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Hacker House August Proposal

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The development of the Hacker House idea continues. Our business proposal deck for Aug 2015 is showcased out here as an example.

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Hacker House August Proposal

  2. 2. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   2 The  Problem Security,  Privacy  &  the  Internet  
  3. 3. 3 ..a  bleak  future? By  2025,  61%  agree  there  will  be  at   least  one  attack  causing  widespread   national  harm     (2014  US  State  of  Cybercrime  Survey) Skills  Shortage Almost  half  of  EU  population  (47%)  not   properly  digitally  skilled Vehicles Industry Sony,  United,  JP  Morgan,  Target,   some  but  many  disrupted  by  data   breaches  in  2014 Fintech Banking  &  Finance  Ind.  are  prime   targets  of  cyber  crime Jeep,  Tesla  Model  S,  remote   access  control The  Digital  Economyis  increasingly  under  threat
  4. 4. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   4 New  Tech  LandscapeMassive  disruption  brings  Double-­‐Edged  Threat  and  Opportunity The  biggest  threat  to  an   organisation  of  any  size   is  its  one  key  asset:   its  people. MORE   PEOPLE Every  time  that  you  open  a   port  in  something,  you   create  a  doorway  through   which  bad  guys  can  walk.   Bruce  Perrin,   COO/CIO,  Phenix  Energy  Group MORE   THINGS Attackers  moving  faster,   defences  are  not.  2014   saw  all-­‐time  high  of  24   zero-­‐day  vulnerabilities.     ISTR20,  Symantec MORE  ATTACKS
  5. 5. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   5 87%  of  SMEs  have   had  a  Data  Breach For  larger  businesses,   average  cost  is   £450-­‐850,000 £35-­‐65,000  is  the   Cost  of  Average   SME  Cyber/Data   loss …  at  a  cost  of  £12,000   (recover  typically  12  hours)   7  Distributed   DDoS  Attacks   daily 2015  Bad  Bot  Landscape   Report,  IW  Tech  Digest Bots  Outspace   Humans,  Become   More  Mobile  and   Sophisticated Risk  of  InactionUK  is  Europe’s  Number  One  Target  for  Cyber  Crime Source:  http://www.cookeandmason.com/blog/10-­‐facts-­‐about-­‐cyber-­‐ crime-­‐uk-­‐data-­‐loss-­‐risks/  
  6. 6. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   6 The  SolutionA  “Google  Campus”  for  Cyber  Security
  7. 7. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   7 A  multi-­‐platform  business  to  establish  skills,  develop  innovation  and   serve   as   the   ultimate   red   teaming   destination   for   government,   industry  and  civilians.       There   needs   to   be   a  vehicle   to   align   all   the   many   initiatives   set   in   place  to  drive  skills,  develop  IP,  or  export  UK  companies.  As  of  right   now,  these  are  missing  momentum…  This  is  the  gap  we  want  to  fill.   I What  is  Hacker  House?The  fundamental  pillar  of  a  digitally  connected  society. We  are  to  hacking  what  Code  Club  is  to  coding;   just  as  the  National  Curriculum  mandated  coding,   so  will  the  ethics  of  hacking.”

  8. 8. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   8 ComprehensiveBuilding  on  best  features  out  there  for  a  one  roof,  aggregated  solution. Coding  in   Curriculum   2014-­‐5 Hak5,  Decoded   Developed  most  widely  used   hacking  tools,  training   programme  for  corporate   execs Makerspace(s)   We  visited  ‘hackspaces’  in  NY,   Boston,  SF,  Estonia  and   throughout  the  UK. Digital  Shadows   Key  industry  players   collectively  looking  at  sharing   info  and  enlisting  ethical   hacking  support EU  Initiative(s)   i.e.  EU  Schoolnet,  Facebook,   Liberty,  Microsoft  and  SAP   joined  forces  to  train,  promote   and  advocate  coding  skills.
