challenges covid-19 awareness marketing kurdistan. management data mining performance agriculture promotion efficiency erbil employment cloud computing modeling quality artificial intelligence nueva ecija farmers investment product effectiveness ict productivity climate change job satisfaction knowledge management optimization. assessment perception fine-grained soil geosynthetics income cabanatuan city information technology cooperatives business higher education evaluation load shedding academic performance price emotional intelligence organizational performance adaptation service quality electricity entrepreneurship environment single layer coating adsorption ann authentication cfd ansys fluent groundwater leachate geotechnical properties industrial waste water contaminated soil deep learning retailers composite piles swedbank lendo online education perspective innovative maintenance rcef food delivery technology advertisement pig farms new normal viability. water supply pandemic. brand strategies pandemic food e-learning ahp algorithm environment. leadership organizational culture surveillance msmes rice production and rice tarrification law. strategy food industry local government unit tourism reinforced concrete beams cost soft skills. osgipe instruction model primary control frequency control integration sustainability reliability. internationalization strategic leadership financial extension service knowledge consumers emergency response cigarette brooder artificial neural network compressive strength rainbow trout business and management strand accountancy learning model work motivation healthcare quantum chemistry pricing loans project management composite epoxy process parameters intellectual capital education import export hybrid distributed generation radio frequency identification (rfid) neural networks information retrieval pakistan. efficiently utaut ttf mobile banking wheat entrepreneur optimization finite element analysis. oblique loading buckling load mobile money services rice njavara smes recommendations customer satisfaction vsc advance speed dynamical system numerical scheme intrinsic growth rate biodiversity numerical simulation volatility coffee engagement enterprise resource planning expression hierarchical clustering solar quality assurance tensile strength friction stir welding development. empowerment gender development improvement fuel consumption. catia surface roughness 2 1 encryption renewable energy spray pyrolysis chitosan concrete strength growth automation iot gdp inflation arduino uno employee commitment employee engagement power system cryptography small business creativity erosive wear corrosive wear cod-chemical oxygen demand tss-total suspended solids bod-biochemical oxygen demand models methylene blue pozzolanic. workability milled glass compressive sentiment analysis innovation gps gsm optical properties security challenges. classification association rule mining clustering promotional effort cost nigeria. culture nitrogen loyalty smoking nigeria engineering properties construction solutions ultimate bearing capacity replacement layer soil conditions treatment wastewater removing dye metal-organic frameworks millennials generation x & y consumer behaviour promotion and privileges fairness employees satisfaction psychological contract fiberglass california bearing ratio (cbr) reclaimed asphalt pavement (ra operational practices impact on beneficiaries fluidized bed dryer services offered sustainable development progra inc. lifebank microfinance foundati universal banks pros and cons project management software internal audit process digital upskilling financial program agricultural technologies solar farms military reservation funds economic purposes armed forces of the philippine organizational factors pakistan construction industry ai in construction industry mechanization farmers’ cooperatives and asso sto. domingo rice production corn market hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles critical product attributes buying considerations technological advancement microfinance institutions (mfi borrowers outstanding audit findings monitoring process internal controls best practices automated systems nonlinear dynamic analysis cable-stayed bridges structure control single concave friction pendul seismic isolation outage probability (op) bit error rate (ber) spectrum efficiency (se) non-orthogonal multiple access multiple-input multiple-output transformation local government sustainability of small busine promotion of small businesses city council implementation in pakistan corporate sector cyber security techniques and application queue management consumer technologies structural equation modeling ( smartpls diffusion of innovations theor task-technology fit theory (tt drone aerial camera (dac) and glass fiber bars triaxial geogrid composite pile glass fiber concrete piles glass fiber bristles vertical static load geogrid carbon fiber bristles microstructure wastewater mechanical properties geotechnical project performance implementation challenges saudi arabian construction quality management frameworks flexibility acuity entrepreneurial resourcefulnes agile enterprise growth and creativity openflow software defined networking network optimization data centre anns sis techniques acquisition and indian compani merger glass fiber reinforced concret uniaxial geogrids concrete footings geogrid reinforcement flexural behavior square foundations standard academic