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Case Study                  “Process Freaks” Lower the                            Cost of Delivering ServicesIntel® vPro™ ...
• A standardized, energy-efficient platform that can meet the developing demands of the customer’s business while         ...
dark, but can diagnose the problem efficiently and send the              customer out of the process. “We can troubleshoot...
Better utilization of key talent                                                                                          ...
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Green Light Business Technology Case Study

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“Process Freaks” Lower the Cost of Delivering Services
with Intel® vPro™ Technology. Green Light Business Technology uses advanced remote capabilities to reduce hardware repair times by 50% and software repair times by 75%.

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Green Light Business Technology Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study “Process Freaks” Lower the Cost of Delivering ServicesIntel® vPro™ TechnologyGreen LightBusiness Technology with Intel® vPro™ Technology Green Light Business Technology uses advanced remote capabilities to reduce hardware repair times by 50% andGREEN LIGHT software repair times by 75% BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY After four years of delivering managed services to small and midsize businesses, Green Light Business Technology knows that success requires constant evolution. “We’re process freaks,” explains Dan Tomaszewski, president of Green Light. “The continuous challenge is to increase efficiency, in order“Given the advantages to both deliver better services and reduce our cost of delivery.” In this quest, the company regularly evaluates new approaches and tools. “We’re always looking for new tools that will help us differentiate of vPro, there’s ourselves from the competition,” says Tomaszewski. no question that This approach led Green Light to adopt Intel® vPro™ technology-based¹ Lenovo desktop and laptop any computer we PCs as a standard part of their solution. By managing these advanced platforms through their Kaseya deploy in a managed management console software, the company has been able to significantly cut the cost of delivering services environment services while at the same time improving their customer’s IT experience. “When you look at what we’re doing for customers, we’re their trusted advisors,” says Tomaszewski. “They rely on us to select will be a vPro-based and recommend the right tools. Given the advantages of vPro, there’s no question that any computer Lenovo system.” we deploy in a managed services environment will be a Lenovo system.”- Dan Tomaszewski, Advanced Tools That Build Account Control and Cut President, Green Light Service Delivery Costs Business Technology The advanced manageability and security features of Intel vPro technology allow Green Light to significantly streamline a number of key PC management tasks within their existing management console software. This reduces their cost and helps eliminate downtime and interruptions for PC users. The power of this solution has three elements: • Increased abilities to monitor, manage, and repair PCs remotely²—regardless of power state or operating system health—that greatly reduce maintenance and management costs and increase the utilization of Green Light’s personnel. • Increased security capabilities that better protect the customer’s critical data while reducing downtime.
  2. 2. • A standardized, energy-efficient platform that can meet the developing demands of the customer’s business while Overview of Intel® vPro™ Technology significantly reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). Desktop, laptop, and tablet PCs based on Intel® vPro™ technology, combined with a leading software managementThese capabilities give Green Light considerable advantages. application such as Kaseya, provide unprecedented capabilities.“We can increase the customer’s productivity and efficiency while These advances allow you to deliver more value to yourreducing costs overall,” says Tomaszewski. “These are things that managed services customers by helping them spend smarter,strengthen our relationship with the customer and increase our get more done, and be more secure.account control.” • Remote diagnosis and repair reduce costly and time-consuming deskside and service depot visits by resolving problems and"A lot of times, you’re sending a technician out for repairing PCs quickly from the console—even if the PC is an hour to accomplish a five-minute task. Apart powered off or in standby mode, is connected to a wireless from just the raw cost of $120, that technician is network, or has a disabled OS.² out of the mix. It’s inefficient.” • Automated proactive alerts identify issues before they- Dan Tomaszewski, President, become problems or costly repairs. These include alerts about Green Light Business Technology missing or disabled software, memory usage, hard drive health, fans, and power supplies.Remote repairs and maintenance thatsignificantly raise efficiency and lower costs • Secure remote power up and power cycling allow you toThe advanced remote capabilities of Intel vPro technology allow perform scheduled maintenance, backups, and monitoringGreen Light to manage PCs more easily and at lower cost. This after hours.