  9. 9. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   9 Hack  Lab Haccelerator l33t  Red  Team Talent   Funnel 8-­‐14yr  olds   Prevention  Focus Highly  skilled National  level   “Make,  Break,  Do”:3-­‐layer  Innovation  model  that  could  be  for  replicated  &  scaled
  10. 10. Mini  Hack  Space   After  schools  program,  hack   retreats  etc Test  Environment   Security  cleared  virtual   environment  for  skills  training. Media  Campaigns   Fun  accessible  YouTube   campaign  on  online  ethics. Mentorship   Hacker  in  Residence,  rethinking   apprenticeships Innovation  Hub
  11. 11. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   11 Educate  &  Empower  Youth • Average  cyber  crime  arrest:  16yr  old.   • Lack  malicious  intent  for  most  part   • Restorative  Justice   • Don’t  see  alternative  career  or  skills  development  routes     • Unclear  where  ethical  boundaries  lie Strengthen  Cyber  Intelligence  &  Resilience   • Talent  pool  of  very  high  skilled  workers   • Plan  to  protect  &  prevent,  not  just  remedy   • Detect  before  exploits  go  public   • Mitigation  and  Scale Mission  is  Two-­‐Fold:Establish  Platform  for  Academia,  Industry  &  Government LAW  ENFORCEMENT  THAT  SCALES:  Track,  identify,  and  target  vulnerabilities  as  they  happen.
  12. 12. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   12 Ý START RESEARCH   TEST  &   DEVELOPDESIGN BUILD  &   REFINE PROMOTE LAUNCH Road  MapCurrently  securing  strategic  partnerships,  funding  &  launching  a  pilot.
  13. 13. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   13 The  Haccelerator A  Y  Incubator  meets  WeWork  meets  Second  Home  meets  L39. Innovatiove  and  entrepreneurial    
  14. 14. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   14 Business  ModelStill  a  WIP   3  diff  customer  segments   require  diff  marketing   campaigns   Hackers  &  IS  Experts   Government/Industry   Citizens  (namely  kids) Target Lean,  organic  structure   Equity  TBC   Investment  interest  from   Barclays,  Hanson  Asset   Management,  Invest   South,  and  more. Structure Leveraging  Innotech  &   Cyler  TLA  platforms  ind   growth  hacking.   Hack  Night  meet  ups   Targeted  SM  campaigns   Weekly  mailers   Advertising Establishing  trust  is  key     strong  team  ethos   CFO   CEO/CTO   2-­‐3  interns   Management Scalable  Hacker  Houses   in  Manchester  &   Southampton   Open  flagship  in  London   then  expand. Strategy
  15. 15. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   15 HackerDojo Now  valued  at  $11  billion,  raised  $367m  in  March Acquired  by  Pinterest  for  a  valuation  of  $11  billion,   raised  $367m  in  March  2015. Unit  8200 Arguably  the  world’s  best  intelligence  unit Lorem  ipsum  dolor  sit  amet,  consectetur  adipiscing.   Lorem   ipsum   dolor   sit   amet.   Curabitur   elementum   posuere   pretium.   Curabitur   elementum   posuere   pretium.  Quisque  nibh  dolor,  dignissim  ac  dignissim   ut,  luctus  ac  urna.  Aliquam  aliquet  non  massa  quis. HackerOne Ethical  hacking  ‘consultancy’ Should  your  organisation  work  with  hackers?  It  would   be   insane   not   to.   Helping   companies   connect   and   enlist  responsible  hackers  for  bounty  hacks.   Market  ResearchBuilding  on  existing,  successful  case  studies
  16. 16. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   16 HERE  EAST   London’s  Home  for  Making In  advanced  discussions  with  Gavin  Poole,  CEO. Potential  Location
  17. 17. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   17 Goals  for  2015/166-­‐month  and  1-­‐year  plan Maintain   positive   cash   flow   and   break   even   on   Innotech   /   Cyber   TLA   events Aggregate   800,000+   viewers   through   Hack   Nights,   content   distribution,   hackthat.co  by  Jan  2016  -­‐  establish  loyalty  and  consistency Secure  strategic  partnerships  with  2-­‐3  key  players  in  each  industry  by  Feb   2016. Complete  accreditation  courses,  i.e.  CTSE  in  September  2015,  and  further   technical  skills. Soft  launch  in  June  2016,  official  launch  by  Sept  2016
