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50 Best Motivational Quotes to Ignite Your Sales Drive

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Get your daily dose of motivation with inspirational quotes from Tony Robbins, Jack Welch, Zig Ziglar, and more.

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50 Best Motivational Quotes to Ignite Your Sales Drive

  1. 50Motivational Quotes to Ignite Your Sales Drive
  2. Ourgreatestweakness liesingivingup.Themost certainwaytosucceed isalwaystotryjustone moretime. -Thomas Edison “
  3. Alwaysdoyourbest. Whatyouplantnow, youwillharvestlater. -Og Mandino
  4. Becomethepersonwho wouldattracttheresults youseek. -Jim Cathcart
  5. Don'twatchtheclock;do whatitdoes.Keepgoing. -Sam Levenson “
  6. Everythingyou’veever wantedisontheother sideoffear. -George Addair
  7. Thesecretofgetting aheadisgettingstarted. -Mark Twain “
  8. Qualityperformancestarts withapositiveattitude. -Jeffrey Gitomer “
  9. Doyouwanttoknowwho youare?Don'task.Act! Actionwilldelineateand defineyou. -Thomas Jefferson “
  10. Settinggoalsisthefirst stepinturningtheinvisible intothevisible.-Tony Robbins “
  11. Thehardertheconflict,the moregloriousthetriumph. -Thomas Paine “ 9
  12. Weherdsheep,wedrive cattle,weleadpeople. Leadme,followme,or getoutofmyway.-George S. Patton “
  13. Motivationwillalmost alwaysbeatmeretalent. -Norman Ralph Augustine “ 9
  14. Changebeforeyou haveto." -Jack Welch “
  15. Humanbeingshaveaninnate innerdrivetobeautonomous, self-determined,andconnected tooneanother.Andwhenthat driveisliberated,peopleachieve moreandlivericherlives. -Daniel Pink “ 9
  16. Iattributemysuccess tothis:Inevergaveor tookanyexcuse. -Florence Nightengale
  17. Yourattitude,notyour aptitude,willdetermine youraltitude. -Zig Ziglar “ 9
  18. Welldoneisbetter thanwellsaid. -Benjamin Franklin “
  19. Youmiss100%ofthe shotsyoudon’ttake. -Wayne Gretzky “ 9
  20. IgotluckybecauseInever gaveupthesearch.Areyou quittingtoosoon?Orare youwillingtopursueluck withavengeance? -Jill Konrath “
  21. Thereisalwaysroom atthetop. -Daniel Webster “
  22. Itain'tover'tilit'sover. -Yogi Berra “
  23. It’snotabouthavingthe rightopportunities. It’sabouthandlingthe opportunitiesright. -Mark Hunter “
  24. Agoalisadream withadeadline. -Napoleon Hill “
  25. Winningisn’teverything, butwantingtowinis. -Vince Lombardi “
  26. Bigshotsareonly littleshotswho keepshooting. -Christopher Morley
  27. Ifyou’reofferedaseaton arocketship,don’task whatseat!Justgeton. -Sheryl Sandberg
  28. Outstandingpeople haveonethingin common:Anabsolute senseofmission.-Zig Ziglar
  29. Youcan'tbuilda reputationonwhat youaregoingtodo. -Henry Ford
  30. Tryingiswinningin themoment. -Dan Waldschmidt “
  31. Falldownseventimes andstandupeight. -Proverb “
  32. Ifyouaren’tgoing alltheway,whygo atall? -Joe Namath
  33. Actasifwhatyou domakesadifference. Itdoes. -William James
  34. Youjustcan'tbeat thepersonwhonever givesup. -Babe Ruth
  35. Leanin,speakout,haveavoice inyourorganization,andnever usetheword'sorry.' “ -Trish Bertuzzi
  36. Whateveryouare, beagoodone. -Abraham Lincoln “
  37. TheroadtoEasyStreet goesthroughthesewer.“ -John Madden
  38. Fortunefavors thebold. -Virgil “
  39. Successisneverfinal. Failureisneverfatal. Itiscouragethatcounts. “ -Winston Churchill
  40. Don'tbeafraidto giveupthegood togoforthegreat. -John D. Rockefeller “
  41. Highexpectationsare thekeytoeverything.“ -Sam Walton
  42. Settinggoalsisthefirst stepinturningtheinvisible intothevisible.-Tony Robbins “Noonecanmake youfeelinferior withoutyourconsent. -Eleanor Roosevelt “
  43. Don'tletwhatyou cannotdointerfere withwhatyoucando. “ -John R. Wooden
  44. Thereislittle successwherethere islittlelaughter. -Andrew Carnegie
  45. Wecannotsolveour problemswiththesame thinkingweusedwhen wecreatedthem. “ -Albert Einstein
  46. Whatwedwellon iswhowebecome. -Oprah Winfrey “
  47. Itisnotnecessarytodo extraordinarythingsto getextraordinaryresults. “ -Warren Buffett
  48. Nothingisimpossible; theworditselfsays 'I'mpossible!' -Audrey Hepburn
  49. Innovationdistinguishes betweenaleader&afollower.“ -Steve Jobs
  50. Thesuccessfulwarrior istheaverageman,with laser-likefocus. -Bruce Lee
  51. Bemiserable.Ormotivate yourself.Whateverhastobe done,it'salwaysyourchoice. “ -Wayne Dyer
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