²is true for both normal maintenance activities and problem • Encrypted, remote security updates ensure that securityresolutions. “When any situation arises with a PC, dealing with patches are up to date and speed the deployment of criticalit remotely is better in every way,” explains Tomaszewski, “and patches, even to systems that are off or down.vPro helps us do it remotely much more often. Going onsiteto the customer means you’re dropping everything else, • Remote asset tracking eliminates time-consuming manualmultitasking comes to a halt, and efficiency suffers.” With Intel inventory of hardware and software with remote inventoryvPro technology-based PCs, Green Light can see more and do management, even if the system is off or down.more remotely, including powering the PC on and executingrepairs or maintenance seamlessly. “A lot of times, you’re sendinga technician out for an hour to accomplish a five-minute task,”he notes. “Apart from just the raw cost of $120, that technicianis out of the mix. It’s inefficient.” A typical example is a failedhard drive. “In this situation, vPro is extremely helpful,” saysTomaszewski. “We can see into a system that won’t boot, watchthe boot sequence, and see if it’s a driver issue or a hard driveissue or a bad memory stick. We don’t have to take a shot in theDelivering More to Customers Through Intel® vPro™ TechnologyGreen Light’s deployment of PCs based on Intel vPro technology yieldsbetter IT functionality and lower service delivery cost³. Without Intel vPro Activity Technology With Intel vPro Technology Improvement Average time to resolve a 48 hours 24 hours Reduced by 50% hardware problem Average time to resolve an 4 hours 1 hour Reduced by 75% OS problem Time to achieve 95% 5 days 1 day Reduced by 80% patch saturation Power cost savings per PC $0 $498 TCO lowered by $498 over 3-year life span
  3. 3. dark, but can diagnose the problem efficiently and send the customer out of the process. “We can troubleshoot without relyingright parts for the repair.” In addition, many ‘small’ problems can on the customer on the other end of the phone to tell us what’sbe handled simply. “Lots of these hardware-related tasks are on the screen, so we’re presenting a better level of capabilitytrivial,” says Tomaszewski. “Being able to do them remotely is to our customers.”an incredible cost savings.” On average, Intel vPro technology isreducing the time it takes Green Light to remediate a hardware Built-in technologies that improve security and helpproblem by 50%³ . lower customers’ risk Because Green Light can reach Intel vPro technology-basedAccelerating repair of software problems machines that are powered down, security software updates areIn addition to allowing Green Light to diagnose many hardware- accomplished much more quickly, resulting in better customerrelated issues remotely, Intel vPro technology allows the company protection. “We stress the importance of patch updates andto diagnose and repair many software-related issues without a security updates to our customers every day,” says Tomaszewski.service visit. “Without vPro, any serious OS problem is a truck roll,” “We like to be able to tell them, ‘this patch came out three dayssays Tomaszewski. “With vPro PCs, we can use a remote boot ago, and your systems are all updated.’ But to do so, the machinesdisk for diagnostics, we can remotely reload images, and we can have to be powered on. This is where vPro is critical.” With Intel vProremotely do a full OS installation. So instead of an hour of travel technology-based PCs, the time it takes Green Light to achievetime and two hours waiting for the image to load, we can do it 95% patch saturation has dropped from five days to one day³—aremotely and work on other tasks while it loads.” Not only does remarkable improvement that customers understand. “vPro alsothis capability reduce Green Light’s cost, but it can also make a reduces the amount of time customers have to interact withbig difference in the customer’s experience—the average time to us during patching,” notes Tomaszewski. “We don’t have to callrepair a software problem drops from four hours to one hour³ In . someone to run around and turn on machines."some cases, the difference is even more dramatic. “We just had asituation with a customer, on a Saturday morning, with a critical PC Active and passive power management capabilities thatthat wouldn’t load Windows, showing a corrupt file message,” says significantly reduce energy costsTomaszewski. “If it had been a vPro PC, we could have fixed the With the ability to turn off groups of PCs after hours and thenissue on the spot remotely. As it was, the customer had to wait power them back up before the start of the next business day,until midday Monday for the fix." Green Light can now save their customers money through lower energy usage, thus making a positive impact on their ROI. “Any time we can talk to a customer about lowering their costs, that’s a“ Any time we can talk to a customer about lower- big deal,” says Tomaszewski. “By managing power actively on vPro ing their costs, that’s a big deal. By managing machines, we can save our customers over $150 per year, per PC.³ power actively on vPro machines, we can save That gets customers’ attention.” our customers over $150 per year, per PC.³ That gets customers’ attention.” Why Lenovo PCs based on Intel®- Dan Tomaszewski, President, vPro™ Technology? Green Light Business Technology Green Light’s standard installation is a Lenovo desktop or laptop PC featuring Intel® vPro™ technology. “We’ve foundBreakthrough hardware-based KVM that Lenovo provides a superior product in terms of bothAccording to Tomaszewski, hardware-based KVM—one of the innovation and quality,” says Dan Tomaszewski. “Lenovonewest features of Intel vPro technology—is a radical improvement. systems have fewer warranty issues than other machines.