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Jumpstart: The Guide To Growing A Startup With Inbound Marketing

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Jumpstart: The Guide To Growing A Startup With Inbound Marketing

  2. Some entrepreneurs think marketing is A NECESSARY EVIL.
  3. Others think it is an AN UNNECESSARY EVIL.
  4. Why care about marketing? 1
  5. Hi, I’m @dharmesh
  6. There are only two things I know something about…
  7. Founded Angel invested in 50+ startups. Created OnStartups.com (400,000+ entrepreneurial community) The first is startups. ($75 million+ in revenue)
  8. Wrote the book on it, so to speak. The second is inbound marketing. inboundbook.com
  9. So, lets start with WHY entrepreneurs often avoid marketing. (not you, of course, those other entrepreneurs)
  10. WHO NEEDS MARKETING? I’m building something people will LOVE.
  11. AWESOME! Marketing can help you find people to love it.
  12. “I’m just going to hire a PR agency.” (I’m all set)
  13. Stealth mode is for fighter jets, not startups.
  14. Stop worrying that somebody will steal your idea. (Start worrying that nobody will care about it)
  15. “I’m just not ready. I believe in marketing. Just not right now.”
  16. I UNDERSTAND. But you should start marketing the day you start building your product. (Waiting until you are “ready” is too late)
  17. “Marketing seems really unpleasant.”
  18. YOU’RE NOT ALONE. The marketing has a problem. Less Trusted More Trusted Stockbrokers LawyersCar Sales Lobbyists Marketers Gallup Poll, 2013
  19. But, that’s old-school marketing. When done right, marketing isn’t unpleasant. (more on this a bit later)
  20. “I’ve raised funding. I’ll just buy my way through.”
  21. CONGRATS! (on the funding) But, there are a few issues with buying your way through.
  22. You’re not really buying attention, you’re renting it.
  23. Ads are TEMPORARY. When you stop paying the “rent”, you stop getting the attention.
  24. Your well heeled competitor has a massive marketing budget. And you… not so much. .
  25. Startups shouldn’t get into the arms race for attention.
  26. You can’t out-spend the behemoths. Not only do they have more money, they have fewer brain cells.
  27. Oh, and one last issue with interruptive marketing…
  28. NOBODY wakes up and thinks: “I hope I get spammed today.”
  29. 95%of people don’t like being interrupted.
  30. The other 5% hate it.
  31. 33 “OK fine. I don’t want to annoy people. What’s a better way?”
  33. What’s Inbound Marketing? 2
  34. Inbound takes the marketing people know (and hate)
  35. It focuses on attracting people instead of annoying them.
  36. It also helps startups get long-term leverage. you
  37. “I like the sound of that… …tell me more.”
  38. It’s simple. (but not easy) It’s about providing value instead of pushing your way in.
  39. And the most common way to do that is to create content that’s helpful.
  40. You’ve heard of product/market fit?
  41. You can always feel when product/market fit isn’t happening. The customers aren’t quite getting value and word of mouth isn’t spreading. MARC ANDREESSEN (he coined the term in 2007!)
  42. Inbound marketing starts with content/market fit.
  43. Some types of content you can create… Blogs Photos & Infographics Videos & Podcasts Presentations & eBooks Software / Tools (This deck is a good example. HubSpot sells a marketing platform.)
  44. Software / Tools = content Free tools can be exceptionally effective marketing content. (example: see grader.com)
  45. = What’s even better than free tools? Tools powered by proprietary data. +
  46. This is great news if you prefer Programming over PowerPoint.
  47. While we’re on the topic of building product…
  48. Build your marketing machine just like you build your product.
  49. Release early, release often. Publish early, publish often.
  50. And, validated learning applies here too. Publish MeasureLearn
  51. Now, back to the types of content. ONE word of advice.
  52. In short…
  54. So that’s a bit about strategy and philosophy. Now, let’s dig in to some details.
  55. To better understand this, here’s a typical flow…
  56. Blogging CMS Social SEO Email Nurturing Landing Pages Calls-to- action Sales Analytics CRM Typical applications needed for marketing.