technology and engineering digital libraries solar-powered mechanism slider-crank rural areas hand pump programming barrier reinforced sustainable drought desertification resistance engas coa system accounting sustainable operation sales strategies hotel rooms hotel financing consolidator agricultural value chain aggregator preference customers pre-paid metering billing system electricity metering system tourist destination strategic plan sustainable tourism developmen place product crowd management brand tourism rice value chain millers hybrid seeds agribusiness aggregation transgressions posting of advertisement procurement activities philgeps malpractice errors irrigated areas fertilizer cobb-douglas production functi capital agricultural rice production vaic methodology private banks digsilent power world simulator power systems load flow analysis development plan participation agritourism services philippines airlines passengers restriction webinar south east asia government travel international student exchange student mobility sea-tvet english majors chinese culture clil battery storage thermal energy electric energy sensitivity analysis power losses newton raphson influencing factors electric power distribution active power losses antananarivo forecasting model ann prediction restaurant employees financial managers financial management practices solar panel system payback period and savings alternative energy solution procurement government spending delays budget utilization bidding process qualification and skill mismat financial competence department of education horizontal load geosynthetics geogrid oscar network forensics forensic science aerospace industry lightweight design high-frequency structure presentations attedence meeting technology-enhanced learning p learning standards intelligent recommendation e-health health insurance system online secondary path modellin multichannel impulsive noise cross-validation disease suggestion system radiology and active methodolo medical education financial revenue stability re shore protection energy dissipation coefficient transmission coefficient reflection coefficient curved face floating breakwate digital infrastructure challenges and opportunities face to face education value creation return-on-investment reed broom proactiveness entrepreneurial marketing recommerce motorcycle parts and units business viability sustainable development resilient diversification business continuity plan value moral marketing culture external audit family businesses financial statements corporate corruption banking sector stock exchange air pollution tolerance index ascorbic acid total chlorophyll vehicular pollution peanut shell ash geosynthetic clay liner contamination software automated testing test automation tools software testing team management tillage labor time clod sizes kema 2 fishing capacity tac msy cpue manipur papua new guinea highlands highway environmental impact series of buildings seismic analysis pounding force coefficient of restitution ease of use and online food de affordability organizational outcome peac esc private schools financial practices customer choice sme lms swcnt mws bandwidth optimization rice farm machinery enterprise rice farmers’ associations sustainable operations financial resource management predictive analytics student academic performance adaptive learning flexural permeability fibers operation construction indicators sustainable competitive advant leadership quality constructive thought patterns natural reward behaviour-focused dilution marine outfalls brine effluent hydrodynamic modelling real-time air quality air quality measurement fine dust air quality factorial design approach aluminum alloy 6063 surfacing mig welding integrated financial reporting forensic accounting shapiro-wilk random effect fixed effect hausman test service hospital total quality management flutter ml avd adb cross-platform library job recommendation informal loans ‘hiraman’ agreement farm tenure qatar projects business processes integration chinese-english translation co ipe a community with a shared futu computer-assisted academic met academic methods pedagogy outsourced agency. pharmaceutical companies 6lowpan ipv6 ipv6 security iot security ai failure prediction predictive maintenance teamwork and entrepreneurship technology development self-management problem solving rice tariffication rice farming customers approval conjoint analysis cost-based microstrip patch mmwave 5g systematic self-directed team profit farmer’sincome hybrid rice labor efficiency personnel units of production kashkaval akkawi scam offer fraud psychological empowerment organizational justice strengthening slab-column connections punching frp flat slab suppliers ra 9184 public procurement policies competitive bidding profitability savings solar-powered pumps efficiency national irrigation administration moment connections cyclic loading box columns seismic performance tourist attraction social media kurdistan region of iraq mellat holding dna microarray. rt-pcr dna — mrna sales. small enterprises marketing cost reduction administrative cost-wages and employment islamic risk management. lesson learned behaviour online appeals fmcg tunisia confirmatory factor analysis exploratory factor analysis internal auditing wireless sensor. data aggregation sensor network equilibrium price. private information hedgers competition erbil. organizational planning accounting system