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Pop Culture Quiz

  1. Pop Culture Quiz -Hemansh Kashyap
  2. 1. It has been over a decade since this order was made, and it fascinates the internet still. Visiting Cluckin’ Bell gets you no closer to guessing what constituted said order, as they don’t have a menu onsite. Their website, however, does contain a menu, and people have tried decoding the order from there. Whose order are we talking about?
  3. Ans: Big Smoke’s Order in GTA San Andreas
  4. 2. X was originally known as Mr Video, and then Jumpman. However, the creators arrived at X’s current name when they were trying to think of a better name and were interrupted by their landlord X Segale, after whom they named X. ID X.
  5. Ans: Mario
  6. 3. X, Y’s, arguably, most popular song released on 4th of May, 1999. It is perhaps most well known because of the Internet’s obsession to associate it with the movie Z, and its titular character, where the song is used in the opening credits to introduce Z, who we of course know for being like an onion. ID X,Y,Z.
  7. Ans: Smash Mouth’s All Star, in Shrek
  8. 4. The Reliant Regal Supervan III (right) has a history of being unstable and easily tipped due to it having only three wheels. It is then not surprising that the model was chosen as the “accident car”, which X often encounters and causes to go into accidents in some episodes. ID X
  9. Ans: Mr Bean
  10. 5. Theme naming is a very frequent occurrence in Japanese media, with perhaps the most recognizable being the professors being named after trees in Pokemon. Another recognizable instance is a Japanese series’ obsession with vegetables which shows in the origins of its characters’ names ranging from a carrot to a spring onion. Which show?
  11. Ans: Dragon Ball Z
  12. 6. Artist John Byrne sketched a face for what he thought X would look like under his mask, not knowing artist Dave Cockrum already revealed Wolverine's face in an earlier issue. When Byrne discovered this, he used what would've been X's face as X’s future arch-nemesis’. Whose face was it intended to be?
  13. Ans: Wolverine
  14. 7. We’re familiar with Bart’s long list of chalkboard gags, full of classics such as “I am not Charlie Brown on acid” and “We DO need no education”. However, on one poignant occasion, Bart writes, “We’ll really miss you, ___ _” What is this in reference to?
  15. Ans: Death of Marcia Wallace, the woman who played Mrs Krabappel
  16. 8. The preserved head of Richard Nixon is a recurring character in Futurama. Almost always alongside him, appears the headless body of whom?
  17. Ans: Vice President Spiro Agnew
  18. 9. In October 2016, Nike released the Nike Mag, complete with “Adaptive Fit”, perhaps a year later than when people would have really appreciated the release. There were only 89 pairs released, each of which could be accessed through a lucky draw whose proceeds went to funds for Parkinson’s cure research. What was the inspiration behind the release?
  19. Ans: Self lacing shoes in Back to the Future 2
  20. 10. The tortoise-like character appearing in Ben 10 is an ancient sorcerer that is thousands of years old. Fittingly, he is named X. What is his name, and why is it fitting, bearing a Kolkata connect.
  21. Ans: Adwaita, named after the 200+ year old tortoise that lived and died in Alipore zoo.
  22. 11. In this comic, Ra’s al Ghul steals Batman’s dossier on the Justice League, and proceeds to incapacitate each of the members. While the league remains distracted, he starts puts into action his real plan, whereby he attacks the language centers of humanity by using a low level sonic signal to scramble the written and the spoken language. This comic is aptly named what?
  23. Ans: Tower of Babel
  24. 12. X is an Icelandic children’s show, that came into mainstream consciousness in 2016, with the popularity of a song that it featured in one of its episodes. The actor that the song launched into popularity was sadly diagnosed with cancer. However, with the power of modern medicine and Internet magic, the actor is now cancer free. ID the show.
  25. Ans: Lazy Town
  26. 13. ID the popular song from refined the English rendition of its lyrics
  27. Ans: Gucci Gang
  28. 14. We hear this phrase in the Dexter’s laboratory episode, “The Big Cheese”, when after listening to a French recording overnight to learn the said language, he is stuck with this phrase, which helps him through all his endeavors the next day. The phrase, however, literally means an egg preparation with cheese, and even so, with a grammatical error. What is the phrase?
  29. Ans: Omelette du fromage
  30. 15. The first time the word came to closely resembling the manner in which it is used now is perhaps in an episode of the famous show X. In the episode, the food item Y was still a food item, however it was incorporated into every item of a restaurant menu, and the characters were spewing it to the point of it drowning all other conversation, much like the modern day equivalent usage in reference to unwanted and unsolicited junk. ID the show.
