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Tell your story: IABC Victoria talk55 2016 speakers' toolkit

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Talk55 was one of IABC Victoria's most popular 2015 events. Now it’s returning on February 23 to kick-start an even more memorable 2016. If you're interested in speaking at the next talk55, check out this toolkit for speakers. If you'd like more information about the talk55 event, go to http://vic.iabc.com/iabcevents/talk55-is-back-for-2016/.

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Tell your story: IABC Victoria talk55 2016 speakers' toolkit

  2. 2. SPEAKERS TOOLKIT 2 In this toolkit you’ll find quick tips and hints for preparing your talk55 including: • preparation pointers • talk 55 ‘Dos and Don’ts’ • designing your slides We are thrilled that you and your ideas will be part of our inaugural talk55 event. IABC VICTORIA AND CORAL COMMUNICATIONS PRESENTS:
  3. 3. SPEAKERS TOOLKIT Our theme is broad but pertinent. Each talk should be forward- orientated and above all be motivating for our audience. OUR THEME: COMMUNICATIONS REVOLUTION DEVELOPING YOUR CONTENT Keep your talk focused and sharp. Go deep rather than broad. Include visuals which develop ideas rather than distract from your purpose. Use personal experiences and unique aspects which are illuminating and succinct. PREPARATION TIMING You have FIVE minutes – no more, no less. Timing on the day will be strict and exact so make it fit. SPEAKING Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Be steady, clear, and deliver your talk mostly from memory. Be engaging and passionate but flexible to possible memory lapses or technical glitches. VISUALS Less is more – you have FIVE slides ONLY. Single, strong graphic images tell stories better than crowded collages. Eliminate slides which are just headlines – one idea,, image or data point. IABC VICTORIA AND CORAL COMMUNICATIONS PRESENTS:
  4. 4. SPEAKERS TOOLKIT 3 …share your passions and show us the real you …make the complex plain …tell stories …connect with people’s emotions …be controversial …end your talk on time DO… …try to dazzle intellectually ...speak in abstractions …flaunt your ego or boast …talk about your company or organisation …pitch products or ask for funding …read your talk DON’T… talk55 DOs AND DON’Ts IABC VICTORIA AND CORAL COMMUNICATIONS PRESENTS:
  5. 5. SPEAKERS TOOLKIT 4 DESIGNING YOUR 5 SLIDES PRESENTATION SIZE Design your presentation to fit within any of the following specifications: • WIDESCREEN HD (16:9 aspect ratio) • SQUARESCREEN (4:3 aspect ratio) BACKGROUNDS A simple background behind should be used to complement and enhance the readability of your words. TEXT CLARITY Try to use fonts that are widely available like Arial, or Times New Roman. Sans-serif fonts tend to be easier to read at a distance than serif fonts TEXT SIZE Often, you only need a line or two of text per slide. Think of text as an image. • Minimum font size: 18pt We will support PDF and PowerPoint format presentations. The presentation will be run off our laptops and projected onto a screen behind you, unless you require something different. REMEMBER: IT’S 5 SLIDES ONLY GRAPHICS AND IMAGES Use high-resolution pictures and graphics. Full-quality photos from a digital camera will look better than images pulled off the web. IABC VICTORIA AND CORAL COMMUNICATIONS PRESENTS: