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Michael Armitage - Broadway Partners

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Michael Armitage - Broadway Partners

  1. 1. Funding Wireless Projects INCA Newcastle Wednesday 15th November 2017
  3. 3. BROADWAY PARTNERS 26 Funding Wireless Projects Agenda: 1. Infrastructure or Technology 2. Infrastructure vs. Technology 3. Infrastructure and Technology
  4. 4. Conclusion BROADWAY PARTNERS 26
  5. 5. BROADWAY PARTNERS TVWS – a Silver Bullet Urban Rural BroadbandSpeed(MbpsLogScale) FTTH 1101001,000 FTTC TVWS/ 5GHz FTTC  It extends the reach of BT’s FTTC programme, to otherwise inaccessible spots  TVWS is just so powerful – reaching the places other people cannot reach  And it is just the beginning of the move to shared spectrum, for connectivity, and 5G, worldwide  It allows 100% guarantees – no exceptions! – and, in combination with 5GHz, at great value for money  It fits perfectly with the Government’s commitment to ‘Full Fibre’ – proving quick wins, and de-risking the investment
  6. 6. BROADWAY PARTNERS TVWS/5GHz – the Optimal Route to Rural ‘Full Fibre’ 18 Parameter/Context Fibre First TVWS/5GHz first Demand risk Risk of wireless overbuild Low risk, ‘quick wins’ Construction risk Complex processes, significant highways disruption, minimum 12 months to start Rapid deployment, <3 months to complete Optionality/ flexibility Low – Little scope for mid-course adjustments High – build to demand and geography 5G 5G requirements not yet known Wireless network designs adapt to 5G requirements Risk, and investors’ required returns High Medium Grant required Very high - >£1,000/premise Potentially none
  7. 7. Working with the Best • Global Technology Sponsor – Microsoft • UK Trust – Nominet • Centres of Excellence – Strathclyde and KCL • Suppliers – 6Harmonics, Adaptrum, Saankhya Labs • Training and Skills – TSG and CAI BROADWAY PARTNERS Scotland Innovation Programme
  8. 8. Conclusion Government’s vision of high quality connectivity for all is realistic and affordable:  TV Whitespace changes the rules – 100% NGA is possible and affordable, NOW!  Wireless builds on fibre, and extends it  TVWS is just the beginning BROADWAY PARTNERS 26
  9. 9. I N V E S T M E N T M E M O R A N D U M Thank you

Notas do Editor

  • Thank you Chairman/Philippa/Louise

    Key message: Wireless is the key to delivering Government’s promise of universally available high quality broadband,


    And affordably to the public purse

    30MBps USO for 10% of the cost calculated by The Experts
  • This is all about opportunity
  • The agenda is straightforward

    Reflecting our recent experience of fund raising

    The most common question in investors’ minds, having belatedly come to recognise the new Asset class that is fibre infrastructure, is:

    Where does Wireless fit in?

    Is it Infrastructure or Technology?

    Sometimes the discussion is polarised – Infrastructure vs Technology

    Of course, we see the two as inextricably linked – Infrastructure and Technology
  • Here is a lovely picture of one of our masts

    Not the big one, which has taken more than two years to put up

    Has no power

    Has no equipment attached to it

    And cost more than £150,000

    Ours I the little one to the right:

    It took two weeks, is stacked with equipment, serving very happy customers, and cost £2,000

    The lesson is obvious: not all infrastructure is good. The issue is appropriate infrastructure

    New technology – TV WhiteSpace, Software-Defined Radio and small cells - blow a great hole in the conventional thinking around infrastructure
    TV WhiteSpace is at the heart of our proposition

    It is a fantastic tool for helping fix the rural connectivity challenge

    It really does reach the places conventional technologies such as fibre or Line-of-sight radio - cannot reach

    The fantastic propagation characteristics of this frequency band, and some very clever signal processing technology, means that for the first time, we really can guarantee 100% connectivity – pretty much regardless of geography, terrain, trees and hills

    It fits perfectly alongside FTTC and FTTH – it extends the reach of BT’s FTTC upgrade programme –

    and it is a perfect complement to ‘Full Fibre’ - if you are a politician, it can be deployed really quickly to get to where people are most desperate

    If you are an infrastructure investor, it can be used to capture demand in the short term, effectively de-risking any future fibre rollout
  • Walk through
  • [IF TIME]

    So, who’s behind TV WhiteSpace?

    We have been lucky to work with some of the best in the industry –

    Microsoft is the global promotor of TVWS, and has been for the best part of the last ten years, since the Digital Switchover first created the opportunity

    And we work very closely with Nominet, the UK Internet registry, which manages the spectrum and channel allocation on Ofcom’s behalf

    And also with recognised technology centres of excellence, Strathclyde and KCL
  • We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us, as an infrastructure provider

    TVWS changes the rules – 100% is both possible and affordable

    Wireless builds on BT’s great work of the last five years, and extends it even further

    And TVWS is just the beginning of a future of shared or dynamic spectrum – central to the evolution towards 5G – and for which Fibre is just a part
  • Thank you