  18. 18. 18 Marketing  StrategyPreliminary  Branding  
  19. 19. 19 Terminology Hacking  and  negative  connotation.   But  let’s  ‘own  it’  from  the  get  go,  we   must  not  dance  around  it. Strike  the  Right   balance? For  government  and  NCA   involvement,  so  as  not  to  push   ‘real  hackers’  away. In-­‐House  Security Protecting  internal  networks  and   frameworks Abuse  or  misuse Need  tight  compliance  &   accountability  controls  to  ensure   anything  out  of  HH  is  legitimate  and   safe Teachers  &  Parents Awareness  campaigns,  NCA  comms   strategy,  Saturday  open  workshops,   strategic  partnerships Risk  Management  Strategy Identifying  &  assessing  potentially  sensitive  areas
  20. 20. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   20 Accreditation Partnership  with  CREST   on  vetting  and  clearing   individuals. Code  of  Conduct Define  Honour  Code  to   be  signed  by  all Legal  Support i.e.  Penningtons,   Cambridge  University Board  of  Advisors Members  TBC   From  academia  and   cyber  sec.  experts Systematic Regular  upkeep  of   checks  &  balances Corporate Enlisting  key  stakeholder   support  (Barclays,  etc) Location   London’s Mitigating  risksMapping  out  all  assumptions  and  areas  of  risk
  21. 21. 21 Why  we’re  perfectly  positioned Good  strong  relationships  have  been  established  &  are  cultivated;  i.e.   Innotech’s  Legislating  Lulzsec  boasted  live  streaming  of  800,000  viewers Unusual  bridge  to  the  hacking  community ie  Darren  Kitchen  of  Hak5,  founder  of  ‘Pineapple’,  Jamie  Wood  ethical   hacker  and  founder  of  Patch  Penguin   Wide  global  network Access  to  network  and  brand  of  Innotech  Network  &  JA Credibility  &  weight  within  Tech  Community Internationally  oriented,  Business,  Law,  Tech  &  Media  backgrounds Diverse  backgrounds,  highly  committed  team
  22. 22. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   22 Network Timing Skilled  Team Insider   Knowledge Our  USP
  23. 23. 23 Establishing  Next  Steps Varying  levels  of  support: Advisory Endorsement Investment Partnership Open  to  dialogue  and  discussion  on  how  we  can  work  with  you  in  defining  the  best  way  forward
  24. 24. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   24 Growth SMEs  suffered  data  breaches  in  2014. Pillar  of  the  knowledge  economy 60% Drive  innovation   Cash  injections Investments,  ie.  £250,000  into    a   Virtual  Tech  Cluster  by  Lockheed   Martin Visibility 2nd  US-­‐UK  Cyber  Sec  Innovation   Summit  to  showcase  UK  cos Skills  shortage Promising  IndustryComplements  and  furthers  work  of  the  NCSP  &  Cyber  Growth  Partnership No.  of  Cyber  Security  Exports https://www.gov.uk/government/news/cyber-security-boost-for-uk-firms
  25. 25. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   25 Jennifer  Arcuri CIO  &  Founder Luciana  Se COO  &  Co-­‐Founder Ghandi  El-­‐Chaama Creative  Director Louis   Marketing  &  Growth Meet  Our  Great  Team
  26. 26. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   26 Address   Hacker  House  Ltd   134  Shoreditch  High  St   London   E16JE Phone  &  Email   F:  +44  (0)  20  3488  1304   M:  +44  (0)  7971  277923   jennifer@myhackerhouse.com   luciana@myhackerhouse.com   Social  Media   Facebook.com/MyHackerHouse   Twitter.com/HackerHouse   Youtube.com/HackerHouse Contact  Us
  27. 27. ©  2015  Hacker  House  Ltd.  All  Rights  Reserved.   27 THANK  YOU “   ”It  may  sound  crazy  to  try  this.   But  it  may  also  be  irresponsible  not  to…”   Bill  Gurley,     VC  at  Benchmark  Capital,  2015