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47 Stats for Remarkable Holiday Marketing in 2014

  1. 47 Stats for Remarkable Holiday Marketing in 2014
  2. The holiday season is quickly approaching – an exciting time for B2B and B2C companies alike. Consumers shop for gadgets and gifts, while businesses buy new products and wrap up budgets for the following year. All companies need to think about how to make lovable marketing that will earn them business in this high volume, high stakes season. This SlideShare will dive into important stats from the past couple of seasons to help you take advantage of the top marketing trends that successful businesses are using. Happy Holidays!
  3. The 2014 State of Online Holiday Shopping
  4. Online holiday retail is expected to grow from 263 billion in 2013 to 414 billion in 2018 SOURCE: FORRESTER RESEARCH
  5. 45% of consumers say that they plan to shop online this holiday season SOURCE: DELOITTE
  6. 49% of marketers have created and launched a holiday campaign before Halloween this year SOURCE: STEELHOUSE
  7. In 2013, 131 million consumers shopped online on Cyber Monday, up from 129 million in 2012. SOURCE: EXPERIAN
  8. 1-in-3 retailers dedicates 31 to 50% of their total 2014 online marketing budgets to holiday efforts SOURCE: SHOP.ORG
  9. People who shop both in person & online spend SOURCE: DELOITTE 66% more than those who only go to stores
  11. Takeaway: Shoppers are going online at an increasing rate to find the right products and services for them. All the while, businesses are taking advantage of this growing trend by increasing budgets for Q4 and making holiday marketing a priority. Take advantage of this important time of year and consider increasing your marketing focus during the holiday months. But what’s the best way to attract new business during the holidays? Learn what channels and tools other marketers are using in the next sections.
  12. Mobile & Search
  13. 52% of tablet owners prefer to shop on their tablets SOURCE: SELZ.COM
  14. 46% of site traffic and over 20% of sales will be attributed to mobile users in 2014 SOURCE: CMO.COM
  16. 72% of millennials research online before heading to the brick-and-mortar SOURCE: CMO.COM stores
  17. 70% of brands are allocating more than half of their marketing budgets to search and social this holiday season SOURCE: KENSHOO.COM Over
  18. Mobile-optimized sites saw revenue grow 168% from March to May 2014 SOURCE: FIERCERETAIL.COM
  20. 1 in 4 shoppers uses their phone to search product-related YouTube videos while shopping in-store SOURCE: THINK WITH GOOGLE
  21. e-retailers spent 50% of their marketing budget on paid search in 2013. SOURCE: FORRESTER RESEARCH, INC & SHOP.ORG One in five
  22. SOURCE: SHOP.ORG Cyber Monday 2013, $1.9 million was generated by e-commerce sales on tablets
  23. Takeaway: Be prepared to have all of your web content just as accessible on a tablet or iPhone as it is on a computer. How do your emails look on a smart phone? Can people access your coupons via their iPads? Are email buttons clickable and web content easy to find? Don’t miss out on an opportunity to gain new customers because they couldn’t consume your marketing while on-the-go! Mobile content consumption is growing rapidly, and being unprepared could cause your marketing to take a big hit.
  24. Email
  25. 65% of emails are opened and read on a mobile device SOURCE: MOVABLE INK
  26. 27% of total mobile sales come from shoppers clicking though a brand’s email — a higher percentage than from social media SOURCE: CUSTORA
  27. SOURCE: BLUEHORNET 7 out of 10 shoppers prefer that brands reach out to them via email over other channels
  28. 91% of brands are using email in their holiday marketing efforts in 2014 SOURCE: EXPERIAN
  29. 80% of online shoppers and 71% of in-store shoppers say email offers influence them to buy SOURCE: MAINSTREET HOST
  30. 72% of emails that mention free shipping are more effective than those that don’t SOURCE: EXPERIAN
  31. This year, 60% and 58% of marketers have increased spending on marketing automation and email marketing, respectively SOURCE: SALESFORCE MARKETING CLOUD
  32. Over half of brands use email as their #1 marketing channel during the holidays SOURCE: MAINSTREET HOST
  33. Takeaway: Email is a powerful tool to offer your potential customers valuable information and offers directly. In fact, consumers have grown to expect it! Use email to send enjoyable holiday content, product coupons, or last minute special deals to your network. But don’t abuse the technology – be smart about what you send. Making marketing people love is crucial year-round, but especially important during the holidays.
  34. Social Media
  35. 64% of shoppers have bought a product because of something they’ve seen on Twitter SOURCE: CMO.COM
  36. 30% of Twitter users tweet about holiday shopping before October SOURCE: CMO.COM
  37. 64.8% of consumers will turn to social media sites to find the perfect gift SOURCE: CROWDTAP
  38. 67% of consumers said they would be likely to share a digital coupon via their Facebook profiles this holiday season SHOP.ORG SOURCE: MAINSTREET HOST
  39. $92.51: The average amount that Pinterest-referred customers purchase online, versus Facebook’s $52.30. (But Facebook boasts a 3.5x higher conversion rate.) SOURCE: INTERNETRETAILER.COM & THOUGHTWIRE MEDIA
  40. The opportunity to market on social this season is astounding. There are: 1.32 billion users on Facebook 271 million on Twitter 150 million on Instagram SOURCE: OFFERPOP
  41. 73% of marketers think Instagram is the breakout social media platform of 2014 SOURCE: OFFERPOP
  42. 62% of shoppers will be tweeting about purchases they make in preparation for the holidays SOURCE: TWITTER
  44. Takeaway: People and businesses are using social tools for product suggestions and reviews, both from their friends and from the vendors themselves. That means you need to share your best content on social, as well as have your content easy to share by others. Also, consider how you can use social channels to collect and promote reviews and ratings from your best customers. Finally, have a visual product? You never know, Pinterest may become your best performing channel!
  45. 39% of shoppers hear about the best holiday deals by visiting a company’s website directly SOURCE: MONETATE
  46. In 2013, shoppers referenced 12 different sources of information online before making a purchase — up from only 5 in 2010. SOURCE: INVESP
  47. 92% of holiday shoppers will go online to research and/or purchase gifts this season SOURCE: CMO.COM
  48. 39% of marketers plan to incorporate ratings & reviews into their customers’ holiday shopping experience 48% of shoppers are always or frequently influenced by online ratings and reviews SOURCE: EXPERIAN & INVESP
  49. On Black Friday 2013, page views per minute were up 23% from 2012 — that’s 9.1 million views every 60 seconds. SOURCE: INTERNET RETAILER
  52. 59% of global retailers will use cross-channel marketing to advertise this holiday season… SOURCE: EXPERIAN
  53. …But 71% of North Americans will be using cross-channel marketing SOURCE: EXPERIAN 53% of them will integrate across at least four different channels
  54. 85% of shoppers are more likely to shop from brands that offer highly personalized discounts. SOURCE: SALESFORCE MARKETING CLOUD
  55. Online holiday sales are expected to reach $105 billion in 2014, up at least 8% from last year. SOURCE: NATIONAL RETAIL
  56. Takeaway: Don’t forget the value of a true-blue, user-friendly website. Use your homepage to promote your best performing marketing materials, whether it be coupons, a specific CTA, or a piece of content. Use that real estate to your advantage. Another key piece of your website is, of course, your blog! Are you creating blog content that tees up the promotion of your products and services? You should! And of course, just like we mentioned before, make sure you have a mobile version of your websites so your best customers can research your products from anywhere.
  57. Happy Holidays! from your friends at