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Magestore’s mega menu magento extension

This is a Magento Menu extension that helps store-owners create professional magento navigation Menu easily without technical knowledge. Your customers can view and access products and categories just by hovering over the menu.

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Magestore’s mega menu magento extension

  1. 1. Magestore’s Magento Mega MenuExtension
  2. 2. General Idea• Help store-owners create professional magentonavigation menu easily. Customers can view andaccess products and categories just by hoveringover the menu.Easy to create Menu using provided templates.Menu Horizontal or Vertical with effects: Hover,animate, toggleCustomize the style of menu to fit with your store:width, color, icon, positionNot slowing sites like normal Menu extensions
  3. 3. Benefits
  4. 4. Benefits• Based on the concept “The less clicks thebetter”, Magento Mega Menu extension helpsyour visitors find the information as quickly aspossible.• A huge number of menu templates availableto select - creating and editing menu itemsand menu bar with a lot of features seemsnever easier.
  5. 5. How it works
  6. 6. Feature: Horizontal/ Vertical menu
  7. 7. Feature: Show a menu item as product listingor category listing
  8. 8. Feature: Set featured products/ categories
  9. 9. Feature: Create a menu bar in which menuitems are categories
  10. 10. Other types of menu: Content only,Contact form or Anchor text
  11. 11. Menu effects: Hover, animate, toggle
  12. 12. Freely customize the style of menu
  13. 13. Other featuresExport menu list to CSV/XML fileSupport multiple storeEasy to install and configureOpen source 100%Check key offline using RSA encryptionCompatible with Magento most recent versions
  14. 14. Service and Policies