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Janus Art Gallery, Kolkata, Range of Paintings

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Suppliers of Colourful Painting And Nature Art Paintings, Village Lady Painting, Desert Painting, Painting of Aditya Basak, Painting of Animesh Nandi, Animesh Nandi Paintings.

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Janus Art Gallery, Kolkata, Range of Paintings

  1. 1. An art gallery or art museum is a space for the exhibition of art, usually visualart. Paintings are the most commonly displayed medium; however, sculpture,photographs, illustrations from the applied arts may also be shown.
  2. 2. - About Us -The Janus Art Gallery is one of the leading gallery of art in Kolkata, as well as inIndia. Its committee of senior artists helps immensely in getting authenticationof works of old masters and their provenances. It holds significant collections ofOld master and Contemporary Paintings, Sculptures, Prints, Illustrations,Drawings and presents nearly 4 exhibitions annually.The Janus Art Gallery is the best place to buy any kind of artwork online. Fromthe gallery section of this website one can choose a huge variety of art work likeFine Art, Abstract Art, Landscape Art, Fantasy Art, Wall Art etc.The Janus Art Gallery assists in restoration of important works of art and istherefore always in search of restorers and framers. Its library of recent and pastcontemporary artists of Bengal is always available to anyone for reference onprior appointment.The Janus Art Gallery is a complete art centre based also on the premise that ittakes pride in encouraging budding talented artists of this generation to quickerrecognition of their works through effective management.
  3. 3. - Range of Paintings -Modern Paintings:We are one of the most trusted names in the industry in manufacturing and supplying highquality range of paintings. These paintings vary in categories like as Oil Painting, AcrylicPainting, Modern Art Painting and Calligraphy Painting. We are committed to provide bestquality paintings to our clients so these paintings are painted by most versatile painters ofthis domain. Colourful Painting Nature Art Paintings Village Lady Painting Desert Painting
  4. 4. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Painting of Aditya Basak Aditya Basak Paintings Painting of Animesh Nandi Animesh Nandi Paintings
  5. 5. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Painting of Ajay kumar Painting of Asit Sarkar Ghosh Painting of Ashok Painting of Arunesh Bhowmick Choudhury
  6. 6. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Painting of Alok Roy Painting of B.N.Jizza B. N. Jizza Paintings Painting of Bimal Kar
  7. 7. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Painting of Binod Binod Mukharjee Mukharjee Paintings Painting of Bijan Painting of Dolly Dutta Choudhury
  8. 8. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Gobardhan Ash Paintings Painting of Hiran Mitra Isha Mahammad Paintings Indira Halder Paintings
  9. 9. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Jamini Roy Paintings Jogen Chowdhury Paintings Painting of K. Murlidharan Kalighat Pata Painting
  10. 10. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Kalyan Mukherjee Kaustav Nag Paintings Paintings Manoj Dutta Paintings Monoranjan Pal
  11. 11. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Painting of Niren Sen Painting of Pradip Das Gupta Painting of Priyo Prasad Painting of Prakash Gupta Karmakar
  12. 12. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Painting of Pradip Kr. Paritosh Sen Paintings Rakshit Partho Datta Paintings Painting of Ratan Acharya
  13. 13. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Rabin Dutta Paintings Ritwik Banerjee Paintings Painting of Shyamal Dutta Painting of Satadru Sovan Roy Banduri
  14. 14. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Painting of Saumen Painting of Subhra Kumar Khamrui Banerjee Painting of Subrata Pal Painting of Sumantra Mukherjee
  15. 15. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Painting of Suhas Roy Painting of Sunil Das Painting of Subrata Painting of Sraboni Sarkar Gangopadhyay
  16. 16. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Painting of Suvajit Sanjoy Patra Painting Samanta Sajal Roy Saurav Kumar Dhabal Deb
  17. 17. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Sk. Shajahan Paintings Sanatan Dinda Paintings Sahabuddin Paintings Painting of Tara Prashad
  18. 18. - Range of Paintings -Other Products: Old Masters Paintings Current Exhibition Art Expo Malaysia 2009 Tarun Maity Sculpture
  19. 19. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1998Nature of Business Supplier TraderTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian Subcontinent East Europe East Asia Middle East South/West Europe South East Asia North America
  20. 20. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Janus Art GalleryMr. Kallol Bose842 A /1, Upendra Nath , Banerjee Road,Kolkata, West Bengal - 700 034, IndiaWebsite: www.indiamart.com/janus-art-gallery