kinabuhutan. marketing margin julung-julung fish condition rating. visual inspection defects bridge curriculum adjustments. curriculum challenges 21st century learners curriculum implementation k+12 curriculum self-esteem self-efficacy saudi arabia. roads pms pavement municipalities learner’s segmentation. online learning modality k-means algorithm negosyo serbisyosa barangay (nsb) department of trade and industry (dti) covid-19 pandemic rice farmworkers. labor productivity farm mechanization tax revenue. local government units digital facility collections business tax xml document retrieval. xml document graph-based approach graph relations the school and academic qualification. the family public relations important smart classroom readiness wi-fi (iot) internet of thing effluent treatment continuous system electrochemical process iot controlled embedded system. nodemcu pic microcontroller small business owners. internet digital platforms tap water. refilled purified water microbiological comparative study bottled water maintenance. programming. instructional strategy improvement computer programming anxiety online shops. influence e-commerce consumers’ participation financial income coping plans clients claims insurance krg. oil supply oil demand economic development oil price global economy. business development and growth global financial markets general standard of auditing. reporting auditing fieldwork external auditing auditing train law. taxation revenue income tax collection spending habits. money financial literacy accounting information system public financial management system. financial capability assessment tool livelihood projects dressmaking meteorological parameters and air pollution index. global solar radiation rice retailers. nfa rice effect covid 19 pandemic banking sector. focus differentiation cost leadership porter’s generic strategy iraq. crisis management transactional leadership transformational leadership charismatic leadership turnover. private hospital metacognitive strategies. level of proficiency learning engagement instructional approaches basic calculus conservation and water resources. drinking water municipality of ifangni tesseract-ocr. python for android kivy technology mobile app rural teachers economy data envelopment analysis pedagogical strategy. tertiary level remote learning study habit problems. resort 4ps marketing mix bangladesh. convenience reference customer consciousness store aesthetic design home furnishing products consumer behavior quality tools. kaizen automotive administrative academics. classification criteria evaluation study entrepreneurs. department of trade and industry covid-19 impact business continuity water pollution. waste management cooking oil and grease disposal clogged canals syllabus. curriculum higher thinking skills instructional materials effectiveness transformation and upgrading. heterogeneous effect the survey data service trade covid-19 outbreak outward foreign direct investment, equipment manuf nueva ecija. gardening business profiled steel deck. modern constructions shear connectors composite deck slab abnormality. clustering approach data set detection of an outlier bibliometrix. lean six sigma six sigma primary students. online learning distance education production planning and control. inventory control hotel sector distribution. consumption availability resilience constant voltage (cv). constant current (cc) dual-active bridge (dab) power factor correction (pfc) vehicle battery charger strip thickness. surface condition castability aluminum alloy ac7a vertical type twin roll casting process human stomach. drug delivery system raft forming system load shedding. ahp media. mathematics edmodo regional people's representative assembly. bapemperda management policies and practices frequency control. secondary control mundellian trilemma. triffin dilemma rmb sdr senior high school. and techniques pedagogical approach outstanding non-education graduate teachers general mathematics artisanal furnace. saturated activated carbon regeneration pathological assessment. human constituent clinical physiology covid-19 ayurveda intervention. punctual service delivery. realizing good governance public service solvent extraction separation methods gas chromatography chemical separation k-nn. variable selection bpso identification stabilizing. vortex atomizer swirler combustion chamber emission wear rate. nanoparticles chromium nickel hybrid metal matrix composites al6061 small-scale businesses. accounts payable management cash management financial management pharmacy theory-practice integration. teaching/learning pedagogical experience chemical engineering public services. bureaucratic behavior apparatus performance. female leadership competency license. planning process public service management explorative research. vegetation analysis plants integrated learning. 