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BCA Placement Brochure | Batch of 2016

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The exclusive objective of Inspiria’s Training & Placement wing is to provide a dynamic and diverse opportunities for corporates, industries, professional institutions including others to interact with Inspiria Knowledge Campus and facilitate in placing all the eligible students completing their respective undergraduate degrees.

Inspiria is a perfect culmination of both academic and practical learnings, organising successful industry trips and visits along with academic seminars, projects and workshops which enables the students to incorporate a professional and relevant industry based skills.

The curriculum enables students to understand and explore the needs and demands of the academics and industry providing opportunities to work on relevant real time projects in a simulated environment to gain valuable exposure. The students work on different interest areas to improve their expertise and efficiency. We inculcate professionalism and industry standards in our students to equip them so that they are employable and skilled professionals.

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BCA Placement Brochure | Batch of 2016

  1. 1. Affiliated To Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (Formerly Known as WBUT) DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER APPLICATION (BCA) www.inspiria.edu.in Inspiria Knowledge Campus is a next-generation management college which combines world class infra- structure with latest state-of-the art training inputs. The aim is to deliver the right balance of knowledge and practical skills required to make graduates “employable”. Conceived in 2010 by the J.P. Sahu Foundation - a non-profit charitable trust, the college is situated in a sprawling 5 acre campus near Siliguri, against the back- drop of the beautiful Himalayas in the north. Affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology, Inspiria present- ly offers undergraduate degree courses in professional streams such as Computer Science, Hotel & Hospitality Science, Business Administration & Management and Media Science, in addition to a number of short-term vocational and job-oriented courses.
  2. 2. SCHOOL OF COMPUTER APPLICATION The Department of Computer Applica- tions at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Sili- guri offers three years full time industry intensive degree course in Computer Ap- plications under the title of Bachelor of Computer Applications. The department imparts all technical and soft skills to its students that is deemed necessary for a smooth transition to the industry after completion of the course. The depart- ment has computer labs with high con- figuration machines to allow students to gain maximal practical hands on appli- cation of the conceptual foundation they learn. The students are mentored contin- uously by experienced faculty members having post graduate experience in Com- puter Science, Computer Applications as well as Ph.D. The students are exposed to the latest in the industry through regu- lar industry resource interactions and to the recent developments in computing through the prestigious indexed subscribed international journals and periodicals. The department also conducts regular visits to technologically advanced installations around the country for an intensive ex- posure to the state of art. The department encourages it’s students to take up live commercial projects in software design, web designing and applied areas to enable them to experience the relevant techn- logies involved, understand the core concepts and their applicability better and most importantly gain confidence in stepping ahead for their future endeavours. The department believes that understanding of core concepts, hands on applications, technology exposure, self upgrade, adaptability and dedication are the strongest pillars for building a successful professional. It strives relentlessly towards achieving the same through numerous round the year activities and aims at training it’s students to be employable and industry ready professionals of the future.
  3. 3. SCHOOL OF COMPUTER APPLICATION Our 1st batch of Students (2015-18) graduated from Inspiria Knowledge Campus with a successful performance during their Placement Season. Our students were recruited into companies like Taj, NDTV, Capgemini, TeaBox, Indus Net Technologies. Some of our students are pursuing their high- er studies in reputed colleges like St. Xevier’s University, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication to name a few. We also had few of our students follow their entrepreneurial dreams. Now we have our 2nd Batch of Students (2016-19) ready to graduate in July, 2019. Students will graduate from the following courses - Bachelors in Computer Applications, Bachelors in Business Administration, Bachelors in Media Science and Bachelors in Hotel Management. They have un- dergone communications and leadership training, interactions with industry stalwarts and have been skilled with relevant knowledge to help them be good assets to their organisations. Our 2016-19 batch of BCA students are already off to a good start, bagging an offer with Cap- gemini. Our 2016-19 batch of BHM students are confident of being absorbed after the successful completion of their internship at various 5 Star Properties.The 2016-19 Batch of BBA Students had a fruitful and interactive industry visit to Vishakapatnam, visiting the Shipyard & Port and Inspire Edge IT (Awarded Great Place to Work 2018). The BMS students have done their Summer Intern- ships with reputed News channels viz. Hindi Khabar, Public Relations viz. Mensen Tock Communi- cation (New Delhi), Equation PR & Media (Mumbai), Production House viz. Carrot Films and also, in NGO like Akshaya Patra etc. B.Sc. Media Science have also been expose to various National News rooms/ studios/ Talks shows/ Interviews with celebrities like Tiger Shroff & Disha Patania etc. in channels like NDTV, Rajya Sabha Channel in the Parliament of India. We expect another successful placement season for the Batch of 2016-19!
