fistulae embryology urodynamics bladder carcinoma- surgery- substitution penis: erectile dysfunction( ed)- evaluation penis carcinoma- overview urogynaecology incontinence prostate carcinoma- locally advanced epispadias x ray kub 1 mri in urology renogram ultrasound in urology voiding cysto urethrogram x ray kub 2 intravenous urography 1 antegrade urethrogram intravenous urography uroflowmetry urinary extravasation urinary obstruction pathophysiology urodynamic evaluation tumour markers in urology transitional urology 1 retroperitoneal fibrosis pathophysiology of pneumoperitoneum and complicati optics in urology positioning in urological procedures proteinuria radioisotopes in urology hematuria - evaluation and management human growth factors complications of ureteroscopy & its management physiology of micturition nocturia hematuria - causes and evaluation determinant of glomerular filtration fluid management in surgical patients complement system immunoglobulin artificial urinary sphincter renal tubular acidosis renovascular hypertension small renal mass physiology ureter - anatomy retrocaval ureter ureter stricture- management ureterocele clinical features & prognostic factors of rcc history of renal cell carcinoma locally advanced rcc management of locally advanced renal cell carcinom rcc metastasis management of metastasis renal cell carcinoma renal tumours renal hemodynamics bening renal tumors upper urinary tract - urothelial cell carcinoma chronic kidney disease congenital anomalies of kidney. renal cystic disease -2 renal cystic disease renovascular anatomy and angiography anatomy of genitourinary tract anatomy of kidney anatomy of upper urinary tract anomaly of collecting duct embryology and anatomy of kidney xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis upper urinary tract infection urine analysis sespsis & septic shock parasitic infections in urologys surgical management of gutb introduction of gutb etiopathogenesis of gutb diagnosis and medical management of gutb fournier gangrene emphysematous pyelonephritis antibiotics prophylaxis in genitourinary surgery bladder outlet obstruction bladder carcinoma- urinary biomarkers diagnosis an bladder over active bladder(oab)- pathophysiolog bladder neurogenic- management- surgical bladder neurogenic- management- medical bladder detrusor spincter synergia bladder overactive bladder (oab)- overview bladder carcinoma- surgery- urinary diversion radical cystectomy use of intestinal segments in urinary diversion non muscle invasive bladder carcinoma - management nmibc urianary bladder malignancy mibc & metastatic urinary bladder carcinoma bladder carcinoma- intravesical therapy etiopathogenesis urinary bladder malignancy chemotherapy radiotherapy in urinary bladder malig bcg for bladder carcinoma bladder carcinoma- augmentation cystoplasty compli benign urinary bladder tumors autonomic hyperreflexia urinary bladder anomalies congenital urinary bladder anatomy 2 urinary bladder anatomy 1 embryology of bladder and urethra-converted bladder anatomy &amp urolithiasis: renal calculi rsd urolithiasis pregnancy urolithiasis pediatric urolithiasis management- surgical open urolithiasis management- pcnl urolithiasis management- medical urolithiasis management- icl. urolithiasis management- eswl urolithiasis lower urinary tract urolithiasis laser presentation urolithiasis evaluation urolithiasis evaluation and management brief urolithiasis etiopathogenesis urolithiasis classification urolithiasis biochemistry urolithiasis :anatomical predisposition testis varicocele tumour markers testis carcinoma- staging &amp testis carcinoma- pathology testis carcinoma- management- seminoma testis carcinoma- management- rplnd testis carcinoma- management- nsgct testis carcinoma- management- lymphatic drainage a testis carcinoma- imaging testis carcinoma- etiopathogenesis penis total penile reconstruction penis priapism penis pme circumcision penis phimosis &amp penis peyronies disease penis erection physiology penis ed- overview penis ed- evaluation and non surgical management penis carcinoma- surgical managementof primary les penis carcinoma- surgery- iln mgt penis carcinoma- management- nonsurgical penis carcinoma- guidelines management algorithm premalignant penis carcinoma penis carcinoma- premalignant and management al bxo penis: balanitis xerotica oblitarans(bxo) penis nsv no scalpel vasectomy(nsv) infertility management- surgical infertility management- medical infertility management- catogories vesicouterine fistulae uro gynacology- vef vesicovaginal fistulae uro gynacology- vvf uro gynacology- uvf uro gynacology- urethrovaginal f. management uro gynacology- ui- evaluation &amp evaluation uro gynacology- ui- ethiopathogenesis &amp stress urinary incontinence uro gynacology- sui uro gynacology- radiation f. urogynacology fistulae overview botox uro gynacology- botox uro gynaecology- bladder endometriosis uro gynaecology- antomy of perineum uro gynaecology- anatomy- pelvic floor ui in elderly men urogyenaecology fistulae excluding gu fistula infertility management infertility management-treatment catogories assisted reproductive techniques infertility management- art infertility management- assisted reproductive tech infertility evaluation infertility evaluation- semen analysis infertility basics infertility azoospermia acute scrotum interstitial cystitis chronic pelvic pain syndrome prostate carinoma- surgery open radical retropubic prostatectomy(rrp) prostate carcinoma- tumour markers prostate carcinoma- localised and locally advanced prostate carcinoma- imaging prostate carcinoma- hormonal therapy 2 prostate carcinoma- hormonal therapy 1 prostate carcinoma- focal therapy prostate carcinoma- etiopathogenesis prostate carcinoma- diagnosis and staging prostate carcinoma- castrate resistant prostate ca prostate carcinoma- clinical trial prostate biopsy prostate carcinoma- biochemical recurremce bph- pathophysiology benign prostatic hyperplasia(bph)- overview bph- evaluation & management prostate anatomy wilms tumour vesicoureteric reflux (vur) (udt) undescended testis (udt) posterior urethral valve puv posterior urethral valve (puv)- diagnosis & manag pujo- pyeloplasty pujo- pathology usg in pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction :role of ivu pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction etiopathogene pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction endopyelotomy pujo- endopyelotomy pbs prune belly syndrome(pbs) hypospadias- management hypospadias- etiology cloacal exstrophy disorders of sexual differentiation external genitalia development dsd megaureter exstrophy bladder
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