4 d development learning module acceptance and understanding. goals and objectives mission vision revenue. real property taxpayers mode of payment georeferencing. high density scanner laser scanning scan station point cloud secondary school. conditional cash transfer absences and cloud based software solution. drug supply chain security act. (dscsa) blockchain pharmaceutical supply/value chain sense-and-response electronic product code (epc) utilization of mooe. non-fiscally autonomous schools annual improvement plan tariffication. trade deficits rice liberalization law green revolution leadership communication. public service performance abnormal human behavior. recognition cáncer. life-threatening tumor servitization. resources logic s-d co-creation go negosyo act. barangay micro business enterprises act magna carta for msmes text data. data compression psychological well-being. performance auditor role stress spiritual intelligence work-flow. tracking-system research hub repository report analytics compendium customer loyalty. electronic retail online customer experience psychotherapist. performance with productivity economic world retail business. drug store critical success factors competitive profile matrix company government-owned controlled corporation. flooding technical understanding skills. personal skills on-the-job training interpersonal skills feedback granger causality. blindness social interaction influencing factors. urban per capita housing area pi. d-statcom rice farmers board of independent commissioner size and corpora public ownership institutional ownership corporate social responsibility disclosure chinese corporations’ leverage influencing factors teaching domain. leading domain school development school leadership school leader water activity. generation time alkaline food high acid food low acid food z-value d-value mill scale. iron flux electrodes arc welding sensor-less dc-link voltage. grid-connected inverters dc voltage controllers current harmonics transmission. transient stability converter buses women entrepreneur. start-up capital regulation standard parameters unpolluted physicochemical 4ps beneficiaries. daily expenditures cash grants threat. opportunity weaknesses place milk tea dissipation energy. multi-block mov surge protective device (spd) matlab. simulink protection efficiency spd (surge protective device) mov (metal oxide varistor) gda (gas discharge arrester) employability. intern students business students expected skills and attitude on-the-job-training manpower development. training and development human resource program manpower training patient loyalty. empathy assurance responsiveness reliability tangibles tourist industry. tourist spots sanitation standard. safety standard food sanitation food safety canteens school canteens modified variable angle truss model. web opening pure torsion disaster preparedness. barangay disaster management preparedness disaster capital. shadow banking credit financing deferred payment entrepreneurs teaching materials. indonesian national qualification framework smoking ban. rules and regulations weak legislation discretion sympathy or humanity patience informal lending ai. personality prediction firm culture. economic intelligence smart-dust technology. nanotechnology personal and social skills. technical skills academic skills business education expectation secondary control. voltage sensitivity index (vsi) modified stokes integral. modelling local geoid gravimetric observations stress management. stress mental health coping mechanism academic stress performance. work ethic organizational climate supervisión smart cities. reference models information technologies and communication applications resorts. constraints. level of performance management functions cooperatives objectives sustainability. manual photovoltaic panels engineering management natural science. block grant teacher working group or kkg tagetes spp. marigold biocontrol nematode management engagement drivers. engagement study of nifty 50 companies engagement models purchase decision. brand loyalty perceived quality brand association brand awareness rights. women africa school age children. nutritional status anthropometrics food hygiene. sanitation practices street food vendors protocols for data transfer in wsn. challenge in wsn for data transfer wireless sensor network xanthosoma sagittifolium. low water consumption hydroponics aquaculture power interruption power distribution electrical engineering warning signs. safety measures road safety road construction barriers sales efforts. stackelberg game pricing decisions supply chain corporate social responsibility (crs) decision making. competitive positioning mode operations strategy capital expenditures smart energy metering. power electric subsystem commercial and industrial utilization cloud-computing pottery industries. leadership styles industrial engineering democratic autocratic profile. journey coefficient of determination. alpha beta standard deviation average return mutual fund morphological diversity. nutrient content lablab bean iraq oil industry skills and work immersion. senior high school core competencies attitude operation & technical. organization mushroom production. livelihood development program business administration status. fast-food establishments dole department 174 compliance gravity model. developing countries location administrative center support agencies . sustainable agriculture production and consumption farming business continuity plan agriculture profile photo-electric effect compton scattering and pair nuclear detectors radiation measurements radiation interactions graduate education. abilities skills losses. non-technical loss direct hooking road marking and road safety. road signs web-based database. mobile application geo-location disaster-risk reduction baja. atv chassis fixture planning. workplace gender descrimination smokers and drinkers. local gin haematological gravimetric method. sugar cane industry bagasse color clustering technique. color image segmentation l*a*b* color space color space secondary shell. heat recovery energy audit rotary kiln productive employees. monthly income laborers construction companies workplace bullying. private companies in the philippines employee welfare employee burnout pollution. aas portunus pelagicus heavy metal manila bay solar energy and temperatures. indigenous chicken design parameters chicks ph and simulation. optimal brooding temperature ammonia concentration cognitive ergonomics. technology mapping industry 4.0 substrate. refractive index dispersion photonic crystal fiber financial capability. technological capability competitive advantage innovation adoption morocco. performances biochimical composition foods pvc core method. sinabung mountain volcanic eruption lau kawar sedimentation web scraping. web crawling python mongodb indexing maximum peak power. electric power management demand response demand controller supply chain. tactical planning alignment s&op sales and operations planning universal access to quality tertiary education act free education taman harmoni bali bukit asah. geoelectric method brake system. validation prototype tensile behaviour. microhardness steels galvanizing atmega 16. dc servomotor lpc2148 rf module communities. farmers field school market oriented agri-extension agrarian character of teachers. guidance leadership style services. programs level of satisfaction guidance and counselling under-frequency load shedding. voltage electrical distance pigs. growth performance blood parameters adsorbent prediction. lateritic blocks tensile strength. m-20 conventional concrete sugarcane bagasse ash ordinary portland cement operations. risk management manufacturing companies climate change. forest management dendrochronology tree-rings silver fir islamic finance. kuala lumpur composite index malaysia stock exchange sharia-compliant companies medium of instruction. filipino english biology traditional pond. phosphate nitrate low tide high tide nitrogen meter. kjeldahl device aminoacid fertilizer quality education. parents’ advice excellent teachers choice of college two-lane highway. traffic stream models moving observer technique capacity water refilling stations green marketing and green marketing strategy social reform. piecemeal engineering characterization. freshwater bacterial pathologies flavobactriumpsychrophilum moroccan aquaculture joystick. disabilities brain voice recognition robot arduino job satisfaction (js). organizational identification (oi) csr activities oriented to society (csr society) csr activities oriented to customer (csr customer) csr activities oriented to employee (csr employee) corporate social responsibility (csr) implementation. k to 12program technology vocational school. kkni soft skills industry challenges. coconut farming practices coconut farming industry swot analysis. poultry farm internal factor evaluation external factor evaluation medipix2 and microroentgenography. neutron imaging and tomography company reorganization. radial basis function. computer aided design neural network fuzzy electoral act. company law political donations campaign funding political finance emulsion water dichloromethane caffeine networks. family business smart personal assistant machine learning cloud service gender equality. interview amino acid. arthritis collagen leflunomide restaurants. stem. junior high school mathematics performance journal writing accounting system and survival. very small businesses bookkeeping mechanical properties. heat treatment weldment design workshop. dyscalculia continuous differential equation. biodiversity richness phytoplankton specie inter-competition coefficient differential effect university software developer. u-index subjective well-being net affect affective state certification. franchising cleaning smes operations. perceived risk seed priming. azospirillum peg pectolyase cellulase iaa 4-d paranodulation agriculture sector. mechanical problems centrifugal pumps lending institutions micro–financing business credit service providers consumer buying behavior taguchi aa6105 aa6082 de-territoriality. otherness narrative forms literature francophone diaspora zeamays antracene co-contamination phytoremediation antibacterial activity. octahedral square planar sulphur atom thiazolidine thiazol learning model. constructivistic managerial performance. budget participation pod. pso lfo gcsc smib k means clustering. particle swarm optimization evacuation system etc. operating system utilization of resources energy workloads physical machines virtual machines data center dynamic network analysis. location-based social network community detection dynamic social network agricultural tractors. air pollution diesel engines exhaust emissions carbon monoxide effective productivity. key competence opportunities. make in india msme redd. deforestation geomod lcm lulc model beauty culture. pmbok® ansys. laminate orientation e-glass fiber performance and standardisation. organisational structure job security decentralisation ore processing. mixed oxides nanocomposite fe2o3-tio2 ilmenite self-directed work teams. multidisciplinary work teams multidisciplinary knowledge of the individuals mexican organizations priority. membership function ideal solution d1-distance time-cost trade-off pair global warming. critical thinking interactive e-module anish taneja ravinder chaudhary manjeet bohat munish giri wire edm. rsm en 1010 cutting rate ccd service sector firms’ performance