  4. 4. Atul Gupta is the founder and CEO of InSync Tech- Fin Solutions Ltd., an IT product company based out of Kolkata, India and committed to the vision of transforming and digitalizing modern-day organiza- tions with the help of smart solutions to make them more efficient and productive. Atul started his entre- preneurial career in 2003 with software services and eventually found his mojo with a software product which has been a major focus since then. InSync’s product, APPSeCONNECT is a next-generation Inte- gration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution which can connect all major line-of-business applications and empowers organizations to automate their vital business processes. Atul actively encourages bridging the gap between the industry and the education sector. He is the Man- aging Trustee of Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The ob- jective of this venture is to make the youth employable and inspire them to achieve. The campus is located in Siliguri, West Bengal with state-of-the-art infrastruc- ture and also has an incubation facility for startups. Being actively associated with NASSCOM, Atul has taken an active role in building an industry-academia relationship for the council and is passionate about encouraging student entrepreneurship. MR. ATUL GUPTA (Managing Trustee - Inspiria Knowledge Campus) /in/atulstays
  5. 5. We recognize the strength of our educational methods and the impact it has in providing suitable placement for students in the industry. We trust “To reap the benefits tomorrow, we need to sow the seeds today” and we act upon it. We earnestly work to transform the student talent pool from the first day they join Inspiria Knowledge Campus. As a part of their industry readiness process, the students partake in Workshops, Industry Visits, Seminars and Webinars, Summer and Winter Internships, Indus- try Projects, Soft Skills Improvement Classes, Technical Trainings, Interactions with Industry Stalwarts, Speaking and Leadership Clubs, etc among other activities. The quality of education and the pedagogy ensure that our students will contribute meaningfully in the growth of the recruiting organization. We thank all the industries for their unflinching support and patronage over the years and invite them to fulfill their fresher recruitment opportunities with our students. We are confident this 2018-19 session will also witness successful placements for all students. MR. KRISHNESH NAYAK (Corporate Relations Manager) E-mail: placement@inspiria.edu.in Phone: +91-9832026158
  6. 6. School of Computer Application Batch of 2016 www.inspiria.edu.in/training-placement-bca-2016-2019
  7. 7. ABHINASH SHRESTHA Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Website Design and E-Commerce. Other Interests : ADITYA RAI Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Other Interests : ADITYA SAHA GUPTA Stream : BCA Area of Interest: Software Development. Other Interests : Website Design,Marketing ,Content Making and writing code. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/aditya-saha-gupta E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/aditya-rai E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/abhinash-shrestha AKASH KUMAR SHAH Stream: BCA Area of Interest : Website Design and E-Commerce. Other Interests : User interface development. AMIT CHHETRI Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Website Design and E-Commerce. Other Interests : Marketing, UI design. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/amit-chhetri E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/akash-kumar-shah STUDENT PROFILES ANAMIKA DAS Stream : BCA Area of Interest : DBMS, Web Designing using word press. Other Interests : E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/anamika-das
  8. 8. BEAUTY KHATOON Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Content Development. Other Interests : Networking, App Development, Marketing. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/beauty-khatoon E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/dhananjay-kumar E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/dhiraj-nayak DHANANJAY KUMAR Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Content Writing, Coding. Other Interests : DHIRAJ NAYAK Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Software Development. Other Interests : Web Designing and Office Administration. STUDENT PROFILES DIPANWITA DAS Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Web & Graphics Designing, Content Writing. Other Interests : ISHAN THAKUR Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Website Design and E-Commerce. Other Interests : Marketing. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/dipanwita-das E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/ishan-thankur JANGMU LAMA Stream : BCA Area of Interest : UI-UX Design. Other Interests : Software Development, Cyber Security, Machine learning, Computer Analyst, CAD. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/jangmu-lama
  9. 9. KAMAL SHARMA Stream : BCA Area of Interest : UI-UX Design. Other Interests : Game testing, Content development for games, etc. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/kamal-sharma E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/karan-basunia E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/keshab-gupta KARAN BASUNIA Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Website Design and E-Commerce. Other Interests : Sales, presentation of project. KESHAB GUPTA Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Content Writing, MS Office Works. Other Interests : STUDENT PROFILES MALLIKA PRADHAN Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Testing. Other Interests : Website Design. MANISH KUMAR MAHATO Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Website Design and E-Commerce. Other Interests : Marketing. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/mallika-pradhan E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/manish-kumar-mahato MD. BICKEY Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Software Development. Other Interests : Hacking, website design, App Development, etc. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/md-bickey
