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Jeff White - More Value, Better Clients, Bigger Budgets

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Jeff White - More Value, Better Clients, Bigger Budgets

  1. 1. INBOUND15 More Value, Better Clients, Bigger Budgets: Moving Beyond the Basics of Inbound platinum agency partner
  2. 2. What to expect from this session
  3. 3. + + + Inbound Light to HubSpot
  4. 4. + +
  5. 5. + + +
  6. 6. Code your way to better TOFUs
  7. 7. Interactive eats static content for breakfast •Generates 38% more views than it’s nearest TOFU competitor •AND … the Submission Rate is 38% higher than it’s nearest TOFU competitor •But wait, there’s more … the Customer Rate is 2x better than any other piece of content on the site.
  8. 8. Seeing the opportunity
  9. 9. Seeing the opportunity •Ask Sales! People ask questions... but buyers ask different questions and seek different information … nobody knows this like the sales department. •Marketing triggers … early questions in the cycle … if it really does all come down to price, then what are the 5-10 questions that need to be answered in order to arrive at a budget range?
  10. 10. Interactive content checklist •Answering questions vs serving content •Capture user data, sync often •Learn about your prospects as you go •Know what’s next •Integrate with sales and remember … •Mobile is a must
  11. 11. Hot tub selector
  12. 12. Aqua-Tech Hot Tub Selector •Top converting asset on site •Easy to use and fun •Send lead to bottom of funnel form at final stage •Notify lead of their options via email •Notify sales about their engaged lead
  13. 13. Telco solutions finder example
  14. 14. Eastlink Business Solutions Finder •Capture information in stages •Save each stage to HubSpot •Present the solution for each section •Final screen triggers overall recommendation, email to lead and email of all details to sales dept •JS/JSON question/answer matrix built for reuse
  15. 15. Inbound + CRO = Money
  16. 16. Add value at the mid funnel •Conversion Rate Optimization •User/usability testing •Heatmaps, clickmaps help determine user paths •Split test big changes, iterate, improve •Need traffic •Exceptionally powerful for ecommerce
  17. 17. Moving down the funnel
  18. 18. Adding value and growing retainers at the bottom-of-funnel •Helping Sales Leverage Content •Lead Gen •Training & Support
  19. 19. Bringing the top down •Content for sales •Extending marketing messaging down the funnel (Message Templates) to accelerate sales •Make offer documents available from within the CRM for easy access
  20. 20. Lead generation campaigns
  21. 21. Lead Generation •Integrating social & direct email outreach via internal workflows •Premium content opportunities •Other revenue opportunities (list gen, competitive research, repurposing lead gen content for general site use) •Custom landing pages & follow-up emails
  22. 22. Training & supporting the Sales Organization
  23. 23. Training & Support •CRM training •Sales intelligence (Sidekick, BuiltWith, WhoIs, LinkedIn, etc) •Sales coaching
  24. 24. What do I need?
  25. 25. How can you get started with these tactics? •A developer helps :) •A willingness to get closer to sales and ask probing business questions •A way of pricing it
  26. 26. About pricing •In our experience, both Interactive Content & Sales Enablement are perceived as higher value by clients and, thus, have less budgetary pressure •There’s no pricing magic … itemize, estimate and iterate based on experience. But … 1. Charge for scoping first 2. Build in extra for testing and iteration 3. Take advantage of value perception 4. Charge more for development than design
  27. 27. INBOUND15