artificial neural networks. processing of digital images cocoa pod batteries. electric vehicle charging station gamma spectrometry. radiological parameters activity concentration radioactivity radionuclides injury identification. video endoscopy rgb segmentation small scale production. production performance operations research capacity utilization personal protective equipment. risk b92. bb84 qubit qkd government schools. punjab education foundation sthe. lmtd esdu dell-belaware learning outcomes. contextual teaching and learning approach virtuino simulator. thinkspeak buzzer temperature sensor heart rate sensor child. killing crime single energy source. stability margin export modes distributed generation distributed generation. hydropower system solar pv and critical clearing time. wind turbine stability index student worksheet. practicality conceptual understanding ethno science data centre (dc). data distribution services (dds) denial of service (dos) internet of thing (iot) loyalty. satisfaction soft computing. ir models fuzzy logic senti-lexicon opinion word extraction myanmar language dictionary-based adoption behaviour itm bls. dental students dentistry straight slot electronic technology electoral election management electronic voting sugar production. pol geometric. bruner's learning theory income generating micro-projects. ecotourism activities conservation educational programmes biodiversity conservation sensitization virtual laboratory. practice worksheet simulations phet media science process skill capacitor banks. reactive power compensation distribution system power line user adoption. kumasi. granite rock characterisation engineering aggregates crop yield. residual effect n fertilization diazotroph inoculation peanut sam furniture company private businesses crises microcontroller. anti theft fingerprint arduino nano arduino mega wsn. marine environments geosoc verification. merkel hash tree brokerage system cloud service selection banks training queue management system. queue ecological longevity. plant aging aging internal audit security. road surface condition monitoring system fog computing certificateless aggregate signcryption (clasc) family profile. expatriate expatriation supplementation. antioxidants electrical properties. titanium oxide iron oxide films 1d model. simulation ice heat transfer comsol transesterification. co-solvent biodiesel private university. actual usage open source software behavior intention combined cross-section purchase intention. brand image university students. antioxidants. varieties hraswa heat exchange. hot-climates dome impact sustainable design building envelope momentum equations. numerical methods finite difference scheme gas turbine. thermal generation performance evaluation business process. path completion. frequent access pattern bw-mine algorithm apriori algorithm adjustment time of consumption units. target consumption units land degradation consumption units vishakhapatnam. call-center perceived service quality dimensions biomaterial. retinol latex quantum analysis ann. svpwm thd hvdc urbanization of cities of mexico. metropolitan areas of mexico commuters model population mobility gravitational model mexico megalopolis qfd. indonésia packing sales spare parts advance rate. tunnel boring machine (tbm) ground conditions utilization factor mechanized tunneling soft ground ode45. local minimum p-norms sensitivity analysis differential effects uncertainty analysis changing initial data. steady-state solution stabilization deterministic activity concentration. energy calibration efficiency calibration radiotracers hpge detector deterministic dynamical system. stochastic random disturbance intrinsic growth rate. initial condition biodiversity gain biodiversity loss competition coefficients ecosystem stability. environmental problem ecological concept forestry resources biomass. quantitative technique growing season industrialization varying initial data göktürk state. sports management isotherm. inhibition corrosion sustainable development. review sediment marine ecosystems environmental implications dredging trading volume. exchange rate correlation bitcoin soil erosion. review rainfall environmental sustainability adaptive measures hepa filter. bacterial cell wall adhesion electron transfer coefficient bandgap quantum study myths. lifestyle consumption habits and moroccan equity listed companies. semi-directive qualitative research rm/iss corporate governance organization. history evolution total quality management (tqm). quality enhancement (qe) deanship of development & quality assurance (ddqa) king faisal university (kfu) higher education institutions (heis) sludge cake. effective stress tdma (time division multiple access). secure data aggregation mle(maximum likelihood estimator) iterative filtering cumulative credit point compressive pressure. sludge cake heat exchanger. heat transfer enhancement porous media self organising maps. principal component analysis air quality dimensionality reduction temperature. grains drier customer satisfaction and loyalty. key result areas. internal quality assurance institutional sustainability assessment thermodynamic. periwinkle shell kinetic erythrosine transformational leadership. construction project management optimized by taguchi methodology. similar aluminium alloys sem. friction stir processing tib2 nano surface composite quality of life. coaching personnel psychology human resource development self-awareness