  10. 10. MOHANA DAS Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Other Interests : E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/mohana-das E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/prasanta-das E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/priyanka-kumari PRASANTA DAS Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Software development, Website development,- Graphic design. Other Interests : Content writing, Blogging, Interact with new peo- ple, Photography. (skills+):-angular js, c#, python, node js, unity, vi- sual c++, visual studio, android studio. PRIYANKA KUMARI Stream : BCA Area of Interest : UI-UX Design. Other Interests : Software Development, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Computer Analyst, CAD. STUDENT PROFILES RAJU DAS Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Software Development. Other Interests : Website Design, Marketing and writing code. RAZUL KUMAR Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Software Development. Other Interests : Website design and Game Testing. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/raju-das E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/razul-kumar RESHMI KUMARI VERMA Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Web designing, Computer Graphics. Other Interests : E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/reshmi-kumari-verma
  11. 11. RISHAV GUPTA Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Website Design and E-Commerce. Other Interests : Networking, Marketing, Game Testing, Website Design. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/rishav-gupta E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/saahil-sivakoti E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/sandeep-sarkar SAAHIL SIVAKOTI Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Software Development. Other Interests : SANDEEP SARKAR Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Network Administrator, Software Development, Web Development. Other Interests : Blogging, Computer Games, Listing Songs, Pho- tography, Adventure, (skills+):-c#, Visual Studio, Dream Ware, Node js, Angular js, Xamarin, Unity, Android Studio. STUDENT PROFILES SONA LAL GUPTA Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Software Development. Other Interests : Game Testing, Game Development, Website De- sign. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/sona-lal-gupta SOURAV KUMAR ROY Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Designing, Software Development. Other Interests : Photography, Riding. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/sourav-kumar-roy SUBHAM DUBEY Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Software Development. Other Interests : App Development, Game Development, Game Testing. E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/subham-dubey
  12. 12. STUDENT PROFILES VIKAS KUMAR Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Website Design and E-Commerce. Other Interests : Marketing E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/vikas-kumar E-resume: www.inspiria.edu.in/resume/vivek-pandey VIVEK PANDEY Stream : BCA Area of Interest : Software Development. Other Interests : Office Administration and Web Designing.
  17. 17. DR. RATNAKIRTI ROY Asst. Professor School of Computer Application (PH.D FROM NIT DURGAPUR) SUMAN DEY Asst. Professor School of Computer Application (MCA-UNIVERSITY OF NORTH BENGAL) NILAV MUKHOPADHYAY Asst. Professor School of Computer Application (M.TECH-ISM DHANBAD-2012) FACULTIES /in/ratnakirtiroy /in/sumandey2017 /in/nilav-mukherjee AGNIHOTRI ROY Asst. Professor School of Computer Application (MASTER’S FROM PRESIDENCY UNIVERSITY-2012) /in/agnihotri-roy
  18. 18. NANTU SHAW Asst. Professor School of Computer Application (M.E. - COMPUTER SC. AND ENGINEERING) SUJIT KUMAR SHARMA Lab Asst. School of Computer Application FACULTIES /in/nantu-shaw /in/sujitsharma
  19. 19. Inspiria Knowledge Campus was obliged with the presence of Amit Jain, Uber-President, India at our campus where the contribution of Uber towards employment was discussed elaborately along with an extensive interaction session with the concerned faculties, students and staff members of Inspiria. Inspiria had the opportunity to have Mr. K.K. Natarajan, Executive Chairman, Mindtree at the Dewang Mehta Excellence Award which was hosted or the first time in North Benagl by Inspiria Knowledge Campus. MR. KAMAL AGARWALA (Chairman NASSCOM ERC) MR. K.K NATARANJAN (Executive Chairman, Mindtree) MR. AMIT JAIN (President, Uber India) MR. RAJIV VAISHNAV (Head, GenNext Hub, A Reliance Enterprise) Kamal Agarwala, East Region Chairman of NASSCOM was a part of TechConclave 2016 hosted by Inspiria Knowledge Campus where he moderated a highly informative interactive session on various aspects of the Information Technology sector. Mr. Rajiv Vaishnav, Head, GenNext Hub, A Reliance Enterprise was an eminent speaker at Inspiria’s flagship event TecConclave 2016 which is organised by NASSCOM. Mr Rajiv presentation at the event focused on the significance of a Start Up Ecosystem in the region. INDUSTRTY TYCOONS AT INSPIRIA MR. ALKESH AGARWAL (Co-founder & CEO Refeel & Clublaptop) An inspiring entrepreneur with unbeatable spirit, Alkesh is the founder and partner of eminent enterprises including Re-feel & Clublaptop with their pres- ence in over 100 cities across India.Mr Alkesh was an integral part of NASSCOM TechConclave for both 2015 & 2016 saeson at Inspiria which aimd to providing new vision & mission to the youth leaders from students.
