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20 Data-Backed Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing

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20 Data-Backed Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Data-Backed Ways to UpgradeYour Social Media MarketingA Publication of20
  2. 2. Dan Zarrella is the award-winning socialmedia scientist at HubSpot and author of 4books: The Science of Marketing, Zarrella’sHierarchy of Contagiousness, The SocialMedia Marketing Book and The FacebookMarketing Book.He has a background in web developmentand combines his programming capabilitieswith a passion for social marketing to studysocial media behavior from a data-backedposition and teach marketers scientificallygrounded best practices.The data in this presentation is compiledfrom a variety of independent research he’sdone over the past few years.@DanZarrellaAbout the Author
  3. 3. I go to a lot of marketing conferences, read alot of marketing books and blogs, and I heara lot of “unicorns and rainbows” advice.Stuff like “engage in the conversation,”“be awesome,” and“have a personality.”This kind of advice isn’t basedon anything more substantialthan what “sounds good”or “feels right.”
  4. 4. As HubSpot’s social media scientist, I work touse hard data, facts, and science to gobeyond the unicorns andrainbows myths.So without further ado, here are20 data-backed waysto upgrade your socialmedia marketing.
  5. 5. Tell Us Why We ShouldFollow YouTwitter accounts that used words like “founder,” “speaker,”“expert,” “guru,” and “author” in their bios had more followersthan the average account.1
  6. 6. Use Contra-Competitive Timing2Posts made to Facebook timelines on Saturdays andSundays tend to get more Likes than posts made during thebusiness week.
  7. 7. Use Tall Images on Pinterest3As image height in pixels increased for images posted toPinterest, so did the average number of times they wererepinned.
  8. 8. Put Links 25% of the WayThrough Tweets4Links placed just before the halfway point (in characters) oftweets tended to have higher clickthrough rates than linksplaced elsewhere.
  9. 9. Use Questions on FacebookSimple yes/no questions like “should” and “would,” as well asmultiple choice questions like “which” tend to get morecomments than average Facebook posts.5
  10. 10. Use Links to Get Retweets6While fewer than 25% of all tweets contain a link, more thanhalf of retweets contain a URL.Non-Retweets Retweets
  11. 11. Stop Talking About Yourself7As the amount of self-referential content posted by Twitteraccounts increases, follower numbers decrease.
  12. 12. Say Something New8Retweeted tweets tend to contain fewer commonly usedwords than a random selection of non-retweeted tweets.
  13. 13. Stay Positive9As the amount of negativity posted by Twitter accountsincreases, follower numbers decrease.
  14. 14. Use Calls-to-Action on Facebook10Facebook posts that included the word “like” tended to getmore Likes than the average post.
  15. 15. Stay Away From Buzzwords11Facebook Pages that used industry buzzwords tended tohave fewer Likes than pages that did not.
  16. 16. Share Links to Interesting Content12Accounts in which between 60% and 80% of tweets containlinks tend to get more retweets than accounts that tweetfewer links.PercentageofTweetsRetweeted
  17. 17. Use Photos on Facebook13Facebook posts that use photos tend to get more Likes thantext, video, or link-based posts.
  18. 18. Use Hashtags on Instagram14Photos that included hashtags in their descriptions onInstagram tend to get more Likes than photos that do not.
  19. 19. Talk About Food on Facebook15Facebook Pages that mention food tend to have more Likesthan the average Facebook Page.
  20. 20. Tweet Around 4 p.m16Tweets posted around 4 p.m. Eastern time tend to get moreretweets than those posted at other times.
  21. 21. Don’t Be Neutral on Facebook17Posts with positive sentiment get more Likes than posts withnegative sentiment, but both positive and negative performbetter than neutral.
  22. 22. Write Longer Tweets forMore Clicks18Clickthrough rate of links in tweets increases as the overalllength of those tweets also increases.
  23. 23. Go Short or Long on Facebook19Posts that either contained very little text (such as photos) orupwards of 700 characters tend to get the most Likes.
  24. 24. Ask for the Retweet20Tweets that contain the call-to-action (CTA) “please retweet”are four times more likely to get retweeted at least once,compared to those that do not include the CTA.Please RetweetPlease RTNeither