The European Library / Europeana) Discovery Summit London, Feb 2013 @alastairdunning
  2. 2. “There is a tsunami of data that is crashingonto the beaches of the civilized world. This is a tidal wave of unrelated, growing data formed in bits and bytes, coming in an unorganized, uncontrolled, incoherent cacophony of foam…. we see graphic designers and government officials, all getting their shoes wet and slowly submerging in the dense trough of stuff….they walk stupidly into the water, smiling—a false smile of confidence and control. The tsunami is a wall of data—dataproduced at a greater and greater speed …in amounts that double, it seems, with each sunset ....
  3. 3. ... [Thankfully]Google mastered the technical art of the search.” http://intdev.stc.org/2012/02/question-information-quest-inform/
  4. 4. But Europeana’s Trusted data fromaims are different European cultural heritage
  5. 5. Before that - a quick aside
  6. 6. Europeana - Europe’s cultural heritage portal • 26m (Feb 2013) metadata records from 2,200 European galleries, museums, archives and libraries • Books, newspapers, journals, letters, diaries, archival papers... Paintings, maps, drawings, photographs… Music, spoken word, radio broadcasts… • Only links to digitised content; 31 languages • Started in 2007 • Based in National Library of Netherlands
  7. 7. The European Library (TEL) Europe’s library aggregator • Centrally indexes 115m bibliographic records, plus 16m digital links • 48 National Libraries of Europe • Plus 19 research libraries • Links to digitised content and bibliographic records at libraries • Started in 1990s - ‘Mother’ of Europeana. Now aggregates content for Europeana • Also hosted in National Library of Netherlands
  8. 8. National Museums Aggregator Libraries Film & Sound NationalAggregator Europeana Archaeological Heritage Other Archives Cultural Heritage
  9. 9. National ATHENA The Aggregator European Library Euro. Film Gateway CultureGrid (UK) Europeana CARARE ApeNet Other Aggregators
  10. 10. National ATHENA The Aggregator European Library Euro. Film Gateway CultureGrid (UK) Europeana CARARE ApeNet Other Aggregators
  11. 11. Italian Spanish National Libraries National Library French National Library German National Library British Library and another43 national libraries National The Aggregator European Library 19 research libraries and RLUK Culture European Grid (UK)
  12. 12. End of aside
  13. 13. Europeana Portal
  14. 14. Europeana API
  15. 15. Europeana Linked Open Data
  16. 16. Europeana SPARQL Endpoint
  17. 17. Linked Data & aggregation of data for others -source and quality of data is paramount
  18. 18. Europeana andTEL are testing thewaters of resource discovery
  19. 19. Are we making progress?And what is impeding progress ?
  20. 20. The European Library to release >115m bibliographicrecords to be released as CC0 this year API and Linked Data to be Working withpublished this year RLUK to release as well members’ metadata as linked data
  21. 21. 22m+ metadata records released as CC0 by Europeanac.2,200 institutions
  22. 22. Some of largestcultural datasets in the world
  23. 23. but ...
  24. 24. Cool URIs
  25. 25. 97% of linksresolve properly
  26. 26. 660,000 (c.3%) of records have broken links
  27. 27. Licencing
  28. 28. 64% ofrecords do not come withclear licensing about the content
  29. 29. Current licence distribution in EuropeanaEuropeana has launched a rights labelling campaign to improve this
  30. 30. and even when metadata is technically wellformed ... it might not help user discovery
  31. 31. Quality ofmetadata ?
  32. 32. User path ?
  33. 33. Lack ofcontext ?
  34. 34. Multiplerecords for one item
  35. 35. The perils ofbasic search
  36. 36. And of coursesemantic differences
  37. 37. Much of this is‘basics’ - licencing, permanent URIs,quality of metadata intelligent URIs
  38. 38. More complexissues such assemantics and clustering of records and relevancy ... ... are being addressed by the Europeana Data Model
  39. 39. s Europeana enriches with GEMET thesaurus; …while TEL uses GeoNames; MACS for subject Semium for dates; headings; VIAF for DBPedia; persons, orgs; GeoNames and working with OCLC on clustering records
  40. 40. no point aggregating if you can’t reuse
  41. 41. for europeana and tel, finding re(users) is critical
  42. 42. Europeana dataset: 77 prototypes based on Europeana data
  43. 43. http://popcorn.webmadecontent.org/je9 HTML5 Music Player
  44. 44. How do I get involved?
  45. 45. Europeana Network
  46. 46. Adopting open licencing Optimising data for reuse Ensuring data currency and Clear and documented APIs accuracy
  47. 47. So rather than Canute holdingback the waves ...
  48. 48. HMS Discoverycharting new waters. Thank you !
  49. 49. What is going to disrupt What changes do libraries, us and how will we museums and archives need to make to support better react? resource discovery ? There are a lot of us working in this area; how do we work effectively together?
  50. 50. http://www.theeuropeanlibrary.org/tel4/record/2000085285616?query=canute&link-level=THUMBNAIL http://www.kb.dk/images/billed/2010/okt/billeder/object131728/en/http://www.europeana.eu/portal/record/09405y/8CA4B71EC49BB62BC393766CD6545DBFECFC988 B.htmlhttp://www.freezeframe.ac.uk/collection/photos-british-arctic-expedition-1875-76/ls99-3-9?mode=giant http://www.africamuseum.be/collections/browsecollections/europeana http://www.digitalnz.org/records?i%5Bcontent_partner%5D=Europeanahttp://www.geheugenvannederland.nl/?/zoom/index/&language=nl&i=http%3A%2F%2Fresolver.kb.nl% 2Fresolve%3Furn%3Durn%3Agvn%3ANIOD01:AE0810&size%3Dlargels http://opac.nebis.ch/F/VIJSXF7GE9YNUIG95HFXLJR26FEGPA73LSMTYS36MTLBGNFQAH-13374?func=service&doc_library=EBI01&doc_number=005289411&line_number=0001&func_code=D B_RECORDS&service_type=MEDIA&pds_handle=GUEST