  20. 20. INDUSTRTY TYCOONS AT INSPIRIA MR. NIRUPAM CHAUDHURI ( Regional Head, EAST NASSCOM) MR. SRISH AGRAWAL (Founder & CEO A1 Future Technologies) DR. SOM SINGH DUTTA (Director, Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence) MR. RAHUL NARVEKAR (CEO at Sun and Sands Advisors Co. Ltd.) Passionate about Indian IT industry and the huge domestic market opportu- nity, Mr Nirupam has worked as an Analyst and Consultant with over 50 estab- lished and emerging IT and communitions companies, playing a role in the growth and development of the Software and IT Services engagements. He has been an intergral part as a Jury at our various B-Plan Competitions. A veteran in the internet marketing ecosystem, Srish is the founder of multiple successful online businesses. Srish has led many Digital Marketing workshops at Inspiria has cultured and empowered the businessmen, entrepreneurs and students about the insights and emerging trends of Digital Marketing. Dr. Som Singh Dutta, she is a well-known Entrepreneur, Investor, effector and a mentor who has worked with some of the finest minds in the industry for more than a decade along with helped startups to accomplish their development goals. She has been associated with Inspiria Knowledge Campus and its event where she was the guest speaker who not only leveraged the Business Market but also helped our students to see the real insight of the Business World. Inspiria Knowledge Campus witnessed the profound presence of Mr. Rahul Narvekar, a triumphant dignitary, and the country’s one of the extremely thriv- ing entrepreneurs. Mr. Narvekar is the CEO at Sun and Sands Advisors. Co. Ltd. also specializes in startups, e-commerce, retail, and every aspect of marketing, be it digital or manual. During the powerful entrepreneurial session, he built a lasting impact on the young inspirians by letting them get a glimpse of his optimistic approach towards knowledge, growth, innovation and by his inspi- rational account.
  22. 22. FIRST SEMESTER Digital Electronics (Paper Code BCA-101) Business Systems and Applications (BCA-102) Introduction to Programming (Paper Code BCA-103) Mathematics (Paper Code BM-101) PC Software (Paper Code BCA-104) PC Software Lab (Paper Code BCA-194) Programming Lab (C/ Pascal) (Paper Code BCA-193) FOURTH SEMESTER Data Base Management System (Paper Code BCA-401) Object-Oriented Programming with C++ (BCA-402) Software Project Management and Quality Assurance Statistics, Numerical Methods & Algorithms (BM-401) Environment and Ecology (Paper Code HU-401) Database Lab (Oracle) (Paper Code BCA-491) Computing Lab (Paper Code BM-491) SECOND SEMESTER Computer Architecture & Systems Software (BCA-201) Information Systems Analysis & Design (BCA-202) Computer Programming (Paper Code BCA-203) Mathematics (Paper Code BM-201) English Language and Communication (HU-201) Programming Lab (Visual Basic) (BCA-293) Business Presentation and Language Lab (HU-291) THIRD SEMESTER Operating Systems (Paper Code BCA-301) Data Structures with C (Paper Code BCA-302) Graphics & Internet (Paper Code BCA-303) Mathematics for Computing (Paper Code BM-301) Management & Accounting (Paper Code BBA-301) Internet & Computer Graphics Lab (Visual Basic) Programming Lab (Data Structure with C) (BCA-392) FIFTH SEMESTER Data Communication & Computer Networks (BCA-501) Unix and Shell Programming (Paper Code BCA-502) Windows Programming (Paper Code BCA-503) Elective 1 (Paper Code BCA-E501/A/B/C) Values and Ethics of Profession (Paper Code HU-501) Unix & Networking (Paper Code BCA-591) Minor Project (Paper Code BCA-592) Industrial Training (Paper Code BCA-593) SIXTH SEMESTER Elective 2 (Paper Code BCA-E601/A/B/C) Elective 3 (Paper Code BCA-E602/A/B/C) Major project (Paper Code BCA-693) Seminar (Paper Code BCA-694) Comprehensive Viva-Voce (Paper Code BCA-695) Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  23. 23. How to reach Airline Names SpiceJet AirAsia India IndiGo IndiGo IndiGo IndiGo IndiGo IndiGo SpiceJet SpiceJet SpiceJet SpiceJet SpiceJet Jet Airways (India) Jet Airways (India) GoAir GoAir GoAir GoAir IndiGo AirAsia India AirAsia India AirAsia India Air India Vistara IndiGo IndiGo SpiceJet SpiceJet GoAir GoAir AirAsia India Air India AirAsia India Vistara 9W 136 '6E 2646 '6E 2894 SG 3322 SG 125 G8 851 G8 758 I5* 583 AI 880 I5* 768 UK* 726 18:55:00 12:20:00 18:25:00 07:40:00 15:50:00 15:20:00 16:25:00 10:45:00 14:05:00 12:35:00 17:00:00 20:55:00 14:45:00 20:40:00 08:55:00 18:05:00 17:35:00 18:50:00 11:55:00 16:20:00 14:55:00 19:15:00 '6E 2367 '6E 2263 SG 192 9W 135 G8 153 G8 157 I5* 767 AI 879 UK* 725 12:25:00 14:00:00 13:10:00 09:30:00 11:30:00 13:35:00 09:55:00 11:10:00 11:20:00 14:30:00 16:05:00 15:15:00 11:25:00 13:25:00 15:55:00 12:05:00 13:15:00 13:10:00 '6E 958 '6E 6132 '6E 534 SG 3288 SG 3624 G8 537 I5* 588 12:15:00 15:00:00 16:35:00 12:40:00 18:50:00 14:40:00 18:10:00 13:40:00 16:05:00 17:45:00 13:50:00 19:55:00 16:00:00 19:30:00 IndiGo SG 3321 I5* 582 '6E 797 SG 3287 SG 3623 G8 538 '6E 433 I5* 589 '6E 5401 06:05:00 09:00:00 10:45:00 11:05:00 17:15:00 12:55:00 14:05:00 16:10:00 16:35:00 07:20:00 10:20:00 11:50:00 12:20:00 18:30:00 14:10:00 15:25:00 17:25:00 17:50:00 Flight No. Departure Time Arrival Time Kolkata to Bagdogra Bagdogra to Kolkata Delhi to Bagdogra Bagdogra to Delhi We are just one kilometre away from the exclusive lifestyle destination of North bengal-City Centre. Located at the foot hills of Himalayas, Inspiria is a 10 minutes walk from City Center. If you are travelling in any public/private transportation, then its mere 2-3 minutes awayform the main road. Also, we are just8 Kms away from Bagdogra International Airpot.
  24. 24. How to reach Airline Names IndiGo JetLite '6E 205 9W 2971 '6E 797 08:30:00 11:05:00 10:45:00 11:20:00 13:50:00 IndiGo JetLite AirAsia India AirAsia India I5* 2392 I5* 2393 10:00:00 12:50:00 13:20:00 16:00:00 '6E 3175 9W 2972 11:50:00 14:20:00 15:10:00 17:35:00 11:50:00 Flight No. Departure Time Arrival Time Mumbai to Bagdogra Bagdogra to Mumbai Bengaluru to Bagdogra Bagdogra to Bengaluru
  25. 25. Inspiria Knowledge Campus Himachal Vihar, Phase-II, Matigara, Siliguri-734010, Dist-Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. E-mail : placement@inspiria.edu.in Call : +91-8900755550