counselling restiveness youth equity variable compression ratio diesel engine feed forward back propagation biofuel <sup>13</sup>c nmr <sup>1</sup>h nmr 4-chlorobenzaldoxime n-alkylation 3-dipolar cycloaddition unsupervised classification. remote sensing landsat 8 education. teachers conflict motivation undying variable gain pi controller unified power flow controller (upfc) healthcare sector. forecasting arima model share price islamic finance aerodynamics drag datacenter. cloud virtulation dag corrosion resistance. dry shot peening shot angle 13c nmr. 1h nmr 3-triazoles 4-disubstituted 1 cui click cycloaddition task and gesture recognition. camera movement autonomous robotic-assisted surgery symmetric encryption. psnr private key encryption ber comparison. script editors pashto text editor pashapp topography. database geographic information system mapping management commitment and the success of accountin personal information capability bpl. western rajasthan poverty assessment computerized system. construction projects gaza strip construction materials energy access solar energy. energy poverty rural households zinc oxide and thin films. tin oxide structural properties bayesian theory reliability prediction prior information. weibull distribution crashing delay analysis ishikawa diagram pareto chart. pavement deterioration. pavement distress crack road maintenance reverse vending machine lcd display sprocket. quantum chemistry. hyperchem organic acid electron transfer coefficient (etc) scada grain storage. plc steel fiber cementitious materials. spent catalyst structural clustering structural similarity measure. multimedia document sinusoidal curves least square regression and fourier series. mppt. dc to ac inverter dc-dc buck boost converter grid connected pv systems design expert 7.0 fructofuranosylnystose. nystose fructosyltransferase fructooligosaccharide solvent type. particle size neem oil soxhlet extraction municipal solid waste (msw) burnt municipal solid wate (bmsw) subgrade soil st india nandhaur valley new record. terai arc landscape striped hyaena weakly prime elements primary elements 2-absorbing weakly primary elements 2-potent elements prime integral discriminator differential discriminator comparator pic microcontroller and mplab ide. wage. labour substitution public transit demand estimation planning for metro transit system transit planning at cbd. travel patterns brittleness vacuum tempering wear resistance metallographic results. stainless steel wear hardness. hardening poor wear resistance flame hardening. austenitic stainless steel quinoline derivatives antifungal activity descriptors model validation qsar regression analysis. safety levels. mass transport emergencies accidents catia software. man apparatus interaction hci hemd vui. gestalt user interface human apparatus interaction benefits smart cities big data smart roads traffic congestion traffic management through its rfid camera for inc iot devices manners education regional culture. national character building nse capital market volatility. demonetisation economy. black money legal tender tool life. cryogenic parameters cryogenic treatment hl7 health information exchange software as a service. cda proof of ownership cloud storage. deduplication dynamic proof of storage credibility. reputation trust administration cloud amror bluetooth module solar panel servo motor. wireless network aodv packet delivery. ad hoc networks intrusion prevention. centralized controllers tampering spoofing data plane control plane open network foundation (onf) transmission control protocol/ internet protocol ( software defined networking (sdn) distributed denial of service (ddos) quality of service (qos) color features. genetic algorithm segmentation. texture features gray level co-occurrence matrix features confusion matrix histogram intensity non-financial motivational factors. organisation citizenship behaviour job assignment most flexray and network architecture. controller area network ethernet lin virtual assembly api 3d cad model virtual reality. leap motion controller employees and accounting approach. financial reporting pseudo noise (pn) and spread spectrum (ss). bit error rates (ber) direct sequence spread spectrum (dsss) field programmable gate array (fpga) listed firms agency theory. vietnam signaling theory corporate disclosure taguchi orthogonal array. ground fault. single phasing fault continuous wavelet (cwt) sub synchronous inter harmonics hamming codes. pseudorandom codes lfsr ecc ecf. rfid visible light communication (vlc). max232 led uart lcd erosive -corrosive wear potentiostat coefficient of friction xrd analysis. watermelon seed colour turbidity coagulation and water. advertising. guerrilla marketing sales marketing steady state analysis scanning electron microscope (sem). agricultural wastes bacillus subtilis lipase surface fermentation potassium calcium. tss acidity sodium total minerals protein total carbohydrate return loss air gap microstrip patch antenna gain dielectric constant vswr. pyridoxal thiosemicarbazone spectrophotometric determination sandelle’s sensitivity and hydrogenation catalys molar absorptivity cooperative spectrum sensing. energy detection correlation detection cognitive radio networks super capacitor hybrid energy storage system pv. toc-total organic carbon vss-volatile suspended solids m.thilapia-mozambique thilapia. tds-total dissolved solids leaf biomass green synthesis gold nanoparticles assessment