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Copy of Copy of MELTON BUSINESS PLAN (1)

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Copy of Copy of MELTON BUSINESS PLAN (1)

  2. 2. BUSINESS PLAN 2015 AOP Target - 2015 Year to date (end of march) £-0.8(th) Year to date - £4.3(th) 2014 - £2.2(th) The business is moving forward with a current trading profit of 46.6% ex yard which is currently up on last year by 2.6%. This shows the business is moving forward but I believe it is not running at it’ s full potential. For example back in 2012 the branch achieved a nett profit of 140K.
  3. 3. THE BRANCH AIM. ‘To help build a business that is renown for being reliable, friendly with knowledgeable staff that caters for all our customers needs. The business is built around people so if the staff and customers are engaged with each other you will always make money.’ Guy Gilbert. For me the aim is to increase footfall through the branch by 20% based on last years figures. This will be achieved through various means.
  4. 4. Staff Structure BM - Job Role The driving force behind increasing sales by motivating his staff to chase quotes/create opportunities through networking with customers while overlooking the methods in which the branch operates. AMB - Ady Heavily involved in sales and the administration of the branch. Nominated quote champion and to have a close relationship with the local TP rep. Counter Supervisor - Pete Due to the set-up of the branch I believe Pete has the knowledge to tap into the collected business minds. Also there needs to be an ever present staff manning the counter as it is not in view of the office. Also responsible for stock and locations for the shop. Yard Supervisor - Brian To oversee the running of the yard ensuring it is adequately stocked and customer served in a timely manor. Stay safe champion, as he has the most to contend with due to the yard set up. Always has the opportunity to pass sales leads to other members of staff. Yard Sales - Neil To assist Brian on the above.
  5. 5. Staff Structure Driver - Paul To deliver goods ex-yard to customer in a professional and timely fashion without compromising our stay safe policies. Always sales opportunities to pass to other members of staff. Tool Hire BM - Neil H The driving force behind the biggest AOP for 2 man team in TP group. Maintain the good start to the year focus on utilising the kit more and look at our kit range (city plumbing customers). Also ensuring all kit is kept to high standard. Tool Hire Customer Expert - Glen To assist in the above and ensuring all stay safe policies for deliveries and 5 star procedures are followed correctly.
  6. 6. SWOT Analysis Strengths ● Staff ● Knowledge ● Stay Safe ● System Pricing ● Customer Service (one-stop shop) ● Branch network Weaknesses ● Branch Stock ● Delivery Capacity ● Inter-branch competition ● P&H ● Company Perception ● Location ● Sales Rep Opportunities ● Sales Growth ● Brick Sales ● City Plumbing Customers ● Non-Traders ● Customer Base ● Quotes ● Benchmarx Threats ● Competitors ● Pricing ● Credit Control
  7. 7. Sales Opportunities Non-traders - Target 5 non traders a week as a minimum Traders trends - Use merlin to monitor customers spend House Ledger - Tap into accounts parented to the branch and see where they are spending money. TCC - The new TCC facility is brilliant, look to install a PC so customers can open their own. Community - Support local projects get the TP name and location in the community Quotes - If people ask for a price they don’t do it for the hell of it, they do it because they want to trade. Follow up is a must. Site visits - BM/ABM to visit 3 sites a week as a minimum.
  8. 8. Margin ● Minimum of £10 for delivery on non-TCC customers ● Transport to be charged on TH deliveries ● Stock Profile - can we buy better/alternative suppliers ● IPR - study daily increase CSA templates/deals ● Cash Monitor - No more than 10% to be discounted on a daily basis. ● Land all prices increases through the year ● Claimbacks
  9. 9. Market Place Melton is a small rural town so knowing the local market place you are in is key. Who can we target ● Farmers ● Local builders (a lot deal in cash - TCC?) ● Existing business - we can get more ● Nationals - Big projects happening in melton. Morgan sindall have won the contract to renovate Melton Cattle Market (5.5m) / Lidle is being built / Aldi have planning permission. ● DIY trade / compete with B&Q ● Developers - We have self builders dotted all around Melton due to its location (vale of belvoir etc)
  10. 10. Future Plans Build closer relationships with local branches. ● Create an IBT direct spreadsheet for bricks out of Leicester swan street ● Create an IBT direct spreadsheet for timber out of Leicester timber ● Work closer with Oakham/Grantham to grow tool hire business Opportunities for staff. ● Look for a back-up driver within the branch ● Look to develop the ABM Customers ● Incentives ● Corporate outings ● Branch trade days
  11. 11. Stay Safe A big part of the business and one we all adhere to at all times. ● Golden Rules (new) - ensuring all staff are up to date on this and have signed the crib sheet ● Near miss reporting to increase ● Plant/vehicle check sheet to be countersigned by management ● Vehicle load checks to be carried out by a member of staff other than the driver. The business is always evolving and this is an ongoing part of our job to ensure ourselves, other members of staff and the customers leave the branch in one piece.