  57. Blogging Website Pages Social SEO Email 2.0 Landing Pages Calls-to- action Analytics CRM “Top Of The Funnel” is about pulling visitors to your website.
  58. Blogging Website Pages Social SEO Email 2.0 Landing Pages Calls-to- action Analytics CRM “Middle Of The Funnel” is about converting people after they visit your site.
  59. How do I attract visitors? 3
  60. Did you know there are 5.9 BILLION searches on every day? (me neither, had to look it up)
  61. Maybe a few of those people would be interested in your product?
  62. You need to know at least the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  63. “Wait. Can’t I just buy pay-per-click (PPC) ads?”
  64. Yes, you can. PPC ads are a great way to learn what works.
  65. But a couple of issues. #1: You’re still renting attention. #2…
  66. Why pay to reach the 10%, when the other 90% are free low marginal cost?
  67. Outbound Marketing
  68. So, invest in organic search. As ye SEO, so shall ye reap.
  69. ONCE UPON A TIME, SEO was about clever tricks to get a web page to rank.
  70. Smart SEOs will tell you: Don’t try these tricks, they can be toxic. (I’ll tell you the same thing)
  71. Before you do any SEO, you’ll need to pick the search keywords you will focus on.
  72. Be careful about the keywords you pick.
  73. You want keywords that have decent search volume (people search for that word)
  74. Don’t pick keywords that are so competitive that you’ll never rank. (Don’t pick a fight with a ninja)
  75. There are tools available to help with keyword discovery and selection. HubSpot includes a tool for this. (Just sayin’. Click the rocket)
  76. Here’s what it looks like…
  77. Now, prepare for the advice on SEO you will ever hear... (at least from me)
  78. Solve for the searcher not the search engine. Happy Humans = Happy Google Happy Google = Better Rankings
  79. Relevant, useful content makes humans happy.
  80. Fast web sites make people happy.
  81. Clear, well designed sites make users happy. Invest in great design and user experience.
  82. Mobile friendly websites make people happy.
  83. Once you’ve created content, and optimized it. The next step is to spread it.
  84. That’s where social media can help.
  85. Make it dead-simple to share your content. Put sharing buttons on your site. The easier it is to share, the more people will share it.
  86. For social to work, you’ll need followers (social marketing is not much fun without it)
  87. What’s the best way to get fans? Create value for the connections you hope to get someday.
  88. Don’t try and automate getting fans or followers.
  89. Numbers may go up, but your brand goes down.
  90. How do I convert visitors? 3
  91. So, you’re creating a bunch of great content, rockin’ on social and people are starting to visit your website.
  92. It’s not a torrent of traffic, but everyone starts somewhere. Now, you need to start converting these random visitors.
  93. Based on your business, you want them to become: 1. users/trials 2. leads 3. customers
  94. First thing you should do: Implement “Calls To Action” CHECK OUT JUMPSTART FOR STARTUPS
  95. Other examples SIGN UP FOR FREE 30-DAY TRIAL SCHEDULE A DEMO BUY NOW (30 day money back)
  96. Now, a life-changing question you may be asking yourself…
  97. Who do I hire for marketing? 4
  98. In a startup, everyone should be selling. And, everyone should be marketing.
  99. Who is going to do all this? What kind of person do I need?
  100. You want someone that’s going to jump in and start helping your future users/customers.
  101. Digital Citizen Content Creator Reach Builder Analytically Driven D A C R
  102. Where can I learn more? 5
  103. It’s like Hacker News for inbound marketing (27,000+ members) Community you should join. inbound.org
  104. Book you should read It’s short and painless inboundbook.com
  105. The event you should attend. visit inbound.com Come see Guy Kawasaki, Simon Sinek, Rand Fishkin, Sean Ellis…and me.
  106. Oh, and you should Check out HubSpot DO all your marketing on one system (blogging, SEO, social, landing pages, etc.) KNOW what’s working (and what’s not) GROW your company by focusing on your customers – instead of cobbling together your own platform. hubspot.com/jumpstart
  107. THANK YOU! Hope this was helpful and fun. Want to discuss this deck further? Ask Me About It On inbound.org
  108. Something Something Else