of water hyacinth silver nanoparticles. municipal solid waste ultrafiltration. membrane bioreactor process coagulation proof of retrievability proof of ownership protocol cloud storage secure auditing data deduplication proof of ownership. power-delay product flip-flops sense-amplifier low power dual edge triggered flip flops latch topology memory elements cmos digital integrated circuits tanner eda. gdi technique graphical password authentication. benchmarking image collections relevance feedback content-based image retrieval (cbir) identity-based cryptography data integrity checking public key cryptography. generic group model shadow tolling hybrid models. risk factors ppp in highway projects malachite green breakthrough curve rice husk ash. oddanchatram anorthosite. remote sensing techniques aster human’s voice pattern matching. mfcc lpcc feature extraction text independent speaker recognition system free-cashflows theory firm performance. free cashflows vegetation index hypespectral images system maximum like hood classifier. svm big data. gmm dtw lpc mfcc. google maps. taxi ride voice alert wind effect manually calculations multistoried building seismic effect steel and concrete composite structure and staad-p consumer preference& retail growth. unorganized retail organized retail smes. automotive industry open innovation collaborative innovation territory. externalities lps proximity flux cored arc welding high temperature wear resistance weld pool visibility. deoxidizers carbides of iron based alloy system silica fume cement pozzlanic. allelopathy chickpea lantana camara green gram. lcd. finger print profibus osi fpga fieldbus xilinx. binding energy pseudomonas aeruginosa lipase docking cefovecin scoring function interpenetrating polymer networks poly (titanium oxide) sol-gel method viscoelastic properties. parallel hash join (lbj) algorithm. intelligent server load balancing fuzzification perishable items membership function. partial back logging eoq wireless threats sensor overview webpage prediction. authentic teaching method (real-life). traditional teaching method (pen-and-paper) water supply system (wss). award criteria re-engineered productivity award model (rpam) performance measurement tetra alkyl ammonium iodides isopropyl alcohol - water. interactions profit. deterioration variable ordering cost profit maximization model. instantaneous production deteriorated items photonic crystal fiber (pcf) confinement loss. total internal reflection (tir) chromatic dispersion anti-phishing captcha image legitimate. market index – trading volume relations granger causality test. ha noi stock exchange house wife women working globalization indian banking t slot etc. wlan /wimax defect ground structure rectangular ground slot multi-band open-ended slot numerical analysis distribution transformer cooling blade cooling alkali metal spectroelectrochemistry atomic emission earth metal. waste disposal. bacteriological ado-ekiti total variation (tv) image restoration. speckle noise fractional order derivative k-means clustering path completion perfecting web log file web usage mining web recommendation pattern discovery. ethnocentrism global multinational enterprises (mne’s) standardization pinctada maxima phosphate. sathean bay transition control. feature specification warp generation image morphing forgeability. hot forging twin roll strip casting magnesium alloy az91 az121 az131 pipe forming sgp pipe. fem analysis cold flaring process customer tobacco industry. brand equity ieee 802.11 standard network security. wlan some risks and attacks icmr. who water quality ro pretreatment kdf chlorine removal. alcohol intake cardiovascular heart disease system dynamics simulation and decision support system. user awareness library management. electronic library resource sharing library networking air-cushion integro-differential equation. viscoelasticity hereditary deformable quantity surveying. non-allied professional smoke. nox - oxides of nitrogen fruit seed oil pb - indian pomegranate seed oil biodiesel multipliers. ahl mos packet marking. packet logging dos/ddos attack ip spoofing hybrid ip traceback vertical handoff 3g and 4g vertical hand over(vho) fuzzy based vertical handoff decision controller ( (rss)received signal strength vertical handoff decision (vhd) intergranular corrosion sensitization. pickling gold dusting 430 grade stainless steel ham differential transform method magnetic field. permeation reynolds number non dimensional wall dilation rate porous walls urbanization land consumption rate city growth population density urban sprawl. multipath tcp rate less coding fountain code scheduling. pasteur institute total ige côte d’ivoire. specific ig e immuno-allergic diseases pneumallergens trophallergens software performance performance model software performance engineering etc. model based approach for performance evolution computerized education digital learning online learning. digital education internet banking electronic banking online banking mobile banking. internet-based banking candidate keyword. keyword cover points of interest spatial database keywords rating insitu parameters electrical conductivity alkaline wet analysis low mineralized irrigation. pressmud agricultural wastes and daily cover. efb soil heavy metals thermoelectric generator. mppt mechanical turbine power management environmental energy piezoelectric material energy harvesting
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