  31. Ans: Monty Python’s Flying Circus (Spam sketch)
  32. 16. From the very first game in the X series, through to today, Y, the supposedly peaceful Nobel nominee, has been famous for one thing: dropping nukes. In the original game, this was because of a bug. Y was obviously given the lowest possible default aggression score, 1. However if a player adopted democracy, the aggression score would drop by 2 points. In Y’s case, this would loop the score up to 255, making Y a trigger happy nuke lover. In the later games, this feature for Y stayed as a tribute. ID the game and the personality.
  33. Ans: Gandhi in the Civilization series
  34. 17. Whose Twitter account?
  35. Ans: Ted Cruz
  36. 18. While roaming the stark wastelands in Fallout New Vegas, the courier may come across a fridge, full of bones and a Suave Gambler’s hat. What is this a cheeky reference to?
  37. Ans: The fact that Indiana Jones probably wouldn’t have survived a nuclear blast hiding in a fridge in the Kingdom of Crystal Skull
  38. 19. In Super Smash Bros Melee, there is a bonus called “Switzerland”. How can a player earn this bonus?
  39. Ans: By neither attacking, nor being attacked, akin to Switzerland’s neutrality
  40. 20. Whose acting credits (not exhaustive)? 1989 – Jury foreman 2007 – Man in times square 2000 – Hot dog vendor 2007 – Rejected wedding guest 2002 – Man in fair 2008 – Man drinking from bottle 2003 – Old man at crossing 2011 - General 2003 – Security guard 2013 – Pageant judge 2004 – Man dodging debris 2014 – Smithsonian guard 2005 – Willie Lumpkin 2014 – Graduation guest 2006 – Waterhose man 2015 – Bartender
  41. Ans: Stan Lee
  42. 21. The script said “annoyed grunt”. So the voice actor decided to pay tribute to Laurel and Hardy actor Jimmy Finlayson’s, drawn out _________, originally a stand-in for “damn”, by replacing it with _’__. What is this the origin of?
  43. Ans: Homer saying “d’oh”
  44. 22. Excerpt of who interviewing whom? X: You’ve stated that you believe there could be an infinite number of parallel universes. Does that mean there’s a universe where I am smarter than you? Y: Yes. And also a universe where you’re funny. X: If you’re so smart, what number am I thinking of right now? Y: 13. X: Okay, what am I thinking about right now? Y: That you’ve been a huge disappointment to your family.
  45. Ans: John Oliver interviewing Stephen Hawking
  46. 23. In this episode of Whose Line is it anyway, for the game Themed Restaurants, the theme being horror, Wayne and Drew sit down and order drinks. How does Collin’s reply tie down to the theme of the restaurant?
  47. Ans: Redrum reference from Shining
  48. 24. _______ ____ is a family based British sitcom on the BBC, dealing with the trials and tribulations of one Pakistani Muslim, Mr Khan, quite well settled down in East Birmingham with his family. What is the title of the sitcom, a pun on a classic early 1940s American movie?
  49. Ans: Citizen Khan
  50. 25. ID the popular song, rendered here as a Shakespearean sonnet.
  51. Ans: Lose Yourself
  52. 26. In Baby Driver, for the second heist, Jamie Foxx’s Bats asks “No Nose” to get _______ ______ masks from the Halloween series. However, due to miscommunication, they get the wrong masks, and have to go in disguised as a comedic character instead. What masks did they go into the heist wearing?
  53. Ans: Austin Powers masks
  54. 27. The ____ ____ grenade is a fairly normal grenade featured in the Worms video game series, except for the fact that it has a 3 second timer, and must come to a complete halt before it detonates to a Hallelujah sound effect. What is the name of this grenade?
  55. Ans: Holy Hand Grenade (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
  56. 28. After the success of their first movie, they were sent around the world in the 1990s to perform live stage shows, called “Coming out of their ______”. Pizza Hut was their primary sponsor. It spent $20 million on this tour that sold out stadiums everywhere it went. Who were the performers?
  57. Ans: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  58. 29. Identify the famous phrase from the last panel of this increasingly verbose meme.
  59. Ans: Are ya ready, kids?
  60. 30. In March 2015, DC released variant covers that paid tribute to some classic movie posters. Which movie does is this cover a homage to?
  61. Ans: Jailhouse Rock