“With software-based KVM tools, you’re dependent on the machine And other vendors can’t match Lenovo’s turnaround timebooting successfully into Windows,” he explains, “and many times on stock availability—we get what we need in one or twothe problem you’re trying to work on prevents that from happening. days versus two to three weeks.” In addition to higherIn addition, you lose the KVM connection whenever you need reliability, the systems offer excellent performance forto reboot the machine. With vPro’s hardware-based KVM, we’re today’s—and tomorrow’s—demanding business software.able to watch the machine reboot and see the entire process. “The performance of Lenovo systems with Intel® Core™ i5Instead of waiting for the machine to come back up, we can just vPro™ processors is excellent,” notes Tomaszewski. “It’s amove the machine to another screen and multitask while it boots.” platform that our customers can trust.”Tomaszewski notes that hardware-based KVM not only speedsrepairs, but also improves the quality of service by taking the
  4. 4. Better utilization of key talent Kaseya IT Automation FrameworkThe efficiencies made possible by Intel vPro technology help Green The Kaseya IT Automation Framework provides a complete andLight to maximize the return on their greatest asset—their people. integrated view of IT environments from a centralized Web-based“Without tools like vPro, we would be a one-to-one business—one management console, allowing managed service providers totechnician to one problem,” says Tomaszewski. “With vPro, we can remotely manage their customers’ entire computing infrastructuredrive a one-to-many process that lowers our costs and allows us to with one powerful and integrated application. The Kaseya ITserve the customer better by getting to their problem faster. Automation Framework leverages Intel® vPro™ technology to deliver more remote capabilities to MSPs.“Without tools like vPro, we would be a one-to- Built-in IT automation one business—one technician to one problem. Kaseya builds automation into the systems deployment and With vPro, we can drive a one-to-many process management process by mirroring best practices and automating that lowers our costs and allows us to serve repetitive work using machine-driven tasks and processes. the customer better by getting to their Designed to manage, not just monitor, problem faster.” the SMB IT environment Kaseya focuses on managing the entire IT infrastructure, so the IT- Dan Tomaszewski, President, services provided are proactive and customers get deeper support Green Light Business Technology for their business applications.Developing a Competitive Advantage Powerful, fully integrated and easy to useas Trusted Advisor The combination of Kaseya and Intel vPro technology providesIt’s clear to Dan Tomaszewski that Intel vPro technology goes a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and integrated Web-based ITbeyond cutting Green Light’s operating costs by significantly automation solution that can be deployed rapidly,improving his customers’ IT experience. “We’re not just technology efficiently, and effectively.advisors to our customers, but trusted business advisors,” heexplains. “When we use vPro to increase their productivity, increase Integrated Intel vPro technologytheir efficiency, and reduce their cost, that strengthens our Kaseya has fully integrated many of the powerful capabilitiesrelationships with them. It also frees up resources so that we can of Intel vPro technology to provide authorized technicians withfocus on the strategic needs of their business and IT environment. remote PC management virtually anytime, even when PC power isAll of which equals a competitive advantage for us.” off or the OS is unresponsive.For more information on the benefits of For more information on the Kaseya IT AutomationIntel vPro technology for small and midsize Framework, visit www.kaseya.com.businesses, visit http://msp.intel.com.For more information on Green Light BusinessTechnology, visit www.greenlightbt.com.For more information on the Kaseya ITAutomation Framework, visit www.kaseya.com. Solution provided by: GREEN LIGHT BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY ntel® vPro™ technology is sophisticated and requires setup and activation. Availability of features and results will depend upon the setup and configuration of your hardware, software and IT environment. To learn more visit: http://www.intel.1 I com/technology/vpro.²P Cs with Intel® vPro™ processor technology include Intel Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). Intel Active Management Technology requires the computer system to have an Intel AMT-enabled chipset, network hardware and- software, as well as connection with a power source and a corporate network connection. Setup requires configuration by the purchaser and may require scripting with the management console or further integration into existing security frameworks to enable certain functionality. It may also require modifications of implementation of new business processes. For more information, see http://www.intel.com/technology/manage/iamt/.³ ource: Green Light Business Technology based on field testing performed during July 2010. S opyright © 2011 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel, the Intel logo, vPro, and Core are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. C* ther names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. O rinted in USA P 0311/TB/OCG/XX/PDF Please Recycle 324371-002US